Court Jester Asmongold Finally Admits He’s a Radical Progressive

I’ve always wondered why Asmongold has been missing in action in the culture war. It turns out everyone’s favorite streamer is a radical progressive.

In a recent video clip where he defends himself from accusations of being “alt-right” (nobody uses that term anymore) he states his bona fides by admitting that he: voted for Obama, wants unrestricted abortion, supports Planned Parenthood, believes in same-sex marriage, is for a universal basic income, and supports the environmental extremist group Greenpeace.

Since these policy positions represent the ideology of the modern leftist progressive and global elites, there can be no denying that Asmongold is a radical progressive. To score more points with the radical left, he even claims that he held many of these extreme views back in the late 2000s.

Why is Asmongold Silent When He Knows Wokeness Makes Video Games Worse?

As streamers and influencers have begun to rise in importance in gaming culture, I’ve followed Asmongold over the years with interest. I’ve noticed that he’s not lifted a finger to help in the culture war that has been waged on Western civilization. He is careful not to proselytize the woke agenda and makes sure to stay well clear of it during his videos, especially in character creation screens of new games that force the “body type” nonsense down gamers’ throats.

On the rare occasions when he does criticize woke content, it’s done in a half-hearted mealy-mouthed way. The Sweet Baby Inc. Gamergate 2.0 scandal is so outrageous that even Asmongold could no longer ignore it and felt compelled to speak out against it. At least he’s mentioned it, unlike most YouTube gaming channels who have avoided it like the plague.

Over the years, we can easily see that video games are demonstrably worse because of the neo-Marxist propaganda that has been injected into them. Zack has a powerful digital megaphone that he could have used to call out the subversion of video games via wokeness, DEI policies, and representation. Asmongold could have made a difference but he did nothing because he is one of them.

Now that he’s under attack in the Gamergate 2.0 series of scandals that involved SweetBaby Inc, Kotaku, Black Girl Gamers, and others, he’s making sure everyone knows he is a progressive to save his skin:

“Hey, look! I’m one of you. Don’t hurt me! “

He’s even posting videos of himself dressed up as a woman to prove that he’s not transphobic. This is pathetic, soy-boy behavior. The crazy thing is that his sycophantic followers see nothing wrong with this and are cheering him on.

Asmongold: The Million-Dollar Working-Class Hero

Asmongold is now telling tall tales of how he grew up with all different races down in the mean streets of his working-class neighborhood in Austin Texas. It’s the equivalent of people talking about their black friends so that they can be immunized from the charge of racism.

This guy’s superpower is the fact that he is incapable of feeling shame. Being devoid of a conscience helps in this regard. He revels in his quirky personality and “I’m just a gamer like you” schtick and for some reason, his gullible followers fall for it.

Everyone’s beliefs are their own business until they make them public. Then they are fair game and even more so when you are a public figure. So anyone who supports abortion and organizations that profit from this like Planned Parenthood, is truly evil and depraved, and needs to be called out.


For all those who follow him, do not be fooled, Asmongold is not your friend. The logical conclusion of his belief system is that video games will become more infested with wokeness and DEI ideology until they have become unplayable. By then Asmongold will be working in a new grift and taking his millions with him. Already he is setting himself up to compete with Geoff Keighley with his OTK gaming awards.

It’s easy to think that Asmongold is based. But he is anything but. In reality, the aw-shucksy Asmongold is the court jester of the video game industry. While playing the part of a fool, he’s no fool and is extremely intelligent. He’s a moving target that vacillates between seriousness and comedy which is a technique that people like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert perfected. Anyone who follows this clown is involved in a cult of personality and needs to do some serious soul-searching.

Asmongold is the archetypal nerd that many gamers aspire to be like. There’s this fantasy out there that somehow you can play video games all day long, live in your parent’s basement, drink Mountain Dew, and be a filthy slob. The same fantasy exists in the music industry where anyone can pick up a guitar and pretend to be a rock star.

If you are a gamer, streamer, influencer, or developer who cares about the current woeful state of video games and if you are upset about the terrible quality of recent video games, you cannot sit on the sidelines and expect that games will suddenly get good again. You have to do SOMETHING. You have to get INVOLVED. You have to take a STAND. You have to FIGHT.

Or you can be like Asmongold who sits on the sidelines, and pretends to care about gamers but does nothing and rakes in millions a year with his clown show making reaction videos. To whom much is given, much is expected. Thankfully there are others in the video game industry that are unafraid to speak out. Sadly, these voices are rare as there are a significant number of cowardly journalists, writers, YouTubers, influencers, and streamers who have not spoken out about what is going on.

What we do in this life will echo throughout eternity, so be like a man like Mark Kern who is standing up for what’s right and takes abuse for it; don’t be a child kike Asmongold who’s a culture war draft-dodging buffoon.


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