America’s Frontline Doctors Hydroxycloroquine Video Banned by YouTube and Twitter

On July 28th, Google-owned YouTube led by CEO Susan Wojcicki, deleted a video of a presentation by a group called America’s Frontline Doctors. They shared their medical opinions on the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine with the public.

YouTube claims the video violated their community standards. Not the standards of an average American, but the community standards but those of radical leftist California.

Like dutiful lemmings, both Facebook and Twitter did exactly the same thing. Naturally, Big Tech doesn’t want you to hear the good news about the life-saving Hydroxychloroquine medication because that would validate President Trump’s early advice about the good news about the medication.

Thanks to BitChute, here’s the video that was banned on YouTube and Twitter.

The wokester at Squarespace led by CEO Anthony Casalena shut down their website for no reason. Anthony Casalena is as woke as they come. Here’s his boilerplate “racial justice” moral preening Tweet:

Thankfully they found new hosting and their website is here.

Not only did they lose their website, Dr Simone Gold a highly accomplished board-certified physician was fired from her job without just cause.

The America we live in is now run by Marxist global tech companies who care nothing for the truth and will stop at nothing from putting their corpse-like puppet Joe Biden into the White House.

This November, do the right thing.

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