(last updated September 27, 2005)

  1. The developers, immortals or gods hereafter known as the devs shall create and maintain a gaming environment that strives for class balance where all player classes of the same level are equal in power and utility with each other.
  2. At character creation players will be given complete and full disclosure of the devs intended role and vision for that class during all phases of that classes lifespan.
  3. Each class shall have a well-defined primary role and be instilled with a meaningful purpose to fulfill within the gaming environment.
  4. Each class shall be created with abilities and characteristics that are uniquely their own despite the fact that they may share primary and secondary roles with other classes.
  5. Each class shall perform their primary role with equally efficacy and efficiency whether solo, in groups or in raids throughout the career of the player regardless of level.
  6. Each class shall have optional secondary roles which will allow them to partially take on the duties of another classes primary role if the need arises.
  7. No class shall be subject to experience penalties in order to compensate for the increased class utility of secondary abilities.
  8. Each class will have an official design document made available to the playerbase to ensure future consistency of the devs vision for each class regardless of changes to the dev team whether philosophical or personnel in nature.
  9. To ensure that each class has a future and remains viable throughout the life of the game, the powers and abilities of each class shall increase equally at regular intervals in accordance with that class’s primary role as defined in the official design document.
  10. Each class must be allowed to flourish and grow by allowing reasonable freedom to self-determination in ways unimagined by the devs.
  11. Content will be designed so that the worth and unique abilities of each class will be fully desired, appreciated and utilized whether solo, in groups or in raid settings.
  12. When there are more then one of a certain class in a group or raid, the devs must ensure that the abilities and contributions of that class must be accumulate and provide an aggregate benefit.
  13. No class shall exist that is absolutely required for success in defeating encounters whether in groups or in raids.
  14. No player shall be penalized by unfair game mechanics for choosing to play one class over another.
  15. The devs will strive to maintain a gaming environment that promotes class diversity and group synergy where each class is equally desired and represented by the player demographics.
  16. The devs shall release accurate class demographic information to the player community on a regular and timely basis.
  17. The devs must routinely solicit input from a wide spectrum of each of the player class communities regarding issues and suggestions that relate to class balance and engage in respectful and responsive dialog treating all classes in a fair and equitable manner.
  18. When changes to a class are deemed absolutely necessary the devs will communicate these proposed changes in an honest and open manner giving reasonable time for the playerbase to comment.
  19. To further the goals of class balance the total power of a class will be a reasonable and fair combination of the following:
      1) inherent class abilities accumulated through tasks and character advancement
      2) potential itemization accumulated through tasks and character advancement
      3) individual player skill


September 27, 2005