The Curse of Guilt-Ridden Boomers and Woke Millenials

Almost every corporation in America has abandoned the wisdom of ideological neutrality and converted to the pseudo-religion of progressivism. The cynical marketeers in the business world call it values marketing. Do not be fooled because values is just a sneaky euphemism for morality.

For decades, we are told in America by the progressives that everyone’s morality was their own business. During the sexual revolution of the 1960s, How dare you force your morality on me… was one of their popular rallying cries. In those days, the individual had the right to believe, think and worship how they wanted because we lived in a nation founded on the principle of liberty: America.

Although we shared a common culture, we had no state-imposed religion or state-imposed ideology. That is no longer the case in America and around the world as the governments, corporations and thought police close in on our remaining freedoms and never miss an opportunity to promulgate their cultural Marxist idealogy.

How did this happen you ask?

With traditional religion on the decline in western civilization, the human need for spirituality and belief still exists. Today, that need manifests itself in the worship of causes and activism. People are busy and don’t have time for God. Instead, they want to feel good about themselves and easily achieve this by purchasing products and services that support their pet causes. Look at your supermarket shelves for examples of virtuous companies selling virtuous products to virtuous people. Non-GMO, free-range, fair trade, sustainable, recycled are just a few of the adjectives now commonly used by marketers to sell more products to the woke faithful.

Virtue signaling on social media is another way that people can practice this new slacktivist religion. There is a strange symbiosis of corporations and people at work where both virtue signal to each other to zealously concelebrate their righteousness and piety. The usefulness of the products are almost secondary to the feeling of euphoria that one gets when by purchasing a product because in the process of consumption they are saving an endangered species or fighting for social change or emancipating the victim of the day.

Companies that cater to these enlightened modernistas are engaged in a public relations arms race of virtue signaling and moral exhibitionism to demonstrate to the public that they care more than their competition. But they are not stopping there, now they are expanding their marketing arms race to things have nothing to do with their product and championing the fight for racial, gender and sexual equality: identity politics.

Almost every large company in America has a diversity and inclusion officer and policies that promote identity politics. What follows usually are a panoply of virtue signaling with token LGBTQ pride events and outreach to women. The CEOs of these corporations seem all have the same correct opinions as they huddle together in the groupthink hot tub and contemplate their next “girl power” empowerment ad.

The greatest sin in the religion of diversity and inclusion is to be labeled a racist. Typically, the charge of racism leverages horrible and shameful events in our human past against people who have never done any such thing. Just the hint of an accusation of the heresy of racism can destroy your life and your family. Unlike Christianity that believes in forgiveness, redemption is not possible once you are guilty of this transgression.

Conversely, promoting diversity and inclusion is the greatest virtue. Like the people in North Korea who try to out clap and out cheer each other when their dear leader shows up, these CEOs try to out virtue signal each other.

So who are these woke CEO’s?

Claire Lehmann from Quillette has some revealing insights:

Suddenly it all makes sense as to why corporate America has become obsessed with identity politics.

So it’s not really about moral conviction after all. It’s really all about filthy rich white greying CEO’s in their 50s who run these corporations are loaded down with guilt and insecurity, going through some mid-life crisis and eager to be socially relevant just to impress young females that work for them. Babbling on about diversity and inclusion is a fast way to become woke in order to ingratiate yourself with these shallow millennial hipsters.

There is no one more tragic than the self-righteous white knight progressive coming to the rescue of the feminist damsel in distress. In the past few years, these opportunists have been crawling out of the woodwork eager to spread their rot to the world. These male feminists are the most loathsome of creatures and a disgrace to the notion of manhood. The Urban Dictionary describes them perfectly:

A person with low self esteem who combats this with a unwavering need to aid others who may or may not need it. They usually have very isolated personal lives as they are very judgmental of others, surrounding themselves only with those who feed their desire to help and feel as a savior. 

The identity politics contagion is spreading. In the past 5 years, I have seen the exact same social justice transformation happen to most tech companies and video game studios. Almost in unison, their CEOs have all came out in favor of diversity and inclusion. Translation: force-feeding us more Mary Sue and token minority characters and hiring more feminists and LGBTQ people while more qualified white male applicants are passed by.

But if you really want to impress the female millennials, you need to make your bones and bash the bad orange man, President Trump. That’s exactly what the CEOs of some tech and video game companies did in 2017 when they came out on the same day railing against Trump’s so-called “Muslim” ban.

As an example of this, the then CEO of Blizzard Entertainment Mike Morhaime seized the opportunity to use Trump’s executive order to signal his virtue and prattle on about diversity and inclusion:

The executive order strikes an incredibly sharp contrast with the values on which our company was founded. We are, and will always be, a company that strives for inclusion, embraces diversity, and treats one another with respect. This is the very foundation of what makes not just our company — but America — great, which is why I am so troubled by these actions. Regardless of where you are from or what your religious beliefs are, our strength is in our diversity.

This boilerplate platitude sounds like an excerpt from a typical speech given by a generic Democratic candidate for president.

Diversity is not our strength. Diversity is a false virtue created to bolster the suicidal notion of multiculturism. If left unchecked, diversity will be the downfall of our precious western civilization.

The president of the United States of America has every right to protect Americans from the scourge of Islamic terrorism via the restriction of immigration. Ask the families of the thousands of innocent Americans who have lost their lives to brutality of Islamic terrorism since 9/11 what they think about letting in people from countries with known ties to terrorists without proper vetting.

Eventually, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in President Trump’s favor and the executive order was maintained. Let’s also not forget that the Obama administration put similar immigration restrictions on the same countries. Where was Mike Morhaime’s outrage then? Nowhere to be found because it didn’t fit the narrative.

Beyond the moral dysfunction of CEOs in their 50s, identity politics could not survive and thrive without the broader societal virus of white guilt that has been festering for decades. Black intellectual Shelby Steel explores inconvenient truth in his 2006 classic book: White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era.

Identity politics ideology has become so pervasive with these CEOs that the core business strategy of creating products that appeal to the majority of your customers is a now a secondary concern.

Despite the fact that straight white male gamers constitute the majority of gamers, entertainment studios routinely disseminate divisive, politically charged progressive content that is hostile and alienating to them. The East and West coast based news media and entertainment complex continue to marginalize and mock average fly-over country Americans while rubbing our noses in forced diversity and radical feminism.

The crazy thing about all of this is that most of these CEOs and wannabe masters of the universe probably don’t even believe the new creed they worship. Like the beleaguered citizens of North Korea who cheer and clap out of fear, they too repeat the diversity and inclusion mantra out of fear of being cast out as heretics by the self-appointed arbiters of morality on Twitter. No one is safe from the mob of perpetually outraged identity politics crusaders. Political correctness fueled by cancer of social media is the suffocating and conformist zeitgeist of our times.

The tragic lesson of history is that some people will do anything to be esteemed and loved. It’s sobering to contemplate that these middle-aged male cultural quislings are in charge of much of corporate America. They are the unelected gatekeepers of commerce, technology, and culture who encourage identity grifters and millennial cultural arsonists to burn down our civilization.

Every aspect of western civilization is now in the process of being feminized and ultimately weakened if not altogether destroyed by this conspiracy of emasculated men and vapid women. This will make us more susceptible to replacement by traditional cultures who will outbreed us. Nature abhors a vacumm and it will have the last laugh. Demographics is destiny.

Baby boomers are a generation who were given everything. I know it because I’m one of them. Our sacrifices are a pittance compared to the suffering that previous generations endured in the Great Depression and World War II. We reaped a bountiful harvest but never sowed its seeds or tended the fields. Our narcissism, softness, sloth, and decadence have made us weak, amoral cowards. We have been terrible stewards of what was bequeathed to us.

As the late Andrew Breitbart wisely remarked: culture is upstream of politics. The media, big tech, the entertainment industry, and academia have grown to such high levels of power that the tipping point has been reached and they have replaced the Christian culture which founded and nourished our civilization. As a result, virtues have become deadly sins and deadly sins have become virtues.

We are no longer slouching toward Gomorrah; we are racing to Gomorrah at a breakneck pace following these modern-day pied pipers of nihilism and social justice.

As Adam tried to impress Eve in the Garden of Eden and by doing so inadvertently cursed humanity, history repeats as the fate of western civilization rests precariously in the hands of depraved male boomer CEOs in their 50s trying to impress young woke females. We must find the courage to resist them and not go gently into that dark night of civilizational oblivion.


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