How I was Excommunicated from the Church of Twitter

Do you remember what Twitter was like when it first came out? I do.

When hardly anyone was on Twitter, it was a more interesting place than it is today. I remember when people on Twitter would take selfies of themselves at restaurants and theme parks and Tweet them to their friends. Back then, Twitter was a fun, silly, and harmless delight. It was a time of technical possibilities, innocence and wonder.

Fast forward to 2020 and Twitter has become a combat zone full of angry, narcissistic, virtue signaling addicts vying for clout and relevancy in a virtual fishbowl. People on Twitter exercise little to no restraint and feel the need to Tweet about anything and everything. The content on Twitter is mostly low signal to noise ratio rubbish with a few occasional gems in the rough to keep you coming back.

The strange thing is that Twitter creates no content. The content is crowd-sourced — created by it’s users. Short snips of crowd-sourced content with social proof (allowing users to like a Tweet and display those likes) was the essential magic of Twitter.

Twitter is a Dirty Game

Something changed. Somehow, Twitter went from being a small bistro where friends should share an intimate experience of having drinks and food to a boisterous, ugly, mosh pit of competitive contact sports. Twitter has become a dirty game.

But Twitter is no mere game. Twitter is the modern day virtual Roman Coliseum. Corporations fear the wrath of Twitter outrage mobs. Reputations are built and destroyed on Twitter.

A simple off color joke on Twitter can literally destroy your life as Jon Ronson relates in this fascinating TED Talk:

Twitter has become the main battlefield in the culture war. But Twitter is not a level playing field. Far from it.

The management of Twitter has put it’s thumb on the scale that favors one side and not the other.

The Potemkin Digital Town Square

Despite the fact that people are being unfairly shadow banned, censored, suspended and removed on Twitter by Twitter, part-time Twitter CEO and full-time Twitter figurehead Jack Dorsey still believes Twitter is a digital town square.

The town square is a social marvel of human civilization. The freedom to speak one’s mind in public and the freedom to associate is at the heart of what constitutes the venerable town square. We should judge ideas based on their veracity and their value and not by the person who speaks them. The town square gives princes and paupers alike the ability to test their wares in the marketplace of ideas. An authentic digital town square should strenuously strive to emulate those characteristics.

As time progressed and our culture changed and become more woke, mean-spirited progressive ideologues took control of Twitter. With no more victims to emancipate, the culture created new ones and started worshiping people with gender dysphoria. We bubble-wrapped our children and created safe spaces for them in college. With no real dragons left to slay, we invented imaginary ones. We named them unconscious bias and white privilege.

With the influx of indoctrinated fragile millennials into the workforce, the San Francisco based social medial platform became a digital town square in name only. Today, Twitter has been reduced to a Borg-like safe space of leftist orthodoxy where different opinions and viewpoints are not welcome.

Vijaya Gadde: Twitter’s Minister of Truth

Twitter’s managerial descent into group-think didn’t happen by accident. Twitter started to change internally when they hired Indian born Vijaya Gadde in 2009.

Vijaya Gadde is currently in charge of Legal, Policy and Trust & Safety at Twitter. She is the mastermind and driving force behind Twitter’s radical leftist corporate culture. She’s the epitome of today’s woke empowered female leader. Gadde has all the correct opinions and supports all the approved causes. I believe that she is the primary reason Twitter has deteriorated into its current awful state.

While Jack Dorsey is the public face of Twitter, Vijaya Gadde does the dirty work behind the scenes undermining Western civilization by promoting cultural Marxist ideology in all its forms and purging dissent.

Like the fish that doesn’t know it’s swimming in water, she lacks the self-knowledge to see her own biases and partiality. She is the last person that should in charge of “Trust and Safety” at Twitter. In a Tweet, she exhibited her disdain for then candidate Trump:

It is clear that she’s had a hate on for Trump since the beginning.

The Church of Twitter

Twitter has become a fundamentalist new age church that believes in cultural Marxism. Those who agree with Twitter are saints, those who disagree are sinners. Twitter has begun an inquisition in order to persecute and crucify heretics that do not believe in the tenets of their faith.

Unlike Christianity that believes in the power of forgiveness and redemption, Twitter does not forget and they do not forgive. When the Twitter mob comes for you, they are out for blood. Nothing can satisfy the blood lust of hundreds of virtue signaling addicts looking for their next fix as they proceed to cancel their next victim.

Only one person has been able to confound the Twitter Wokenstein monster. That person is President Trump who used social media to help win the presidential election of 2016. They never saw him coming.

But now they are wiser. They are waging all out war on Trump and his supporters.

Just recently Twitter has slapped one of Trump’s Tweets with chilling censorious warning notices. If they can do this to the most powerful person in the world, think about what they can do to you?

Famous actor James Woods, a supporter of President Trump was suspended for a year. Other conservative and dissident voices such as Gavin McInnes, James O’Keefe, Milo Yiannopoulos, Vox Day, Brian Niemeier, David Woods, Paul Joseph Watson, and Jared Taylor — just to name a few — have had their accounts either shadowbanned, locked, suspended, and banned by Twitter.

Good and decent people are routinely removed from Twitter for no legitimate reason, with no explanation and no chance to even say goodbye to their followers. When you are banned from Twitter, you don’t get a digital funeral or any kind of memorial. There is no afterlife in the Twitter universe.

Most of the people that get suspended from Twitter are normal people that you’ve never heard of. They don’t have lawyers, they don’t have a voice. They are normal working-class Americans who mistakenly believed the lie that Twitter is a ideologically neutral digital town square.

My Twitter Account has been Suspended

This week while numerous verified Twitter accounts are cheering on the burning of American cities in the real life version of The Purge and Twitter did nothing to stop looters from planning their next crimes on Twitter, my business account was suspended by Twitter.

All Twitter users are equal. But some are more equal than others.

One day I logged on and got the following message:

Twitter did not tell me why I was suspended, nor did they have the courtesy to tell me for how long or even what I had done to warrant a suspension.

When you click on Learn More, you get a stern boilerplate lecture on Twitter’s policies. There is nothing there that specifically tells you why you were suspended, nor is there any way to find out.

Now when I log on to Twitter to see if I’m still suspended, my Twitter feed is frozen in time at the exact moment I was suspended. I am unable to make a Tweet. I am not allowed to change anything about my profile. Twitter has purged the list of accounts I followed. I am not able to follow anyone including elected officials. Something simple as liking a Tweet is now forbidden to me.

If I want to send a Tweet or private message to a public official, a police department or a medical professional I am now unable to do this because of my suspension. For all intents and purposes, I have been depersoned and frozen by Twitter.

I still do not know what my infraction was. I was not given an opportunity to edit or delete the Tweet in question. I don’t know who reported me. I don’t know the name of the person at Twitter who was responsible for suspending me. There was no trial and jury. There was no chance for me to defend myself and make my case or even face my accuser.

Twitter lacked the basic decency to email me about any of this. My associates and followers have no idea what happened to me. I have no way of contacting them via Twitter. All they know is that my account has been suspended. No reason given.

I have never been suspended from Twitter before. I have never received a warning about anything I tweeted before. Nor did I receive a warning about this suspension.

If you are suspended by Twitter, you can appeal your suspension. They have a form you can fill out and is it there where they ask you why they should lift your suspension. But how can you make a case for lifting your suspension you when you have no idea why you were suspended in the first place?

I was so disgusted by how I was treated by Twitter that I wanted to deactivate my account and now use Gab instead. Due to my suspension, I’m not even allowed to deactivate my account. This is how malicious and malevolent Twitter is.

I have talked to other business owners who’ve had similar problems with Twitter. Their customer service is practically non-existent, ineffectual and abysmal.

Everything Twitter has done to me was done in secret by a star chamber of nameless cowardly staff members lurking in the shadows. There is no independent Twitter ombudsman nor any open public process where my appeal can be adjudicated. I am considered guilty until proven innocent in their kangaroo court. Digital public square? More like a digital gulag.

As a conservative and traditional Christian that both supports and is critical of Trump, I follow the president and occasionally retweet his Tweets. I also follow many Christians, cultural critics and other interesting people. I even follow Bernie Sanders because despite being a conservative, I happen agree to with some of his policies about improving working conditions for people.

I’ve never advocated for violence toward anyone or said anything libelous in any Tweet. I’ve never posted videos or images that are pornographic or show violence. Yet Twitter has no problem with Twitter accounts posting degrading and graphic hardcore sexual images to the public.

I suspect I was singled-out by a craven, sniveling Marxist snitch and reported. Whoever this snowflake was, they lacked the integrity and intellectual honesty to have a conversation with me, so they tried to get me suspended and banned. Twitter is rife with effeminate trust-fund snitches who make a name for themselves ratting on conservatives and Christians.

The answer to speech you don’t like is more speech, not less speech. But don’t tell that to Twitter employees who have sold their souls and are too busy to care because they are virtue signaling about intersectionality.

I believe that Twitter also suspended me because of my conservative right-leaning political beliefs, my race, my Catholic faith, my heterosexual orientation, and my gender or any combination of those factors. To the people at Twitter, straight white Christian conservative males will never get the benefit of the doubt on Twitter — we are guilty for the crime of being born.

There is a great body of evidence that Twitter is run and staffed by progressive elites who want to “change the world” and usher in their Marxist utopia of equality, diversity, and inclusion. In fact, they aren’t even hiding it anymore.

The Marxist apparatchiks at Twitter talk a good game about helping marginalized people and giving a voice to the disenfranchised, but then go out of their way to marginalize and disenfranchise people they disagree with behind the scenes. They are shameless, vapid, virtue signaling whited sepulchers.

Here is Twitter’s lofty mission statement:

The mission we serve as Twitter, Inc. is to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without barriers. Our business and revenue will always follow that mission in ways that improve – and do not detract from – a free and global conversation.

The only way we can share ideas and information and have a free and global conversation is if the principle of free speech is passionately believed and followed. Free speech means speech for ideas that you don’t agree with or find distasteful. The only way knowledge and progress can move forward is when people are allowed to have the freedom to propose ideas that may challenge the status quo. It is clear that Twitter does not believe in free speech and instead only pays lip service to the principle.

Twitter does not practice what they preach. Their mission statement is deceitful, specious, hollow and meaningless.


Twitter is a virtual feudal system run by a draconian and despotic aristocracy of contemptuous leftists. Directly beneath them are verified blue check mark Twitter intelligentsia — celebrities, members of the media, academics, politicians, pundits, authors, feminists, homosexuals, and assorted Hollywood degenerates. These are the modern day scribes and Pharisees who are convinced they better than you and me. They are untouchable sacred cows and have been blessed with the official imprimatur of Twitter in San Francisco.

They can do no wrong. Do not cross them or you will will suffer the consequences.

Twitter has consistently demonstrated that they do not believe in viewpoint diversity. Instead, Twitter demands an echo-chamber of progressive orthodoxy where everyone speaks and thinks the same approved thoughts and dogma. Anyone who dares to think differently or speaks truth to power is labeled a heretic and removed. I am reminded of the late Rush drummer Neil Peart’s prophetic warning:

Opinions all provided
The future pre-decided
Conform or be cast out

Twitter is not an ideologically neutral digital town square. Twitter is a dangerous cultural Marxist propaganda tool masquerading as a free and open platform for ideas and discussion. Twitter does not believe in freedom of speech. By censoring and cancelling those who disagree with them, Twitter is actively trying to control the narrative and the Overton Window. Controlling thought and public discourse under the pretense of “trust and security” is disingenuous and soft totalitarianism.

While Twitter cancels ordinary citizens for wrong-think, they do the bidding of Islamofascist countries and help the communist Chinese regime spew propaganda. Twitter is an enemy of democracy, liberty, and Western civilization.

I believe the time has come for Twitter Inc. and other social media companies to lose their protection under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act passed in 1997. Twitter should be treated like every other publisher of news and held to the same standards. Fair is fair.

This is not over. I will be contacting my congressional representatives as well as Senator Josh Hawley and other republican senators about my direct experiences with Twitter’s draconian policies.

Being suspended by Twitter is a badge of honor. I will never apologize for exercising my inalienable human right to speak the truth. I will never back down.