Good Riddance to Blizzard Wokemeister J. Allen Brack

What goes around, comes around. As I predicted a few days ago, after 3 years of gross incompetence and nauseating virtue signaling, Blizzard President J. Allen Brack has resigned his position. Even after appeals to his family’s patron saint — Jewish feminist icon Gloria Steinem — were left unanswered, he simply ran out of LGBTQ virtue signaling cards to play. No amount of PRIDE logo t-shirts, outreach to sodomites and sexual perverts would be able to save him from the vengeful Twitter mob who were raging with anger as more details about the Blizzard lawsuit were revealed.

Resigning and saying that you’re exploring new opportunities is code that you were fired.

Brack was a living example of the PETER Principle. He was in over his head. The True nature of his character was revealed during a BlizzCon World of Warcraft Q & A panel where all the smug devs including Afrasiabi behaved like rock stars. Everyone should watch the entire video of that panel to see what a pompous jerk Brack really was:

Over 11 years ago, I pointed out his contemptuous behaviour during that BlizzCon panel. I have covered Brack’s wokeness in previous articles and am relieved I’ll never have to write another article about him as he fades into obscurity with the help of a golden parachute.

Then there is the slippery mild-mannered “all around good guy” that was hand selected by him to replace him: Mike Morhaime.

What did Mike Morhaime know and when did he know it?

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