Former Blizzard WoW Team Lead Mark Kern Drops Truth Bomb Truth About Twitter

As Black Lives Matter thugs and ANTIFA hooligans murder, loot and burn American cities, Twitter is showing their true colors as they reveal that they are the propaganda arm of both of these cultural terrorist movements.

Twitter silences and censors those who dare to expose, challenge and voice opposition to these criminals. Nobody is immune from Twitter’s heavy handed authoritarianism. The management and staff of Twitter do not believe in freedom of speech. They only believe in promoting the cultural Marxist values of their executives like Jack Dorsey and Vijaya Gadde.

For all intents and purposes, Twitter is the digital town square in America and the world. With great power, comes great responsibility. Therefore, it is imperative that Twitter conduct itself by the principle of ideological neutrality. Just as the physical podium and dais of a town square has no ideology, the same should be true of Twitter. Twitter is just a medium, not the message.

Instead Twitter has chosen to put its thumb on the scales of human events and tilt those scales in the favor of leftist/progressive and cultural Marxist ideology. The mask is now off. Twitter is an ideological propaganda wing of these movements.

People can no longer post what’s truly on their minds when they use Twitter as they are afraid of being banned. I can attest to this personally. This climate of fear creates a chilling effect where opinions, dissent, and viewpoint diversity are discouraged. This is bad for liberty, bad for democracy, and bad for progress.

Despite all of this harassment and intimidation, former Blizzard World of Warcraft Team lead and video game developer Mark Kern is a rare voice of courage on Twitter. Today he dropped this nuclear truth bomb:

If you are a conservative, a Christian, a Republican, a libertarian, an independent, a Trump supporter, a dissident or anyone who does not behave like an obedient leftist lemming, then Twitter and a group of Twitter approved vigilantes is coming for you. They will censor and ban you. It is just a matter of time.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit and other social media platforms are publishers. It’s time that Twitter lose their exemption under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act passed in 1997.

Congress must act and get this done!

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