The Persecution, Cancellation, and Replacement of Straight White Male Blizzard Developers

Until a few weeks ago, I had no idea who Geoff Frazier was or who he worked for. I’ve been covering Blizzard’s World of Warcraft for years and I have never heard of him. All that changed when a notorious “Karen” — a disgruntled ex-Blizzard employee and radical left-wing malcontent named Jessica Gonzalez levelled public accusations against him by leaking posts he had made on a private Discord server for a select group of Blizzard employees and friends.

Ever on the prowl for victimhood narratives to exploit, Kotaku ran with the story and the video game press followed suit and dutifully parroted all of Gonzalez’s allegations against Frazier. The result is scores of copycat articles with eerily similar language that universally condemns an obscure Blizzard employee all based on a few tweets of a former Blizzard employee with no impartial investigation and precious little journalism.

Not one member of the fourth estate has tried to get the other side of the story. Not one has challenged Gonzalez or behaved in an objective manner. Instead, they believed her and taken her claims at face value. The result is that Frazier has been found guilty and sentenced all via the immense power of the corrupt video game press.

It is my belief the same thing happened to other long-time Blizzard employees Alex Afrasiabi, Jonathan LeCraft, Jesse McCree, and no doubt many others. They were terminated for no just cause thanks to unproven allegations by conniving female employees that were brought in to satisfy internal diversity quotas and for virtue signaling purposes.

By all accounts, working at Blizzard in the past few years has become a nightmare as most non-intersectional males are walking on eggshells for fear of being reported vindictive feminists and perpetually offended alphabet people who patrol the icy halls of Blizzard HQ like the feared Mutawa — the stick wielding Saudi religious police.

Employees vote with their feet. Most of the old guard at Blizzard has either left or been fired. Even Jeff Kaplan, ever the sniveling woke beta male, saw the writing on the wall and left Blizzard. Like a rat that leaves the ship before it sinks, he too somehow knew that it was time to go.

None of these male employees were presumed innocent by the press and the madding crowds on Twitter. None of them were given a fair hearing. None of them were given an independent and unbiased forum to defend themselves. None of them have had a chance to face their accusers. All of them were tried, convicted, and cancelled because of a corrupt media establishment that pronounced them guilty at the outset.

The presumption of innocence is a bedrock foundation of Western civilization and today’s angry neo-Marxist activists could care less.

The Cosby Suite Moral Panic

The left is infamous for creating false narratives to feed to a docile public. A few of them are: the Duke Lacrosse scandal, campus rape culture, toxic masculinity, climate change, voter suppression, Russian collusion, the Steele Dosier the 2020 election, and the January 6th protests. They did the same with the Cosby Suite.

Despite no evidence of any crimes being committed, the lives of Blizzard developers who set foot in the Cosby Suite (but not the others who willingly attended) have been ruined based on allegations due to a few selective photos taken in 2013, in a typical green room in a hotel suite and a few screen captures of a private chat with the developers using spicy language.

Hot on the hells of the #metoo moral panic, the unscrupulous media morphed the harmless Cosby Suite into an Epstein style sex-slave house and sold that big salacious lie to the public. Reality check: many grown women visited the Cosby Suite. They were not drugged and dragged there. They came of their own volition.

Worthless Squeamish Streamers

Male gamers have nobody to defend them. There are previous few if any advocates for male gamers. Millionaire streamers like the clownish Asmongold and others who claim to be on the side of gamers, do nothing to support persecuted male developers. Instead, they snicker with self-righteous glee, roll their eyes, and then proceed to capitalize on the suffering of others by creating more vapid reaction videos as more old guard Blizzard devs get crucified by feminist activist employees and their limp-wristed enablers in management.

With friends like Asmongold, who needs enemies?

Not one journalist has dared to challenge the official narrative about any of these stories. They are not interested in the truth. All they care about is shaping, promoting, and protecting their identity politics narrative. They are like religious zealots who are impervious to reason. Their unholy agenda is their gospel and Twitter is their church.

#MeToo Video Game Industry Edition

What is happening to Frazier feels like a “me too” witch hunt, all planned and perfectly timed, just like the 2014 Gamers are dead fiasco where sleazy leftist journalists conspired to form a narrative to usurp and marginalize white male gamers. This disgraceful episode of journalistic malpractice happened during the Gamergate scandal.

Their rules are simple: if the accuser is in a protected (intersectional) group, they must be believed. End of story. Case closed. But if the roles are reversed, nothing happens, and the public never finds out. Women can and have harassed men at Blizzard and the media has little to no interest.

After reviewing the leaked Discord chats, Frazier’s only crime is having candid opinions that lampoon and challenge the orthodoxy of the degenerate globohomo regime that is currently taking over every institution in the U.S.A. In today’s depraved world, having the wrong opinion about “protected groups” like the precious alphabet people can cost you your career and your reputation.

I’ve got news for Gonzalez and people like her: myself and most sane people — in their heart of hearts once were serious fans of the Irvine studio — AGREE with Frazier’s assessment of what’s going on at Blizzard. He’s right on every account and is speaking God’s unvarnished truth. Besides, what he said was in a private forum — not an official Blizzard forum and not on behalf of Blizzard. Frazier had the expectation of privacy. He didn’t use his real name either. This is just sour grapes on her part.

Don’t believe me, look at the astute reply of a lowly unwashed gamer on Twitter who makes a perfect assessment of Gonzalez’s unbridled narcissism and calls her out after her sanctimonious tirade against Frazier:

Sadly, gamers like this brave person are ignored and dismissed by the woke and the powerful institutional overlords. They have no real voice. They don’t have a media that advocates for them. Filthy rich streamers and YouTube e-celebs are too afraid to speak out on behalf of gamers because it’s going to hurt their bottom line with demonetized videos and outright banishment from Twitch and YouTube.

Free Speech Matters but Not to Leftists

America is still a free country that values and cherishes the universal human right of FREE SPEECH for every citizen. It is not a crime to have an opinion. It is not a crime to pose for a picture beneath a portrait of Bill Cosby. Yet, the neo-Marxists, the intersectionalists, and downtrodden alphabet people can say whatever they want with impunity, and they have their allies in the media and in Silicon Valley to run interference for them.

The left can no longer win arguments on the merits, so they use intimidation and threats to silence their opposition. Geoff Frazier had the wrong opinions and challenged systemic bigotry and racism of the diversity, inclusion, and representation cult — so the leftist star chamber decided he must be cancelled.

Geoff Frazier was Right

Gonzalez even claims he tried to get her fired after she agitated for neo-Marxist ideology via diversity, equity, inclusion, and representation (the Four Horsemen of Wokeness) at Blizzard. Those pernicious ideologies are inherently illegal, racist, and openly discriminate against straight white males who are more qualified.

Considering all the disruption she has caused; Blizzard should have listened to him. Troublemakers make trouble wherever they go. Once you remove the time-tested principles of merit and replace it with identity politics hiring policies you are setting your company up for eventual failure. This is precisely the trajectory that Blizzard is on now.

The mean-spirited and arrogant Gonzalez believes she has the moral authority to be the arbiter of who deserves to work at Blizzard and who does not. This self-righteous person has no moral authority or earned authority to pronounce judgement on anyone. A few people like this left to their own devices, can quickly destroy a company with their unchecked malignancy from within.

Geoff Frazier is a hero and a whistleblower for bringing this malcontent to the attention of Blizzard’s HR department.

Behold Jessica Gonzalez

When she was not grandstanding on Twitter, she was working in the Blizzard Quality Assurance department, which is the lowest rung of employment ladder, except for the customer service reps or company cafeteria workers. She was a tester. Translation: she played video games while she worked at Blizzard.

When Gonzalez made all these public accusations against Frazier, he no longer worked at Blizzard. Therefore, he could no longer use his power to get her fired as she alleged. What possible good could come out of this? It’s obvious that she did this an act of revenge to hurt Frazier further and she used woke outlets like Kotaku and others to do it.

It’s interesting that during the Blizzard protests, Gonzalez’s outspoken activism gave her a higher profile at Blizzard, and she was promoted during the summer of 2021 — a few months before she quit — to Senior QA person. Blizzard were trying to placate her but it didn’t work. She no longer works at Blizzard and has left the game development industry.

The ungrateful Gonzalez’s unhinged attack on Frazier is her parting shot at Blizzard and one last desperate attempt to draw attention to herself as a champion of workers rights and LGBTQ rights and muster the perpetually outraged Twitter mob to her cause. She played them all like useful idiots.

Paradoxically she may have done more damage to her cause because prospective applicants reading all the salacious stories about her and Frazier might think twice before choosing a career in gamedev. This also applies to other Blizzard scandals such as the overheated rhetoric and overwrought protestation about the Cosby Suite might backfire completely and dissuade even more women and minorities from become game developers.

What sane women would tolerate crunch with 16-hour workdays and working on weekends? What normal woman would want to be a part of industry known for its sexism and misogyny?

FUN FACT: Gonzalez’s Twitter profile is a riff on the famous Rosie the Riveter World War 2 U.S. propaganda poster that is often used today as a symbol of female empowerment. It was based on a real person who quit her job after two weeks because it was too dangerous. She was no feminist hero. The poster should have been named Rosie the Quitter. Perhaps it’s an apt symbol for Gonzalez.

Women that are foolish enough to pursue a career in gamedev, soon realize that life at a studio is far different than the breezy bucolic images in their recruitment brochures: it takes serious talent and hard work to succeed. Some women wisely come to the realization that they are not cut out for it. Some find other career paths but a special few blessed with good looks change their strategy and become corporate gold diggers.

Jessica Gonzalez Believes “Gamers Don’t Deserve Games”

If there is one Gonzalez’s tweet that is a smoking gun it’s this one:

What is truly revealing in this contemptuous tweet is her brazen disdain for gamers. She comes off as smug, condescending, and elitist by attacking the people that pay her salary: those dastardly straight white male gamers. It’s likely that Gonzalez didn’t arrive at this opinion after she left Blizzard, she had it all along.

This tweet raises fundamental questions about Blizzard’s employment hiring practices and how they evaluate existing employees. How many other Blizzard developers secretly despise the gamers that purchase their video games?

Game developers who detest gamers for whatever bizarre reason are in the wrong industry and they should be immediately terminated. Frazier was right all along: she deserved to be fired. You should not be hiring people who hate your customers.

The Vindictive Activist

Along with her former duties as a game tester, Gonzalez was and is activist that was using the unrest at Activision-Blizzard to promote a divisive dangerous neo-Marxist agenda that will actively discriminate against straight while males in favor of intersectional people who ride the Partridge Family hippy bus every day to Blizzard campus.

All my life I have been a strong promoter of workers’ rights and unionization. I spent a few years as a shop steward. However, in the 1990s the union movement became increasingly focused on identity politics and as a result I could no longer in good conscience support my union which had abandoned the concerns of rank-and-file union members.

Here are the demands of the ABK Workers Alliance group Gonzales used to lead. The highlights are mine:

Activision Blizzard Employee Demands

This preposterous litany of demands will never be met by any sane company. Many of them having nothing to do with basic worker’s rights and instead are all about promoting the identity politics Trojan Horse. Activision-Blizzard would be far better to fold and reform the company and relocate in Russia where the civilizational cancer of wokeness and LGBTQ debauchery is not tolerated.

FUN FACT: According to my sources, all but one of the Activision-Blizzard activists who protested outside of Blizzard HQ were people that had been hired in the past year. Those people at the protest did not represent the real Blizzard in any way, shape, or form. They are nothing more than unscrupulous grandstanders who jumped on woke bandwagon to give their shallow lives some semblance of relevance.

The Author of the Decline at Blizzard

Most if not all the problems that Blizzard is experiencing today lands directly at the feet of former CEO and “all around nice guy” Mike Morhaime. Year ago, I warned Blizzard about the unintended consequences that would erupt by bringing leftist harpies into the studio years ago after Morhaime foolishly got swept up by wokeness and introduced the diversity/inclusion hiring initiative in 2014. Now his naivete has come back to decimate both Blizzard and his legacy.

It was mild-mannered Mike’s job to protect the unique Blizzard studio culture that produced some of the most successful video games in history. He failed.

Thanks to Morhaime, Activision-Blizzard has been emasculated and is now full of these hysterical, talentless, blue-haired pansexual l troublemakers. These people are nothing more than parasites who will eat your company alive from within. I predict they will turn on each other in the months to come and the host organism that puts easy food on their tables will be no more.

It looks like Mike is making the same mistakes at his new Dreamhaven studio by hiring ex-Blizzard wokesters. How long will it be before Kotaku runs a story about sexual-harassment and a lack of diversity at Dreamhaven?

Nice guys finish last. Studios run by nice guys also finish last. Too bad Mike had to learn that lesson the hard way.

The Grand Experiment with Equality of the Sexes

The Blizzard public relations debacle raises many uncomfortable questions about modern assumptions about the equality of the sexes in the work force. Jordan Peterson is one of the few intellectuals courageous enough to talk about this issue and give it the awareness that it deserves.

About 50 years ago women started entering the workforce in Western countries in greater numbers. The video game industry which started around the late 1970s was male dominated for the first 20 years. Women were exceedingly rare. Those that were employed were happy to be in the industry and they didn’t cause trouble like they do now, thanks to the left that’s drunk on intersectional feminism, female empowerment, and identity politics.

Due to inevitable sexual tension, traditionally men and women never worked side by side or were not educated side by side. To this day, many militaries do not have co-ed combat units for this very reason as it would erode unit cohesion and put the national security of those nations at significant risk.

Given how feminist and identity politics ideology are endemic in the psyche of modern females and the sexual tension that naturally exists between the sexes, I do not believe that men and women can coexist in equal numbers in the video game industry and produce great games for male consumers. I do not believe that women developers have the natural ability to understand and empathize with males and produce games for males who are by far the biggest consumers of video games. The converse is true: men don’t have the empathy and understanding to create video games for women. Any man that would attempt to do so is suspect in my books.

The experimentation with female studio heads, female directors, lead female actors, and female empowerment tropes has been disastrous for Hollywood films in the past 5 years. They’ve destroyed beloved franchises like Star Wars, The Witcher and more with their stupidity and wokeness. Now they are doing the same thing to the video game industry.

In the end, the law of the marketplace will have the last laugh. People vote with their feet. Get woke, go broke.

The Narrative

America is now under the control of big tech leftist oligarchs who own vast media empires to spread their propaganda “the narrative” to the masses. They pay lip service to diversity, inclusion, equity, and representation to shield them from criticism. These companies are responsible for manufacturing narratives that a gullible and incurious public will find appetizing. Oligarchs like Jeff Bezos determine what stories show up in the broadcast and print media; it is they that pick the winners and losers.

These very same people made violent career black criminal, addict, and amateur porn actor George Floyd into a saint, while ignoring the murder of white toddler named Cannon Hinnant by a vile black hoodlum.

The narrative has already been cast in stone with Activision-Blizzard. All the lemmings in the video game press are dutiful regurgitating the narrative just like they did with the Gamergate narrative (see Wikipedia’s specious entry on Gamergate for an example of gaslighting propaganda that protects the “narrative” with an orgy of spin and lies) and the current false January 6th “insurrection” and COVID vaccine narratives. Anyone that dares to question that officially approved narrative will be marginalized by the Deep State, the conspirators in Silicon Valley, and their useful idiots on Twitter.


The Frazier situation is a big nothing burger narrative just like the overblown Cosby Suite narrative. Gonzalez is self-aggrandizing opportunist who is trying to make a name for herself by trying to destroy the reputation of veteran male employee. Even though the man is no longer working at Blizzard and is resorting to selling memorabilia on eBay to pay the pills and to put food on the table, she just couldn’t resist trying to make his post-Blizzard life hell. Thankfully, her 15 minutes of notoriety are almost up.

The very same people who claim to champion the cause of so-called marginalized communities, the main one being the most powerful and privileged sacred cows in Western civilization: the alphabet people, are waging a scorched earth campaign and trying to cancel anyone that disagrees with them. These intolerant neo-Marxist cultists hate viewpoint diversity and do not want to debate. Emboldened by 30 years of weak conservatives who gave them easy cultural victories, they demand conformity and obedience. Everything that made America great, they want to destroy and replace it with their intersectional victimhood agenda.

The public smear campaign being waged against Geoff Frazier and other male Blizzard devs, is just another example of how straight white males are being sacrificed in America on the neo-Marxist altar of diversity, inclusion, equity, and representation, and systematically replaced and colonized by non-white, non-male, degenerate employees. If you are a white male and want to stay employed at Blizzard, you had better become woke as possible as fast as possible or you too will be targeted, attacked, and terminated.

What is happening at Blizzard and at other video game studios is a result of weak leaders who failed to protect their studio culture. This tragic affair is microcosm of a much larger problem which involves a systematic purge of males, whites, heterosexuals, freethinkers, conservatives, Christians from all occupations and institutions by totalitarian globalists.

The much-maligned Great Replacement is not a myth or a conspiracy theory, it is a demographic reality that is ongoing. Not only is it happening to real people, but it is also happening symbolically. Unexplained black NPCs are replacing white NPCs in video games like World of Warcraft. White people have vanished in most TV commercials and race swapping in historical dramas is all the rage. Female empowerment tropes have swept Hollywood, while white males are relegated to playing bumbling, emasculated sidekicks. The medical establishment is giving COVID medical treatments to non-whites. Divisive diversity and inclusion policies are popping up in most companies in corporate America and resulting in hiring quotas that favor women and minorities. Racist critical race theory is being taught at schools, colleges, and being imported directly into corporate America. Our nation has embraced a two-tiered segregated justice system: one for the woke and another for the non-woke.

This ideology is demonic and anti-Christian by its very nature. These puppets of the diabolic will not stop until Western civilization and the glue that keeps it together, Christendom, is obliterated and replaced with a pagan form of communist totalitarianism.

When all the straight, white males have been purged from studios like Blizzard, all will be left is a loose coalition of castrated beta males, depraved feminists, and deranged alphabet people. When they are not polishing up their nose rings and marching naked in their clownish PRIDE parades, these termites will be busy running the once great video game studios into the ground with their nihilistic Utopian fantasies. These intersectional sideshow freaks are utterly incapable of replicating the success that straight white males created for the Blizzard of old. That is an undeniable fact that you can take to the bank.

Blizzard games like World of Warcraft have already seen the staggering loss of millions of players and there is a quantifiable and appreciable lack of quality across the board on all current Blizzard products. This is directly due to Blizzard hiring based on diversity/inclusion instead of merit. The quality of video games is inversely proportional to the amount of woke developers working on the game. Garbage in garbage out. Period.

The feminization of the video game industry has been a disaster. Blizzard — a studio long revered by male gamers — is no longer worth saving. In its current woke incarnation, it does not deserve to survive and the fools cheering on intersectional madness will soon be back on the unemployment line and complaining on Twitter. Poetic Darwinian justice indeed.

Hopefully, in a saner future, what happened to the once venerable Irvine studio will be taught at business colleges as a warning to idealistic dreamers to think long and hard before killing the geese that lay the golden eggs and changing the formula that brought you success.

The video game industry was founded by masculine alpha men, rugged individualism, and bold risk-takers who dare to think creatively and challenge conventionality. Yes, they can occasionally be annoying, crude, brash, irreverent, and impolite but these are the guys that get the job done and make legendary video games. These are the play to win guys you want in your MMORPG guild. These are the rough and tumble guys you want on your football team that give 110% when the chips are down. These are the dependable loyal guys you want in a foxhole beside you in times of war.

Weak hipster beta males and disruptive intersectional females who wallow in civilizational gutter of victimology are not going to survive 16-hour days during a typical studio’s crunch death march. You’re going to need an unapologetic, balls to the wall masculine culture to survive. To use a metaphor from National Lampoon’s 1978 Animal House film: you going to need more Delta House types, less Omega House types to make amazing video games for men. Instead of running away from masculinity, video game studios should stop apologizing and celebrate it.

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