Unapologetic Anti-White Misandrist Author Madeleine Roux is Still Working for Blizzard Creating Warcraft Fiction

It seems the people in charge at Blizzard haven’t learned a thing. It appears that openly anti-white, misandrist author Madeleine Roux is still being commissioned by Blizzard to write lore for World of Warcraft. Her name shows up on the cover credits for Blizzard’s new hardcover book World of Warcraft: Folk & Fairy Tales of Azeroth.

In a previous article, I showed that the unhinged Roux has a long history of making disturbing and hateful comments on Twitter — most of them directed at white males. Being white and being a male are not a matter of choice because your pigmentation and sex are immutable characteristics that cannot be changed. Given that white males are the majority of the WoW demographic, her preposterous comments are inexplicable and make no sense from as business perspective. Here’s just one of her racist tweets:

If Roux had made the same comments about black men, she would have never been hired by Blizzard in the first place. She would have been blacklisted and forced to write under another nom de guerre and go into hiding.

Corporate America is currently obsessed with wokeness like diversity and inclusion. As Consumers’ Research Executive Director Will Hild has recently intimated, wokeness is a devious tactic that unethical corporations deploy as a method to distract the public from their questionable behavior.

Blizzard is doing the exact same as other corporations in trying to appease the tiny minority of mentally ill woke people on Twitter.

Even worse is that nobody in charge at Blizzard seems to care. Many articles have been written about Roux’s disgraceful conduct on social media. There is no excuse for Blizzard management, J. Allen Brack, Steve Danuser, and Christie Golden not knowing about this and acting upon the knowledge. The buck stops with all three of them.

In our sick and twisted “progressive” culture, openly hating white people is now encouraged and expected. It’s considered cool and edgy on Twitter. Viciously disparaging white males is how you make your bones on the left. Racist bullies are allowed free reign to ply their wicked trade as long as they are on the correct side of the political fence.

To this day, Roux has never apologized for her hideous comments, nor has Blizzard or Danuser ever apologized to the millions of WoW fans for failing to do due diligence before they hired her to write novels for them. This is the very same company that jumped onboard the Marxist inspired Black Lives Matter virtue signaling bandwagon and claims to care about stopping racism and promoting diversity/inclusion.

Academic and author Heather Macdonald from the Manhattan Institute has often remarked that white, liberal feminists are the most privileged woman in all of history. Because of the bogus theory of intersectionality, Roux leverages faux victimhood and is a privileged sacred cow that can say anything she wants and get away with it. When there is no price to pay for bad behavior, you can certainly expect more of it.

The most plausible reason for her untouchable status is that Roux has the same far left political leanings as Brack and Danuser. The pornography industry, the film industry, and the video game industry, are all based on the progressive west coast of the U.S.A. and all are run and staffed by wicked godless leftists. There is no doubt that Roux is being shielded by powerful people at Activision-Blizzard that share her radical politics and her twisted worldview. As an added factor, aging bewitched boomers like having the approval of woke dependent millennial women who love having them as sugar daddy benefactors.

Blizzard is so enamored with Roux that Steve Danuser the Principle Lore Director even approved a character directly named after her in World of Warcraft and this has rightly outraged many players:

Her laughably scant Wikipedia page “bio” has been sanitized as all mentions of her racist and anti-male comments have been scrubbed from the entry by her protectors at Wikipedia who promote and protect precious people like her. The fact that such a mediocre, non-noteworthy author even has a Wikipedia entry is typical of that organization’s hard left bias. Contrast this with brilliant writer and cultural dissident E. Michael Jones Ph.D. who has authored a multitude of groundbreaking tomes who now is persona non grata on the Orwellian self-appointed arbiter all knowledge: Wikipedia. Nothing to see here folks, move along now.

It’s mind boggling to think that someone with so much hatred in her heart could ever be qualified to write folk and fairy tales. Would you let a man hating racist read fairy tales to your children?

Having Roux write fairy tales makes as about as much sense as putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank. However, in an age where we have farcical Drag Queen Story Hours popping up all over America, this insidious madness is par for the course.


The morale of the story is that it doesn’t matter how much you publicly state that you hate white men, the powers that be at Blizzard Entertainment will still find a place for you. Racism and misandry are perfectly fine at Blizzard as long as you have the right political beliefs and the right people are the targets of this hate.

Think I’m exaggerating?

In 2020, while their employees are being underpaid by industry standards and barely surviving, Activision-Blizzard probably paid anti-white racist author Robin D’Angelo thousands of dollars to give a talk at their campus. She’s infamous for writing books that disparage white people like White Fragility. Her toxic tract is the Mein Kampf of the Critical Race Theory cult.

Nothing that Blizzard 2.0 does shocks me anymore. Their turpitude and insanity know no bounds.

Roux’s online racism and misandry were common knowledge at Blizzard. I don’t even blame her for working at Blizzard. Thanks to an ever-ballooning diversity and inclusion dept., her woke harpy/feminist grift is exactly what Blizzard is looking for these day and she played the part perfectly. It’s the people that hired her who bear the real responsibility.

Why haven’t ex-Blizzard esteemed developers like Mike Morhaime, Jeff Kaplan, Rob Pardo, Greg Street, and Chris Metzen openly chastised Blizzard for this?

Not one of them spoke out publicly to rebuke this madness. Their comments would have held great sway in all of this but instead they chose to remain silent because they are afraid of the Twitter rabble without a cause. They didn’t want to rock the boat and end up having to sell their multi-million dollar homes in their gated communities. Sadly, their accomplices in the corrupt mainstream video game media, streamers, and YouTube personalities have also allowed Blizzard to get away with it for years with no pushback.

The only conclusion I can reasonably come to is that Blizzard is an amoral company run by a cadre of depraved people and propped up by souless rapacious investors. The sooner Blizzard goes into the ash heap of history the better.

― Wolfshead

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