GLAAD is Incentivizing Video Game Studios to Create LGBTQ Propaganda

We can all breathe a sigh of relief. America got lucky this year. Thanks to the China Wuhan virus and a month of riots, looting, arson, murder, mayhem, and desecration of historical and Christian statues, we didn’t have to endure a full month of relentless PRIDE propaganda rainbows pasted on every storefront window and every corporate Twitter profile. Thankfully, America had more important things to worry about than the plight of half-naked old perverts marching in parades.

As the great American experiment comes to a predictable end, we see unmistakable signs of moral, cultural, and spiritual decline all around us.

Perhaps nothing epitomizes the decadence of a nation than its lust for self-congratulation with no commensurate accomplishment. The preponderance of a seemingly endless parade of award shows is one such sign. One particular award show should get an award for having the most dubious premise of all awards shows — the promotion of the most powerful group of sacred cows in American culture: the LGBTQ showbiz community.

Every year, the same cast of Tinseltown publicity whores have their annual
meeting. It’s a Botox and silicon laced orgy of vanity, self-importance, and
narcissism. Underneath it all, lurks an orchestrated piece of slick cultural subversion that props up a tiny privileged sub-culture that engages in sodomy and other sexual perversions. No, it’s not the AVN Awards, it’s the GLAAD Media Awards.

Beaming with pride and desperate for career relevance (future employment), a parade of washed up celebrities dutifully walk up the stage to receive their participation trophies and Cracker Jack door prizes. Meritorious talent is not a prerequisite for attending the awards; obeisance to the golden idol of LGBTQ ideology is.

One is tempted to feel sorry for these jaded celebrities who have foolishly sold their souls to the devil for a few more years of fleeting popularity and a chance to make an impression on the Weinsteins of the world — the depraved Hollywood power brokers that control the industry.

Recently, it came to my attention that in 2019, GLAAD presented Bethesda Sofworks and Zenimiax an award for The Elder Scrolls Online expansion: Summerset. The award from GLAAD is for a new category: Outstanding Video Game. Other nominees for this award were the usual woke suspects like: Arenanet, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft.

I used to play The Elder Scrolls Online a few years ago. When I encountered a clumsy shoehorned LGBTQ quest, I was appalled by the brazen propaganda and promptly cancelled my subscription. I refuse to play video games staffed by sneaky woke devs that attempt to indoctrinate gamers by normalizing real-world deviancy.

Players who hold traditional Christian beliefs are not respected or welcome in The Elder Scrolls Online. The same thing happened when I played another MMORPG called Guild Wars 2 by Arenanet. I quit playing when I found my character had no way to avoid a pretentious and gratuitous lesbian quest crafted by now ex-employee Ree Soesbee. That was about 10 years ago. Having lesbians in a video game is now boring and predictable.

Here’s GLAAD’s rationale for explaining why Bethesda/Zenimax won the award:

In Summerset, players undertake a prominent questline entitled Manor of Masques to reunite a transgender woman with her estranged twin sister. The story deals with the difficult topics of coming out and acceptance in a way that reflects the lived reality of many transgender people today.

GLAAD knows as much about video games as professional wrestler and reality TV star Hulk Hogan knows about brain surgery. But that doesn’t stop the lavender luvies from trying to lecture video game studios on how to make video games.

While the award is for “outstanding video game,” GLAAD’s explanation for The Elder Scrolls winning has nothing to do with the excellence of the gameplay, art, or narrative that most gamers would appreciate as a valid criteria for excellence. Instead, the rationale for winning is that the video game in question must be promoting the normalization of LGBTQ agenda with a coming out of the closet story.

GLAAD’s Zeke Stokes openly admits this on their website:

“The video game landscape is ever-expanding, and it’s critical that all players see themselves represented fairly and accurately in the content. LGBTQ people are an important and growing part of the gaming community, and we are so proud to honor an impressive slate of nominees in this first year…”

This paragraph is a good example of corporate sophistry and identity politics agitprop. It’s chock full of unsupported statements and serpentine double talk that one expects from a Diversity and Inclusion Officer or a Trust and Safety Department employee from Big Tech.

Some Questions for GLAAD and the Studios that Support Them

Why is it critical that all people be represented in video games?

Why are people who identify by their sexual proclivities so important that they deserve special representation in video games?

Other groups such as Republicans, conservatives, Christians do not get representation in video games. If and when they do, it’s never positive. Instead, they are portrayed as backward, hateful, intolerant, murderous bigots. The best example of this is the Kingsman film.

Where is the evidence that LGBTQ people are a growing part of the gaming community and why should anyone care?

Opening the Pandora’s Box of Representation

If it’s good and noble thing to promote LGBTQ representation and narratives within video games, then why stop there?

Just for an experiment, let’s open the Pandora’s Box of representation and see what would happen to a video game studio if they had to appease every special interest group that came knocking on their doors.

Buckle up, here we go…

As baby boomers become senior citizens, many of them are still gamers. Should we start demanding to see more white haired, frail, wheel chair bound and cane walking senior citizens represented in video games?

Will the AARP have an awards show for video games that depict seniors in an accurate and fair manner?

Should the NCAAP and BET have awards for black representation in video games?

Should the ADL have awards for more Jewish representation in videos games?

Should CAIR have awards for more Muslim representation in video games?

Should Asians get more representation in video games?

Should the Amish get representation in video games?

Should blind people get representation in video games?

Should deaf people get representation in video games?

Should mute people get representation in video games?

Should ugly people get representation in video games?

Should overweight people and people with eating disorders get representation in video games?

Should amputees get representation in video games?

Should short people get representation in video games?

Should tall people get representation in video games?

Should albinos get representation in video games?

Should people who struggle with addiction get representation in video games?

Should the disabled get representation in video games?

Should the mentally ill get representation in video games?

Should who suffer from neurological afflictions like Parkinson’s get representation in video games?

Should people who suffer from Coprolalia (people who involuntary utter swear words and obscenities) get representation in video games?

Should criminals get fair and positive representation in video games?

Should the prison population get representation in video games?

Should people with red hair get representation in video games?

Should bald people get representation in video games?

Should people with digestive diseases like ulcerative colitis get representation in video games?

Should left-handed people get representation in video games?

Should nudists get representation in video game?

Should cannibals get representation in video games?

Should vegans get representation in video games?

I could go on with hundreds of more examples of people who might like to see themselves in video games, but you get the point.

Every person I mentioned in that above list (except cannibals) has a compelling heartbreaking story of not fitting in to society or a story of personal suffering because they are different. Including them all would add millions of dollars to the budget of video game studios and significantly increase the development time.

If LGBTQ people get to be represented in video games, then all of the above deserve equal representation and inclusion as well. Failure to do so is textbook bigotry and marginalization.

Do video game studios really want to lose all control and capitulate to the coercion of groups that demand they be represented in your video games?

Think long and hard Mr. Studio CEO and woke developer. Once you open the Pandora’s Box of representation and inclusion, you can never close it.

Fantasy versus Reality

Devout Roman Catholic and Oxford Professor J.R.R. Tolkien created a complete fantasy universe that has enriched humanity. His books and films based on his books have been translated into dozens of languages and read and viewed by untold millions of people world-wide. During his entire career, he never felt the need to pollute his exquisite fantasy literature with homosexual and lesbian propaganda.

If Tolkien was a young man today, GLAAD and a handful of trans activists on Twitter would condemn him as a homophobic bigot for his sincerely held traditional Catholic beliefs. Within hours, he’d be singled out for having “white privilege” be expelled from his professorship at Oxford and drummed out of polite society. The result would be: no Middle-earth, no Hobbit and no Lord of the Rings. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the sick and twisted world we now live in.

Yet the ever watchful Eye of Sauron lives on in the Orwellian wokeness of the left. Constantly seeking, searching and sniffing out offense under every bed and past every corner of our towns and cities.

Why does every fantasy world now have to have token LGBTQ people?

What does LGBTQ advocacy in the real world have to do with the fictional fantasy world of The Elder Scrolls universe or any other game world?

Fantasy worlds should be able to have peoples with their own lore, customs and norms. Fantasy world authors are under no obligation to mirror the exact same ideologies of the owners and employees of modern-day video game companies located in Southern California.

Video games should not be used as a vehicle for the dissemination of real world ideology or propaganda. The great majority of gamers do not want to be indoctrinated by video games, they just want to escape and have fun. Players should not be force fed the agenda of a few hundred attention-starved LGBTQ tyrants on Twitter.

Why don’t they have the basic human decency to leave our video games alone?

No form of art — and even science — is free from the cult of identity politics and representation. The very finest minds and greatest authors are being cancelled for harmless things they said 30 years ago. No one is safe from these cultural arsonists.

Accuracy or Falsity?

Another issue I have with GLAAD’s rationale is that they want video games to include accurate portrayals of LGBTQ people. Define accurate. By accurate, do they mean all of the gay subcultures including S&M and bondage just to name a few?

LGBTQ activists meddling in entertainment is nothing new. Acclaimed director William Friedkin who directed The Exorcist, filmed Crusing in the late 1970’s starring Al Pacino. The gritty movie was about about an undercover cop trying to track down a homosexual serial killer. Even then gay activists didn’t want the truth coming out about what was really going on in certain gay clubs in New York City. The studio ended up having to put a disclaimer on the film to placate the gays.

Let me play the Devil’s Advocate…

Would GLAAD support a video game where players can play homosexual mass murderer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer?

Would GLAAD support the portrayal of LGBTQ people as villains, swindlers, deviants, child molesters, murderers and other miscreants?

Or are video game studios (like Naughty Dog did in the Last of Us Part 2) only allowed to make male, white, straight, conservative, Christians the villains?

I think you know the answers.

Imagine if a video game studio created a tribe of obese, ugly, man-hating, shrieking, half-naked lesbians that worshiped a fallen angel and went around spitting on men, desecrating places of worship, and burning cities. Imagine if they let players kill them for gold, loot and experience points.

Would GLAAD complain?

Of course they would.

Imagine if they made Grand Theft Auto: ANTIFA vs The Proud Boys. Imagine if they allowed players to kill trans ANTIFA members in the video game.

Would GLAAD complain?

You bet they would. GLAAD is only interested in the promotion of pretty boys, lipstick lesbians, funny flamboyant gays, and sanitized cardboard “useful” gays — ready for prime time LGBTQ people. They are not interested in complex gay characters or conservative Trump supporting gays who’ve suffered far more discrimination from coming out as a conservative than they did coming out as gay. They want only GLAAD approved Mary Sues and Gary Sues, so they can can continue to deceive the public and incrementally normalize their behavior.

A growing number of LGBTQ people are no longer homosexual and transgender and have chosen to leave that lifestyle behind and have embraced the normalcy of heterosexuality. Naturally, GLAAD is not interested in the public hearing those stories being told in video games. They only want the video game to manufacture stories that promote their particular ideology.

What business does GLAAD or any other organization have in dictating the content of TV, films, books and video games?

They have NO business whatsoever.

GLAAD has no expertise in the realm of video games. They should be ignored, ridiculed and called out for their arrogance and presumption. But that doesn’t stop them and charlatans like Anita Snarkeesian from sticking their noses where they don’t belong and trying to destroy the video game genre with their neo-Marxist claptrap.

Long before GLAAD invaded the realm of video games, studios like Zenimax, Arenanet, EA, BioWare, Blizzard, Ubisoft and many others have been steadily infiltrated by social justice warriors, neo-Marxists and LGBTQ activists fresh out of college. These developers are hard at work using video games to promote their personal worldview and political/cultural agendas. There is simply no excuse for the damage they have done by promoting immorality to a generation of gamers.

The Representation Fallacy

For thousands of years, the unstated law of the marketplace is that producers made products that appealed to the greatest number of consumers have the best chance of success.

While some people may like garlic ice cream or eating chocolate covered crickets, due to their esoteric nature, both of those products will never achieve mass acceptance. Starting a business that only appeals to a tiny and unproven niche market is a risky venture.

All American restaurants are not required to provide Kosher or Halal food. Nor are they required to offer gluten free or vegan food. If one wants that food, you need to go to a restaurant that specializes in it. Jews, Muslims, vegans and others have no right to force restaurants to “represent” their dietary requirements in their menu offerings.

In 2013, Out Now estimated that the LGBGT travel and leisure industry was worth $180 billion a year. It’s highly likely that it’s worth much more in 2020. Imagine how this industry would feel if conservative Christian heterosexuals demanded that gay resorts represent them and offer Christian and family friendly activities at their resorts?

Video games are no different. Video games that appeal to the largest demographic are usually the most successful. If 99% of your audience is heterosexual, then it only makes financial sense to focus on content that appeals to heterosexuals.

There is no evidence to suggest that a majority of LGBTQ people even want to see themselves represented in a high fantasy worlds like WoW’s Azeroth. It’s rather condescending to assume that all LGBTQ people want to see themselves represented in every product and service. Most LGBTQ people just want to have fun and escape the real world that’s besieged with identity politics

Another problem is that LGBTQ representation can become a self-fufilling prophecy. If studios continue to offend heterosexual people by pushing LGBTQ friendly stories, heterosexuals will stop playing and LGBTQ people will keep playing and more might play. It stands to reason that their percentage of the player population would naturally rise.

Of course, the dishonest developers would seize on this and say: “Look, LGBTQ people now constitute a sizable portion of our player-base — we have no choice but to create more LGBTQ friendly content!”

This is how the representation con game is played folks.

Implementing fair and equitable representation for people from all walks of life would be a logistical nightmare that would bog down video game studios with endless rules and regulations with hundreds of groups at each other’s throats demanding they get their fair share of the representation pie.

The concept of representation makes no sense from a financial perspective. It is purely a public relations gimmick designed mitigate bad press and to appease identity politics extortionists.

Solution: Start Making LGBTQ Games for LGBTQ People

If video game studios want to pander to GLAAD and the LGBTQ community, they should make 100% LGBTQ video games full of characters and narratives that appeal to them. I’m not kidding. Put your money were you mouth is video game studios.

Better yet, GLAAD should make their own video games and show us all how it’s done.

Trust me, heterosexuals will leave you alone. We won’t be lobbying to have representation in your games. Maybe then you could leave us alone to have fun in our games. Deal?

The Video Game Industry Needs Warnings for LGBT Content

The ESRB should be putting LGBT content warnings on video games like the following:

As a devout Roman Catholic and a consumer, I would like to know before purchasing a video game if I’m supporting a company that is producing content that violates the tenets of my faith.

Video Games Do Not Exist to Validate Your Identity

Companies and individuals are under no obligation to represent and validate your gender, your race, your ethnicity, your country of origin, your sexual proclivities, or your religion, in the products and services that they create.

Video games are created to entertain and amuse people, not to promote identity politics or the worldview of their management and employees.

Despite this unspoken truth, many individuals and companies are under a constant assault by identity politics busybodies for their failure to represent them. Many of studios just give in because they don’t want to face constant bad press and harassment from the tiny Twitter mob.

Fanatical LGBTQ activists are the most reprehensible of the lot. When they run out of cracked sidewalks as a pretense to sue a municipality, they go around looking for devout Christian bakers and then sue them when they refuse to bake a cake that violates their conscience. So much for love trumps hate.

People involved in the creation of entertainment should be free from harassment and coercion of the identity politics bullies like GLAAD and the hundreds of “journalists” who relentlessly promote the demonic gender identity ideology that they learned from tenured Marxist professors in college.

If fundamentalist Christians controlled Hollywood, academia, the media and big tech do you think that the left-leaning art community would be okay with having to create fundamentalist Christian propaganda and Christian representation in the mediums they work in?

Of course, they wouldn’t. They would be screaming about their artistic integrity and independence being compromised.

Why are they silent now and why do they acquiesce to the LGBTQ mobs?

Answer: Either they are afraid and comply or they are true believers and create propaganda willingly. I think it’s a combination of both.

GLAAD also wants video game studios to represent LGBTQ people “fairly.” This implies that LGBTQ people were never represented in a fair manner until GLAAD came along. Nonsense. If that impossible and preposterous standard of “fairness” were implied to every race, religion, creed and gender — no video games would ever be made. There would be no conflict and no villains as everyone would be perfect.

The Deceptive Psychological Tactics of Award Shows

Award shows are a cheesy celebration of narcissism and banality. If every award show were cancelled nobody would miss them and the world would be a far better place. But award shows have become so ubiquitous I recall one comedian suggested that they should have an award show for award shows.

There is dark manipulative side to award shows. These glitzy spectacles use proven psychological tricks such as social proof, reciprocity and consistency to win the allegiance of the nominees and the audience.

Whether you know it or not, when you accept an award, you validate the agenda of the organization who gives it.

Clearly, the award-winning quest in The Elder Scrolls Online, was specially created to advance the LGBTQ agenda and to garner sympathy for transgender people from the players. Zenimax — as did the other nominees — knew full well that pandering to the LGBTQ agenda would gain them favor from organizations like GLAAD and DICE.

When you shower people with awards for doing your bidding as in the case of GLAAD, it creates an irresistible incentive for video game studios to keeping giving them what they want. Being known as an award-wining video game studio is a valuable feather in their cap for both promotion and recruiting. Reciprocity and social proof are immensely powerful psychological tendencies in humans.

Another big part of human motivation is to act with consistency to past behavior. In the case of the GLAAD awards, acting in a consistent manner with past actions, ensures that you will continue to do things that keep you winning more awards. Expect video game studios to have more grandiose LGBTQ stories as they try and outdo each other to compete for GLAAD’s coveted prize.

For decades, a certain minority pressure group has been using this one weird psychological trick to buy the loyalty of the talk radio announcers. They have a big awards gala and present radio announcers with a “human rights” award. After receiving the award, the announcer feels bound to reciprocate and never say anything critical about the minority group that might prevent them from winning future awards. Then the group owns you lock, stock, and barrel — all because you got your ego massaged, a plastic $25 trophy, some cheap California Chardonnay, and a free rubber chicken dinner.


GLAAD are opportunists and identity politics hustlers that glorify sexual perversion and mental illness. GLADD does not speak for all LGBTQ people. It’s condescending and outrageous to assume that all LGBTQ people want to see themselves represented in every product and service. Many LGBTQ folks despise the pride extremism of radical organizations like GLAAD and just want to be left alone. Stop using them as props to bolster your twisted agenda.

By offering recognition via awards and publicity, identity politics pressure groups like GLAAD are incentivizing studios to expend precious finite resource to create gratuitous LGBTQ content in their video games. It’s a symbiotic relationship that has a big payout as winners and nominees can virtue signal their wokeness. Most major video game studios are now hard at work at creating LGBTQ propaganda under the thinly veiled guise of quests and other narratives.

In reality, concepts like representation are used as public relations indulgences to pay for the sins of financial rapaciousness and unethical corporate behavior. They are the entertainment industry’s version of carbon credits. Adding in token LGBTQ characters is often an act of misdirection and deception. Apple and Activision/Blizzard are some of the biggest corporate hypocrites that employ this devious strategy to hide their numerous shady dealings.

Today transgender victim narratives are all the rage and pay the highest dividends on the wokeness stock exchange. Expect many more stories about this trendy victim group to be highlighted in soon to be released AAA+ video games.

The left loves to find victims of “oppression” and seeks to emancipate them from the clutches of their evil oppressors. The white knights of the left don’t care about their latest victim group. They are just using them like props until they can find another group to emancipate. Then, they will casually dispose of them when they have no further use for them.

Multi-millionaire fantasy author J.K.Rowling of Harry Potter fame is now persona non grata with the trans activists and their allies. Warning: today’s progressive hero is tomorrow’s disgusting bigot. The revolution comes for everyone in the end.

Identity politics and wokeness are pseudo religions that take advantage of the natural hunger for spirituality and meaning that all humans are born with. The people creating this propaganda are under the demonic delusion they are on the side of good as the emancipation of victims is one of their prime forms of worship.

Any video game studio that participates with GLAAD and attends their vapid award shows is complicit in spreading satanic LGBTQ ideology that is now being taught to toddlers, children and teens. With films and TV shows already pandering to the LGBTQ lobby, pressure groups like GLAAD and others see video games and unsuspecting gamers and as an untapped opportunity to normalize their depraved behavior to the public writ large.

Representation is just a manifestation of neo-Marxist social engineering that has been going on for decades in the realm of academia. Now it has spilled out to all walks of life.

The cancer of representation is slowly eating away at all forms of entertainment. All of us have seen it in films, TV, and commercials. Minorities and gay characters are put into every TV show for no legitimate reason. It’s nothing more than the latest manifestation of the cult of Marxism that seeks to create division and conflict by segregating, dividing, and conquering.

Look around at the world today: it’s working. Anyone that dares voice even the slightest sliver of criticism to this powerful religion is immediately labeled as a heretic and apostate with shopworn slurs like homophobe and transphobe hurled at light speed. Then the sinner is targeted for excommunication (cancellation) and forever outcast.

The left will not tolerate any form of dissent. They engage in mental gymnastics and wordsmithery to terminate free speech and inquiry. Contorted slogans such as: speech has consequences, speech is violence, silence is violence, truth is no excuse and others are all designed to shut people up.

For four years, the left in American has been trying to silence FoxNews commentator and author Tucker Carlson via threats, intimidation, advertiser boycotts, ANTIFA goons showing up at his home who threatened his wife and children. Tucker had no choice but to sell his home and move his family to an undisclosed. Now the Marxist New York Times has assigned a journalist named Murray Carpenter and a photographer to reveal his new location and investigate every aspect of his life to further intimidate him.

Whether they know it or not, these people are the enemies of Western civilization, truth, Christendom and God. Unless they repent and change their lives, these lost souls are on a trajectory that leads to eternal damnation.

As this world moves perilously closer to the end times, we will be tested. Some will stand with the truth, while others will take the side of the father of lies. Jesus pulled no punches when he said:

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. – Matthew 1:13

Eternity is forever. Choose wisely.

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