Blizzard Biology Deniers Erase Male and Female Options from World of Warcraft Character Creation to Appease LGBTQ Activists

Blizzard Entertainment never ceases to amaze me with its cowardice and depravity. Last summer, they removed the option for players to choose male or female characters in both World of Warcraft Classic and World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Thanks to Blizzard’s subservience to the diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE) agenda, they are bending over backward to make WoW appealing to people who suffer from gender dysphoria AKA transgender people.

In both WoW: Dragonflight and WoW Classic players are presented with two body types that they can choose as shown in the graphic below:

For 18 years, Blizzard allowed players to choose the male sex or the female sex for their characters. The option to choose your sex has always been a standard and non-controversial game mechanic in every RPG that allows players to create their own characters. But in 2022, they felt the need to deny biological reality and instead want to be more inclusive and make the tiny number of players who identify as transgender, non-binary, and pansexual welcome in Azeroth.

Previous to this, anyone who identified as LGBTQ could choose either male or female and role-play whatever they wanted. After all, WoW is a role-playing game where players are supposed to role-play not themselves, but characters that are consistent with the fantasy world Blizzard provides.

The setting of WoW is an otherworldly medievalesque fantasy game where traditional sex roles are foundational for the various races. The world is at war and as a result, there are no safe spaces, disco nightclubs, or bathhouses. It’s all hands on deck. As a player, you are expected to put in the effort and fit in with the setting, the sensibilities, and the culture of the people who make up the world.

Fantasy virtual worlds do not exist to validate your sexual proclivities, your lifestyle, or your real-world political, social, and cultural beliefs. You as a player, have a duty to fit into the fantasy world and participate by role-playing a denizen of that world.

Medieval Fantasy Virtual Worlds ≠ Metropolitain Woke California 2023

WoW is based on a mashup of fantasy and real-world cultures. Some from medieval Europe, some from medieval Asia, North American Indians, and some completely made up. All of these fantasy worlds have one thing in common: they were comprised of males and females. Without these designations, the reproduction of the species is impossible.

Since WoW is a world embroiled in constant war, childbearing is of utmost importance to keep the various races strong, healthy, and numerous. Childbearing can only be done by the conjugal union of biological males and females. It stands to reason that any civilization, nation, culture, and people that would not value the roles that both males and females have, would soon perish and never qualify for an entry into the history books.

Every humanoid and every member of the animal kingdom must reproduce or the species dies. There is nothing more defining and important than the continuance of the species. It is not merely a cosmetic feature: it is a defining feature.

Since the dawn of mankind, every single real-world human civilization and culture has recognized the existence and the unique role of the male and the female in the propagation of the species. Without life, there is nothing. Up until a few years ago when Queer theory started spreading into corporate America via brainwashed millennials and zoomers, the role of men and women were highly honored and esteemed by their respective cultures.

The very same pious people that claim to believe in science, conveniently pay no heed to it when it suits their dark purposes.

A Question that a Child Could Get Right

When you observe a person, what general descriptive one-word term comes to mind?

It’s their biological sex. It’s if they are male or female.

When archeologists exhume the remains of people that died thousands of years ago, they can easily recognize them by their sex. Skeletal remains show the sex of the deceased human because bone structures are unique to each sex. They never categorize them by using the term body type.

You do not look at a person and describe them with one word: by the color of their hair, their facial features, their skin color, or their body type. Yet all of these other designations and descriptors are still in the WoW character screen. How long will it be before some unhinged attention-starved trans person on Twitter believes that dwarves or elves are offensive and demands that Blizzard remove their names in the name of diversity and inclusion?

Blizzard Uses Body Type Incorrectly

WoW’s new body type designation is scientifically and biologically incorrect and thus ridiculous. Body type refers to the shape of a body, not the sex of the person.

There is no evidence to suggest that WoW players wanted Blizzard to do this. WoW players were never asked about this. Since the change, WoW players have now been denied the right to play male or female characters. Now they are only allowed to be identified by body type.

Will the creation of an all-female guild be allowed? How will they advertise in-game withou being in contravention of WoW’s terms of service?

All references to male and female have been removed from Azeroth. The Stalinist purge to rid WoW of anything that offends the precious LGBTQ community continues with no end in sight.

Sex is Not a Costume

What Blizzard has done is disgraceful. It is as sick and twisted as that psycho transgender serial killer in the Silence of the Lambs film who made clothing out of the skin of his female victims and wore it.

Biological men who pretend to be women are modern-day Buffalo Bill’s by wearing feminity like a costume. They are appropriating the sex of women for their own perverted fantasies. This cultural and biological vandalism is the fruition of decades of neo-Marxist activism and it’s being perpetrated by the people in charge of Blizzard.

Who are the Blizzard Developers Responsible for this Clown Show?

The left in America is out of gas. In lieu of any substantive ideas, they now specialize in the emancipation of victim groups. They’ve been recycling the same playbook since the civil rights era. When they run out of victims, they simply create more. Transgenders are the newest victim class that has been foisted upon Western civilization.

The miscreants in charge of Blizzard bear full responsibility for this travesty erasing males and females from their game world. They are shameful people that use every opportunity to virtue signal.

Behold the people in charge of the World of Clowncraft who have sold their souls to the devil. Send in the clowns…

John Hight

Who is this guy and why is he working at Blizzard? We went from Furor and Tigole to Mr. Rogers and Mrs. Doubtfire in the space of 20 years.

Holly Longdale

Canadian-born Holly Longdale who was brought in to oversee the classic WoW MMO, should have said “NO!” to this as these specious body types were not available when it was released back in 2004. Longdale is a well-known LGBTQ ally and used her position as Executive Producer for EverQuest to indoctrinate players with in-game LGBTQ propaganda. EverQuest players never asked for his and never wanted it. But Holly did not care and instead forced this sexual degeneracy on the EQ community.

Holly parlayed her LGBTQ activism in EverQuest to land a job at Blizzard. She’s now a VP just as I predicted in a previous article.

Ion Hazzikostas

Once upon a time, he was an up-and-coming D.C. attorney by day and number-crunching WoW guild master by night. Ion Hazzikostas is now an obedient corporate stooge, peddling Blizzard’s diversity efforts. I hope the 30 pieces of silver were worth it Ion.

Steve Danuser

Steve Danuser is the principal architect of the transgender propaganda that was inserted into the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion. Keep your eye on slippery chameleon Steve. He can be anything you want him to be — for the right price. The serpent in the Garden of Eden has nothing on him. A wise man once said: Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

Mike Ybarra

Last but certainly not least is corporate animal Mike Ybarra. Mike uses the LGBTQ agenda like a shield to misdirect the public from his draconian Jack Welch tricks to deny Blizzard employees their rightful bonuses, Mike is fully onboard with the diversity, inclusion, and equity agenda. The buck stops with him.

Where are the Influencers?

Nowhere to be found. Influencers like millionaire streamer “your boy” Asmongold, Preach, Bellular Gaming, and many others have refused to even acknowledge this fundamental change in World of Warcraft. These gelded men without chests are afraid to bite the hand that feeds at Twitch and YouTube, so they stay silent, and the shekels keep pouring in.

If they had the intestinal fortitude to speak out, the players would rally around them and Blizzard would be forced to reverse this insanity. But, like the slimy cowards they are, they bow and scrape before the throne of big teach and as a result, they are allowed to continue making their vapid reaction videos.

Cultural Grooming

Blizzard and the entire entertainment industrial complex are engaged in cultural grooming. They are desperately trying to normalize LGBTQ behavior by making content more “welcoming” and “inclusive.” And, both are code words for the acceptance of homosexuality and other forms of sexual degeneracy.

The blueprint for this was created by homosexual authors Marshall K. Kirk and Hunter Madsen in their now-out-of-print gay rights brainwashing manual: After the Ball – How America will conquer its fear and hatred of Gays in the 90s. The Mass Resistance website describes this work with the following:

This book puts forth the very sophisticated psychological persuasion and propaganda mass media techniques that we’ve all seen and been affected by over the years — but never understood what was happening.

Since the book was published in 1989, the gay movement has utilized these techniques to bamboozle the American public into thinking that homosexuality is harmless and normal.

The insertion of LGBTQ propaganda into popular culture has been relentless and now we see it being shoehorned into video games and found in elementary school libraries.

The Frankenstein monster that they helped unleash, was never predicted by Kirk and Madsen. The fad of transgenderism is now erasing females. Men pretending to be women are now dominating female sports.

Womanhood is being erased by mentally ill men who think they are women. Blizzard has joined their ranks by erasing females.


During the senate confirmation process for the U.S. Supreme Court, Sen. Marsha Blackburn asked Judge Keanji Brown Jackson if she could define a woman. She could not. Her ridiculous answer shocked the world.

Of course, Jackson knows what a woman is because she is one. But she was unwilling, to tell the truth to the American public because of her slavish obedience to the demonic religion of wokeness.

It seems that Blizzard Entertainment is run by equally imbecilic, ideological zealots who have declared war on biology, science, and reality itself. The fad-chasing executives at Blizzard would rather alienate 99% of their players, just to appease 1% that identify as transgender or non-binary. Apparently getting an award from the degenerates at GLAAD is far more important than the happiness of your subscribers.

Removing male and female categories from your game world is about as mindbogglingly stupid as removing oxygen from your world. Blizzard has chosen to sabotage and vandalize the verisimilitude of their world in the name of inclusivity.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, St. Paul warned Christians about the wickedness of these unrighteous people almost 2000 years ago:

For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools…

Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.  They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity.

This excerpt from the New Testament perfectly describes the ghouls who run Blizzard Entertainment.

With the introduction of LGBTQ advisory councils and official diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE) policies and officers, Blizzard has willfully introduced rapacious cancer of wokeness into their once great studio. This cancer will not stop until the host is dead. Seeing Blizzard self-implode for its depravity would be a very good thing indeed.

Already DIE officers are being laid off throughout corporate America because trophy diversity hires are the first to get jettisoned when the economy gets bad. Disney and other big studios are losing hundreds of millions of dollars because audiences will not tolerate the insanity of woke idealogy being shoved down their throats.

More carnage is coming and I have plenty of microwave popcorn waiting to be popped.