Why Did Blizzard Hire Anti-White Anti-Male Author Madeleine Roux?

While viewing a Reddit thread about the recent news that leftist billionaire and puppetmaster George Soros is now investing in Activision/Blizzard, I came upon some information about an author named Madeleine Roux who was commissioned by Blizzard Entertainment to write a prequel novel called Warcraft: Shadows Rising for the soon to be released WoW expansion: Shadowlands.

Last week, the Disney Star Wars is Dumb website published an article by Itchy called Queen Madeleine Despises Old White Men which showcases a litany of this author’s shocking anti-white, anti-Trump, anti-male, and anti-elderly Tweets.

From the article:

Our voyage through the minds of Lucasfilm representatives who hate white males continues with a look at Madeleine Roux, another New York Times bestselling author.

Madeline wrote the short story Eclipse for the anthology, From a Certain Point of View.  Wookieepedia notes that “Madeleine has a tattoo arm-sleeve dedicated to the ladies of Star Wars.”  Maybe there ought to be a regulatory body to enforce gender equality on Madeleine’s arm.

Here’s a comment from a Reddit user that sums things up nicely:

Make sure to check out the new Warcraft novel, Shadow Rising coming out by Madeleine Roux. She has a long history of hating white men on Twitter. My favorite post is when she said the US Constitution needs to be changed due to being written by old white men. Crazy how she can work for Blizzard and their complete lack of diversity in business dealings and leadership.

This is an excellent point. If she hates old white men, I’m sure old white men like Activision/Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick and most of the Blizzard executive team will not be pleased to learn about this. If old white men are good enough to employ her, surely they are good enough to write the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Many of the most offensive Tweets cited in the article have been promptly deleted but thankfully screenshots exist for posterity. These Tweets reveal an ungrateful, petulant, unhappy person poisoned by the deadly civilizational virus of feminism and identity politics.

Here’s one of the anti-Trump Tweets she has not yet deleted where she flaunts her tattoos:

In this Tweet, she indulges in Twitter groupthink and railing against the strawman of “Internet white supremacists” and even manages to attack older women. This is the kind of unhinged alarmist rhetoric that we would expect from a garden variety ANTIFA hooligan, not an esteemed author working for Blizzard.

Here’s a disturbing Tweet she made during the U.S. Senate Judicial Kavanaugh hearing where she is urging RGB — Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who recently praised Kavanaugh — to choke someone. Who that person is, is pretty obvious. I know that tensions were high at the times on both sides, but advocating for violence is not okay. Ever.

Here’s a preposterous Tweet she composed for her followers that equates the elves leaving Middle-earth to modern America implying that America is run by a tyrant that is oppressing women. This the most nonsensical and idiotic take on Tolkien’s writing that I’ve ever read. A fantasy author and a “grown woman” should know better. Newsflash: American women are the most privileged women in the world.

Chances are these Tweets will soon be scrubbed. I have taken screenshots in case.

The foul-mouthed Roux — clearly a pen name — comes from the shallow cringepool of young adult (YA) fiction. After years of books polluting children’s and teen’s minds with witches, werewolves, and vampire protagonists this genre is currently fixated on the demonic realm of horror and the occult.

The YA moniker is code for young feminists as one of its hallmark themes is the empowerment of young females. Naturally, most of the authors of YA fiction are female, feminists, and leftists.

Roux like many millennial females who write fiction novels and TV scripts is a product of our post-Christian, post-Modernist, post-Western civilization and over-feminized culture. This is is probably why she was recruited to write a short story for a Star Wars compilation called Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View. Having a Star Wars title in your resume is most certainly a badge of honor and a ticket to greater things like gigs with Blizzard.

Star Wars is an intellectual property that has gone down the drain thanks to the usual suspects of greed, mismanagement, and political correctness.

She’s also a New York Times Bestselling Author. What that really means is anyone’s guess as the NYT — a hard-left newspaper — does not divulge their criteria on how an author can earn that title. Even the leftist Wikipedia has a lengthy article chronicling the dubious nature of this coveted imprimatur.

To further illustrate that this title is arbitrary, how is it that Professor Jordan Peterson’s worldwide bestselling book 12 Rules for Life never made the NYT bestseller list but unknown YA fiction writer Madeleine Roux’s books have? Enough said.

Speaking of Wikipedia, Rioux already has her own page conveniently created by a fellow activist feminist Wikipedia editor named Antiqueight who states on her page that she’s committed to raising the profile of more women authors on Wikipedia. She works with a Wikipedia Wikiproject called Women in Red who’s goal is to promote the discredited “gender gap” theory.

From the entry:

We are a group of editors of all genders living around the world focused on improving content systemic bias in the wiki movement. We recognized a need for this work as, in October 2014, only 15.53% of English Wikipedia’s biographies were about women. Founded in July 2015, WiR strives to increase the percentage, which has reached 18.27% as of 10 March 2020. But that means, according to WHGI, only 309,432 of our 1,693,225 biographies are about women. Not impressed? “Content gender gap” is a form of systemic bias, and WiR addresses it in a positive way through shared values.

Despite the sanctimonious language, this is not the pursuit and preservation of knowledge. This is blatant social engineering and ideological advocacy. Shame on Wikipedia.


I recall reading the following noble words somewhere…

Everywhere on the planet there are people who play Blizzard Entertainment games. While respecting the cultural diversity that makes people unique, we strive to grow and support our global gaming community.

What you just read was an excerpt from Blizzard Entertainment’s Mission Statement called Think Globally.

Given Blizzard’s goals of respecting cultural diversity and their incessant bromides touting diversity, inclusion, and representation, how could someone at Blizzard Entertainment hire someone who has openly stated that they detest old white people, white men, President Trump, and advocates for violence?

I am a white man that plays WoW Classic. I know retired folks that play WoW and EverQuest. I know plenty of Trump supporters that play WoW. I was born white and male through no fault of my own. People like us probably have little in common with an extremist like Madeleine Roux and that’s fine. But why on earth would Blizzard hire a person to write a prequel with such openly hostile views toward white people and men?

I thought Blizzard wanted to create a welcoming environment for their players? I recall that former Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime famously called upon BlizzCon attendees to “be kind to each other.” This is not being kind to others. This is hostility, bigotry, and demonization of white people and the elderly writ large.

Imagine if a person who works for Blizzard openly gloated that they hate old black men, old black women, and President Obama. Does anyone really think they would not be immediately fired and blacklisted forever?

It seems this person was not vetted at all. But in today’s crazy world, perhaps she was which would make it even worse. Madeleine Roux needs to make a public apology for the hatred and bias she has expressed publicly toward the predominant demographic of Blizzard’s players.

This is yet another example of inept leadership that has plagued Blizzard in recent years. What an ongoing tragedy it is to witness almost weekly incidents of glaring incompetence from this once great video game studio.