Darkpaw Games Promotes Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Non-Binary, Asexual, and Pansexual Pride Propaganda in EverQuest

As expected, Darkpaw Games is continuing to disseminate LGBT PRIDE propaganda in both EverQuest and EverQuest 2 MMORPGs. This month they offered 3 new PRIDE themed pet bunnies to complement the existing 3 PRIDE pets they offered in 2019.

As no serious person would pay to own these garish pets, Darkpaw Games made sure they were offered for free for all EQ and EQ2 players. Notably missing was a pet for heterosexual people. After all, heterosexuals — who make up 95% of the population — have no right to ask for their own free pets. That would be unacceptable!

The EQ players that I know and have spoken to, think this is a joke. Most of them are baffled as to why EQ/EQ2 needs PRIDE pets. There are certainly many graphical assets that need to be updated in EQ, but somehow Daybreak Games continue to make excuses as to why they do not have the manpower to do them but they certainly had the manpower to create 6 detailed PRIDE bunnies.

PRIDE propaganda has become so widespread and ubiquitous in video games, that even the perpetually woke gaming site Massively Overpowered failed to create an puff piece article for the 3 new PRIDE bunnies. I suppose they’ve been too busy promoting the Black Lives Matter quislings to care.

In 2019, the PRIDE bunny pet giveaway was concocted by Daybreak Games Studio Head Holly Longdale. She used this clever virtue signaling scheme to land a new job with Blizzard Entertainment who is currently falling all over themselves to genuflect to any and all “victims” in the identity politics travelling circus — especially BLM.

Sadly, new Darkpaw Games Studio Head Jennifer Chan is picking up where Holly Longdale left off with more moral exhibitionism with the continued intrusion of identity politics into the fantasy world of Norrath.

On a recent post on her LinkedIn page, Jennifer seems to understand that video games and virtual worlds should be havens where people can escape from real life:

As a game developer, I’ve always focused on creating experiences that allow people to have a place to escape to because sometimes you need a break from real life or want to get a feeling of exploring something new to you. These experiences have always been guided by fostering an implicit sense of fairness. In the MMOs that I work on we try to encourage teaming together and building social bonds to achieve things that you can’t do (or is very hard to do) on your own.

This is cognitive dissonance on steroids. On one hand she respects the sanctuary that video games offer to players but on the other hand she promotes LGBT PRIDE propaganda from the real world into the the fantasy world of Norrath. Her actions betray her words.

At the same time, there are no PRIDE bunnies for people who are proud of their heterosexuality. There are no PRIDE bunnies for people who believe in traditional marriage. This lack of inclusivity is appalling and shocking.

Why is it okay for Darkpaw Games to ignore and marginalize 95% of people who are heterosexual?

It’s not okay Daybreak Games.

Years ago when the world was sane, people had common sense and frowned upon those who would bring politics, sex, and religion into the workplace. Nor did they bring it into the entertainment and video game amusement industries.

What people do in their bedrooms should be private and nobody’s business. People’s sexual preferences should not be promoted in a high fantasy world like Norrath. It is divisive and it’s wrong.

One of the fundamental principles of a fantasy MMORPG is that immersion should be respected and taken seriously.

When real life politics and social problems are introduced it creates a hostile and antagonistic environment for players who do not share those ideologies. It also breaks the fourth wall between the player and the fantasy virtual world.

It is extremely unethical and unprofessional for a video game studio to do this. Game developers who participate in this are betraying the trust of the players and participating in the despicable practice of indoctrination. When you do this, you’re not a game designer, you’re are propagandist.

If it’s okay to include LGBT propaganda in high fantasy MMORPGs, then why would it not be okay to introduce other highly divisive political issues like gender politics, U.S. politics, race politics, and environmental politics?

Earlier this year I penned a tongue and check article about DarkPaw Games not releasing vanity pets for Black History Month. After the Black Lives Matter hysteria, I have every reason to believe that next year Darkpaw Games will release one in 2021.

Why stop there?

Why not include virtual bathhouses for LGBT players to use in-game?

How about Trump pets and Biden pets to celebrate political PRIDE?

How about black PRIDE, Asian PRIDE and white PRIDE pets?

Why not introduce free Coke pets, free MacDonald’s pets, free Burger King pets, free Amazon Prime pets, free Netflix pets?

Why not just put in real-world advertising while you are at it?

The integrity of EverQuest has already been destroyed by their rapacious pay-to-win cash shop thanks to John Smedley and his henchmen. The EverQuest franchise has been reduced to one big virtual slot machine, sucking up hard earned money from loyal EQ fans. Daybreak Games and owner Jason Epstein could care less, as long as the money keeps rolling in.

Of course any EQ or EQ2 player that objects to free PRIDE pets will be labeled as a bigot and “homophobic” and promptly banned from the forums. No dissent is ever allowed by the intolerant “love is love” people who want to hear all voices except those who disagree with them.

As a traditional Roman Catholic, I find the promotion of same sex so-called “pride” ideology within a high fantasy MMORPG that I am paying to play deeply offensive and provocative. The sensibilities of people like myself who hold traditional religious and conservative beliefs are not given an iota of consideration as studios like Daybreak Games never miss an opportunity to pander to a tiny minority of pride extremists.

Some people will claim that Daybreak Games is a business and can do what it wants. However, these same people will protest when a Christian baker refuses to bake a cake for a transgender wedding. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

All we want as MMORPG gamers is to enjoy our fantasy virtual worlds. We work hard and when we have some free time, we love to log into our favorite MMORPG. We don’t want to be treated like children — lectured to and indoctrinated. Please stop insulting our intelligence and stop trying to impose your values and morals on players. Stop telling your customers how to think.

You are in the business to create participatory entertainment. We are not paying you to create entertainment riddled with wokeness and identity politics.

It is the height of arrogance to expect that everyone thinks and believes like you do. If you take a political or social position, then you risk offending half of the demographic you are trying to reach. Video game companies should be ideologically neutral to avoid needlessly alienating their customers.

Leave your sexuality, politics and virtue signaling bullshit outside the studio door along with your egos. Do it on your own time. If don’t have the decency to do that, then get the hell out of the video game industry and go save the world and join a pious non-profit or become a worthless politician.

To my knowledge, I am the only person in the MMORPG blogosphere objecting to this travesty. Other journalists and bloggers either fully support this or are too afraid to speak out.

You get the video game industry you deserve folks.