Woke Darkpaw Games Sneaks a Black Elf into EverQuest Expansion Laurion’s Song Key Art

With no warning or justification, Daybreak Games and Darkpaw Games are engaging in the odious practice of race-swapping with the fictional world of Norrath. In EverQuest, elves have always looked like fair-skinned archetypal Tolkien elves as there are high elves, wood elves, and half elves.

With the release of EQ’s 30th expansion Laurion’s Song, we now have key art that displays an African elf with negroid features. This is not to be mistaken for the non-Tolkien EverQuest dark elves which have blue skin and white hair that obviously are based on the Forgotten Realms drow elves. Since EverQuest already has an all-black, African-looking race called the Erudite, this is perplexing why Darkpaw Games felt the need to blackwash their white elves.

The dark-skinned negroid featured Erudite race in Norrath do not have pointed ears. Interestingly enough, the Erudites were essentially Marvel’s Wakanda before Marvel brought to the pseudo-African city to life for their Black Panther films. Given the druid and nature vibe coming from this character — the Erudite have no druids or rangers — it is very clear that he is an elf.

The artist who created this key art is a talented Turkish freelance artist named Kerem Beyit. I don’t believe that he just threw this in there haphazardly. I think that Jen Chan and the Daybreak Games management forced him to do this because I don’t see anything else in his portfolio on Artstation that would lead me to believe he’s into race-swapping and blackwashing.

Take a look at the awful amateurish trailer for Laurion’s Song and you don’t see any black elves:

The narration sounds like it’s been done by a demented drunk English woman from Manchester. No wonder they buried her voice in the mix. Read the hilarious comments in the video for shits and giggles.


I checked the official EverQuest forums and noticed that there are no threads that are talking about this. Since EQ forums are strictly moderated, any posts that complain about LGBTQ propaganda or issues of race would most likely be deleted and the users banned for life. The chilling effect is very real on most official MMO discussion boards.

The weird thing is that players can’t make black elves in EverQuest as playable characters. Also, players have never clamored for this feature either.

You can be sure that the woke quislings at MMORPG.com and MassivelyOverPowered will not be reporting on this. If they do, they will be cheering it on.

Race swapping and blackwashing has been going on at Standing Stone Games’s Lord of the Rings Online for over a year. They have been importing black-skinned player avatars for no legitimate reasons other than to slavishly bow down to their woke overlords who care more about “representation” and ESG scores than providing their players with the very best possible entertainment experience that is faithful to Tolkien. Naturally, all of these new black and Asian characters are prominently featured in their key and promotional art.

I’ve gotten reports that a community manager named Jerry Snook AKA Cordovan has suspended and banned loyal LOTRO players who are faithful Tolkien devotees for complaining about the shameful race swapping in their MMO. To this day, the cowards at Standing Stone Games (located in the woke Boston metro area) have never explained their decision to vandalize Tolkien’s lore their loyal players.

This latest gratuitous stunt by Darkpaw Games which is notorious for promoting divisive LGBTQ causes me great concern that any future “reimagined” version of EverQuest will be as woke as hell and unappealing. The reprehensible developers at Darkpaw and the sleazy management at Daybreak Games are well-known in the industry for having utter contempt for their players.

At this point, the only future for a new EverQuest is that they are sold to a serious studio instead of the rudderless ship of fools that is Darkpaw Games. Everyone knows that Enad Global 7 is the Grim Reaper of the video game industry and where good video games go to die and their players are mercilessly milked before expiring.


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