Lesbian YouTube Personality Leaves the Left’s Cult of Wokeness

You know the left has gone completely mad when gays and lesbians have had enough and are leaving. Who can blame them? For decades, the left has been a natural haven for gays and lesbians and gays — the L and the G in the ever-expanding LGBTQ moniker.

A few years ago, gay YouTube personality Dave Rubin left the left.

This week another famous YouTuber Arielle Scarcella announced she was leaving too.

Here’s her “coming out” video that has gone viral:

The following are some choice quotes from her video:

“I don’t think gender is a social construct.”

“I don’t think cis-straight white men are evil.”

“The LGBTQ community has become a safe haven for mentally ill people who are not seeking help.

“This community has become so ridiculously intolerant.”

“We’ve become so obsessed with validating everybody. How did we not see this coming?”

“I’ve reached peak LGBT and this is my coming out video.”

“I’m coming out. I’m officially leaving the left.”

When rank and file people, gays, and lesbians are leaving the left in ever-increasing numbers, you know your movement is off the rails. Maybe it’s time that the left-wing power structure that controls academia, the media, puppet politicians, corporate America, big tech, Hollywood and the video game studios stop pandering to the .03% of the population who are militant mentally ill transgenders and start creating content that appeals to the majority of Americans.

Today, the leftist ideology is focused on the fad of wokeness. This is the bizarre notion that “disadvantaged” and “marginalized” groups need to be emancipated and put on pedestals. Unless of course, you are a Christian, conservative, Republican straight white male. The left has no problem alienating them can labeling them as bigots.

In a democracy, people are marginalized by the majority for a good reason. Constantly elevating depravity and promoting aberrant behavior is the tyranny of the minority and bad for our society. It’s also bad for the left who are now alienating their traditional base.

The out of control coddling of minorities and the scourge of political correctness and intolerance of the regressive left helped to give us Trump in 2016 and will most likely deliver him another well-deserved victory in 2020.


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