Wikipedia Tries to Gaslight Normies by Demonizing Gamers and Publishing One-Sided Entry about the Sweet Baby Inc. Scandal

As the Sweet Baby Inc. AKA Gamergate 2.0 scandal is still in progress, various woke legacy video game media outlets have slithered out of the woodwork and are now dutifully publishing articles defending the shoehorning of the mind virus of DEI propaganda into video games.

All of the usual suspects such as Kotaku, PC Gamer, and the Guardian have entered the fray doing what they do best — running interference for fellow communist travelers who have been embedded in the video game industry.

Now that the battle call has gone out, it was only a matter of time before the crypto Marxists at Wikipedia would weigh in on the controversy. Naturally, they have already dubbed it “harassment” just like they blatantly lied about GamerGate 1.0 thanks to radical progressive Wikipedia activist Molly White and her minions.

Their current entry on Gamergate (like most pages on Wikipedia) is a fetid cesspool of propaganda that consists of falsehoods and fabrications that are meant to deceive normies who have no idea what Gamergate is. This is made possible by the fact that search engines like Google, Bing, and others give Wikipedia a preferred ranking spot at the top of their search results.

Go to Google and type “gamergate” into the search bar and Wikipedia’s entry is the first to come up:

You can be reasonably sure that anything related to gender politics and gaming on Wikipedia will have a guaranteed progressive slant to it.

Here’s a screencap of their current entry on the recent controversy:

This entry is typical of Wikipedia which has a long history of left-of-center bias.

It is full-blown gaslighting that portrays SBI as innocent victims who just want to make the world a better place but are being viciously attacked by knuckle-dragging gamers. It also fails to present a balanced perspective on what has been happening with Sweet Baby Inc. and its pernicious influence on the video industry.

Wikipedia takes all of the double talk from SBI at face value and uses quotes from their allies in the establishment games media to paint gamers who are concerned about having unwanted DEI propaganda shoehorned in their video games as liars, dog whistlers, conspiracy theorists, and doxxers.

There are no quotes in the entry from notable figures — that include white, black, Asian, and trans people — who are critical of Sweet Baby Inc., such as Mark Kern, black comic artist Rippaverse, Will Jordan (Critical Drinker), Endymion, or other high-profile YouTube content creators. The tone of this section of the Wikipedia article is dismissive and reeks of an elitist view that the enlightened woke press know better than gamers.

Here are some omissions that would have added some balance and neutrality to the entry:

  • There’s no mention that video game studios that paid SBI to concoct woke DEI narratives have lost millions of dollars and are despised by the players
  • There’s no mention of the LGBTQ black employee Chris Kindred started an actual online harassment campaign to cancel the Steam Sweet Baby Inc. Detected group to get them shut down
  • There is no mention that X just suspended Kindred’s account
  • No mention of Chris Kindred attacking the legendary Japanese game designer Akita Toriyama right after he passed away
  • There’s no mention that notorious journalist Nathan Grayson of Gamergate 1.0 infamy, accused gamers of “antisemitism” in his quoted article but provides zero poof
  • There is no mention of Kotaku’s Allyssa Mercante admitting to infiltrating the Steam SBI Detected group and trying to get members to reveal their names so she could dox them
  • There is no mention of Mercante making the specious claim that “you can’t be racist against white people”
  • There’s no mention that Mercante once called actress Gina Carano a “transphobe” and celebrated the fact she was fired from the Mandalorian
  • There’s no mention that SBI operatives have joined the SBID Discord and posted hardcore porn and other violations against the Discord terms of service, then logged on with other sockpuppet accounts to report those offending accounts to get the group canceled
  • They provided no evidence that proves that the Steam group harassed or doxed SBI employees
  • There’s no mention of SBI employee @legobutts AKA Maya Kramer now Felix Kramer once admitted to doxing a charity group and is connected to Anita Sarkeesian and Gamergate
  • There is no mention that Steam cleared the SBID pro-gamer group of all wrongdoing who made the list on Steam
  • There’s no mention of SBI co-founder Kim Belair advocating in a GDC speech that woke developers should attempt to “terrify” their marketing people to get studios to inject wokeness in their games
  • There’s no mention that Belair stated that white gamers should be treated like “picky babies”
  • There’s no mention of how this scandal has evolved beyond gaming as film critics The Critical Drinker and Chris Gore, Lauren Chen, and others are discussing it
  • There’s no mention that #SweetBabyInc has been consistently trending on X for the last week and the response has overwhelming negative toward the company

In the days, weeks, and months ahead there is no doubt that the far-left intelligentsia will try to morph the Sweet Baby Inc. scandal into something that portrays gamers in a bad light with the usual labels of harassers, racists, bigots, homophobes, and misogynists. Expect false death threats as well.

However, this time they won’t get away with it. As Mark Kern has noted, they are using the same playbook they used during Gamergate 1.0 to demonize the entire gamer community that doesn’t capitulate to their ideological madness. But this time, the media is not trusted by the public and gamers are a powerful force with hundreds of YouTube gaming channels that are looking out for them.

This woke madness is unsustainable and unprofitable. Gamers don’t want to buy games with ugly transgenderified women, they don’t want to be bombarded with LGBTQ propaganda. ESG policies created by Larry Fink from Blackrock created an artificial need for DEI that has been exposed and companies/investors are losing millions of dollars as a result.


We are fighting a war against evil, both in the spiritual realm and in the corporeal realm. These ghouls want to destroy everything right and good about Western civilization. They want to take away everything you hold dear. They want to take away your joy in life. They want to fundamentally transform all of your hobbies. They want you emaculated and weak. Wikipedia is one of their many propaganda tools to do this.

Larry Sanger who co-founded Wikipedia says that Wikipedia is now propaganda for the left-leaning establishment and that nobody should trust Wikipedia.

While Wikipedia may have started with noble intentions, over the years it has been hijacked by dishonest power-hungry activists who — with Google and Bing’s help — have figured out how to game the system. Wikipedia is a good example of O’Sullivan’s Law at work.

Wikipedia is run and staffed by despicable lunatics who use every opportunity to promote neo-Marxist, post-modernism, and Queer theory At the very best, one should exercise extreme skepticism when you read their articles. At the worst, it should be avoided at all costs.


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