World of Warcraft Lore Dev Steve Danuser Uses Blizzard Lawsuit to Virtue Signal

Steve Danuser cares™. You have to hand it to the this ambitious industry veteran who is both a survivor and a chameleon. Like most clever leftists, he never lets a crisis go to waste in order to promote a cause which will help further his career. Like his boss J. Allen Brack, Steve has a black belt in the dark arts of posturing and virtue signalling. But Brack is at the end of the road, three strikes and you’re out.

Thanks to the proliferation of social media, virtue signaling is an odious vice that afflicts our dysfunctional culture. Virtue signaling has nothing to do with authentic virtue, as it incurs no cost or sacrifice to the whited sepulchers who engage in it. Virtue signaling is the opiate of our age and the drug of choice for the raging Twitter slacktivists who are always on the prowl for more people to cancel and destroy.

Steve, who is a straight white male last I checked, is now using the Blizzard scandal to promote diversity in the video game industry and other left-wing causes. The connection to a so-called lack of diversity at Blizzard and the Blizzard lawsuit is tenuous at best. A lack of diversity at Blizzard didn’t cause Afrasiabi (who is a minority himself) to allegedly sexually harass people. A lack of diversity at Blizzard didn’t cause the timid Mike Morhaime to allegedly look the other way for almost two decades.

Here’s Danuser grandstanding on Twitter:

This performative tweet is a 9.0 on the conflation Richter scale as both have nothing to do with each other. But that reality doesn’t stop Danuser and the other identity politics cult members at Activision-Blizzard from using this crisis to advance both their public image with performative grandstanding.

Danuser’s Greatest Twitter Virtue Signaling Hits

Dansuer can say whatever he wants on Twitter because Twitter is a far left echochamber. He doesn’t have to fear being censored, suspended or banned. It’s easy to be brave when you risk nothing.

What follows are more examples of Danuser’s virtue signaling and an insight into his radical leftist beliefs:

He sure loves that word proud doesn’t he? Mission accomplished Steve. All the gay and trans characters you added into Shadowlands with the help of the Man in Black paid off. You can now add social engineer and identity politics consultant to your resume. Take a well-deserved bow. Incidentally, GLAAD knows as much about video games as Wilt Chamberlain knows about chastity.

Here’s Danuser posting a image of his communist clown hero Bernie Sanders sitting on the Frozen Throne.

Perhaps a sober reminder of millions of innocent Slavs were sent to Siberia to starve and freeze to death in Soviet concentration camps by bloodthirsty Bolsheviks like Bernie.

Here’s a strategic and officious tweet no doubt aimed at sucking up to his boss J. Allen Brack who considers feminist Gloria Steinem to be a patron saint:

On Jan 6, 2021 Danuser retweeted a tweet by sci-fi writer J Michael Straczynski who made a preposterously false moral equivalency between Trump supporters (who attend a political rally held by the then president Donald J. Trump) and Nazi brown shirts in the 1930s. Straczynski is a washed up sci-fi author turned political dilettante and fashion expert who didn’t bother to wait for the evidence, and instead bought the narrative that CNN spun, just like they spun a false narrative about Catholic high school kid Nick Sandmann who had his life destroyed.

Both Straczynski and Danuser need to stay in their respectives lane and stick to writing fiction.

I proudly voted for President Trump in 2016 and in 2020. Many WoW players also voted for Trump as well. Now you know what Blizzard employee Danuser thinks about people like me and you.

Here’s Danuser retweeting a tweet that falsely claimed that conservative activist Nick Fuentes was inside the Capitol building. Fuentes was outside the building the entire time like most of the other peaceful Americans who were practising their Constitutional right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech on that day. Dansuer never tweeted a correction to this blatant lie.

It’s worth noting that both Strazynski and Dansuer never posted any tweets or retweets demanding that BLM and ANTIFA rioters be arrested immediately when they burned down cities and attacked federal courthouses and murdered a 59 year old black Christian Trump supporter named Bernell Trammell outside his store.

Without a shred of investigation and sober reflection, high school social studies teacher Danuser knew exactly what was transpiring on January 6th because CNN told him. What follows are the specious tweets of an incurious automaton who obediently parrots the Media Matters/Soros approved narrative:

This is sanctimonious, smug, moral preening from someone who who is wallowing in undeserved moral authority. This guy could give Greta Thunberg and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez a run for their money at the moral exhibitionist Olympics.

I and 76 million of patriotic Americans who believe the 2020 election was stolen by Biden and his supplicants beg to differ with Danuser’s assessment of January 6th. Recent investigative journalism has shown that January 6th incident at the Capitol Building was probably a false flag operation orchestrated, staged and perpetrated by the FBI and the Deep State.

The only person that was killed was an unarmed Trump female supporter and military veteran named Ashli Babbitt. The black thug that shot her was working for the Capital Police and still has not been officially named and the corrupt DOJ has refused to prosecute him. Imagine if a white cop shot an unarmed black BLM women on video? The streets of America would burn and many woke employees at Blizzard would be cheering and donating to bail out the rioters just like their hero VP Kamala Harris did during the BLM/ANTIFA riots.

Notice there is not one mention of the death of Ashli Babbitt on Danuser’s Twitter timeline nor is there any concern for scores of people who are rotting in the D.C. jail for the heinous crime of trespassing in a Federal building. Meanwhile, all of the BLM/ANTIFA rioters have had their charges dismissed.

When the left has a sit in, it’s “civil disobedience”, when the right has a sit in, it’s “the worst crime since Pearl Harbor or the U.S. Civil war”. Danuser is seemingly okay with two systems of justice in America: one for him and his leftist heroes and another for anyone that disagrees with him.

Here’s where he retweeted where Blizzard is brazenly mocking the Roman Catholic prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary “Hail Mary” prayer with “Hail Lilith:”

Many Roman Catholics all over the world bring roses each day to chapels, churches and holy shrines to honor the mother of Jesus and the Queen of Heaven which makes this flippant quip by Danuser especially callous and vile.

If you have the stomach for it, check out his Twitter feed and my previous article on Danuser for more evidence of his buffoonish posturing and pandering.

The Diatribe/Lawsuit

Like the partial video of Officer Chauvin with his knee on George Floyd’s neck, the one-sided lawsuit is the underpinnig of Danuser’s outrage eruption and rush to judgement on Twitter.

The current crisis at Activision-Blizzard is all about the allegations contained within State of California lawsuit and the furor that has ensued. Upon closer examination, the lawsuit is full of patently false and outlandish assumptions and generalizations to attempt to turn the public against the defendants that I almost feel sorry for Blizzard. The lawsuit is so sloppy that they couldn’t even spell Bill Cosby’s name correctly.

Every industry has their share of bad people, bullies, and harassers from both sexes. The State of California makes many allegations in this lawsuit and tars the entire company and thousands of employees with the alleged actions of a handful of people.

One thing bothers me: Why is Alex Afrasiabi the only person mentioned as an offender? Why were the other offenders names omitted?

The lawsuit is also sexist as it includes no representation for males that have been harrassed by females at Activision-Blizzard. One of the worst and most despicable cases of alleged female to male harassment that happened was swept under the rug by Blizzard. Males being discriminated by females in the video game industry does not fit into their identity politics narrative, so they are conveniently ignored. Of course, Danuser never voiced a syllable of public support for the male Blizzard employee named in this article who was allegedly harassed and was close to taking his own life.

In America, we have the rule of law. People have the Constitutional right to a fair trial. People have the right to face their accusers. People are assumed innocent till proven guilty. But Danuser and the Twitter witchhunters have already made their minds up and pronounced judgment. Instead of waiting for the defendants to tell their side of the story, LGBTQ white knights, social justice warriors, and the corrupt leftist gaming press have pronounced everyone connected to the allegations as guilty.

This is exactly what happened with George Floyd fiasco where people were murdered, cities burned with billions of dollars of damage with non-stop mayhem and riots. Irresponsible people who have no respect for due process are rushing to judgement yet again.

Diversity for Thee but Not for Me

Now that Steve has a secure job, he feels that other white males — but not him — should get at the back of the line so that more women and minorities can get jobs first. Maybe those white males can learn to code, oh wait, they already know how to code, they just happened to be born with the wrong pigmentation and sex.

I’m all for creating better working conditions and better pay/benefits for employees. I know what hard manual labor is all about. I spent a few years in a blue collar industry as a union shop steward before the union movement embraced political correctness and identity politics. However, demanding that white males be discriminated against is wrong! Our civilization is based on equality of opportunity and not equality of outcome. Merit is all the matters. Period.

Here are more outrageous demands that Danuser has aligned himself with:

Do as I Say, But Not as I Do

Words on Twitter are cheap. The true test of what a person believes, is when leading by example. Therefore, I challenge Steve to lead by example and resign his position at Blizzard immediately so a women of color — preferably lesbian or queer — can take his job. As for career opportunities for an old white man after Blizzard, maybe his old boss Curt Schilling could hire him to clean his swimming pool.

Man up Steve. Put your money where you mouth is or shut the hell up and go back to making video games.

Beauty and the Beast

While Danuser wants more diversity and inclusion at Blizzard, he doesn’t mind working with hateful anti-male, anti-white author Madeleine Roux. Danuser knows full well about Roux’s hateful and divisive tweets but has done nothing about it and doubled down and invited her to create more lore for Blizzard’s latest WoW lore book.

Imagine what would happen if any male Blizzard employee made a series of hateful tweets like Roux? They would be fired immediately.


I always wondered why Danuser became ultra woke in the past year. Now it’s all clear to me.

My theory is that he knew about the ongoing State of California investigation and realized that the fallout would hurt the old guard at Blizzard. Like most MMO veterans, he’s been fully aware of Afrasiabi’s character issues since his Furor days when he used to write about EverQuest on his Mobhunter blog. Danuser joined Blizzard in 2015 knowing about Afrasiabi’s reputation as a egotistical, macho, foul-mouthed braggart.

I bet he knew that it was only a matter of time before Afrasiabi and his gang would get outed by a Blizzard employee snitch. When Alex was finally terminated in 2020, he set his plan into full gear and began strategically posturing and virtue signaling on Twitter.

When all the carnage is over, and the corpses are piled up, the Prince of Wokeness will be left standing as a shining beacon of pro-LGBTQ, GLAAD approved, pro-feminist, compassionate leadership waiting to assume the frozen throne that he has always coveted.

I firmly believe Danuser is positioning himself as J. Allen Brack’s successor who has zero chance of surviving at Blizzard due to his chronic incompetence. He knows full well that Activision-Blizzard will be looking for someone who is super woke in the aftermath. Unlike the scores of useless diversity female VP’s that they have recently hired with zero MMO experience, there will be many candidates scrambling for Brack’s job who do have legit experience. Danuser would be the perfect intersectional figurehead.

I hope he gets to run Blizzard. Blizzard is dead anyways, they just don’t know it yet but most players do. As Blizzard finally implodes, Danuser may end up being the last President of Blizzard. He’ll be a good funeral home director to oversee the burial of Blizzard. He’ll be able to add that to his list of past glorious successes like Project Copernicus and EverQuest Next. I hope he buys a golden fiddle so he can serenade us as the ungodly blue hair infested woketopia of Blizzard burns down around him and experiences the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Nero comes to mind and so does this parody of a famous old poem:

The boy stood on the burning deck
Eating peanuts by the peck
The fire rolled up and touched his chin
But still he shoved the peanuts in

When all the evil frat boy designers have been rounded up, emasculated or fired, all Blizzard 2.0 will have left are a motley crew of talentless blue haired alphabet people and their sniveling soy guzzling hipster allies who will promptly run Blizzard into the ground. When Blizzard closes down, the precious nose-ringed wokelings will all be out of work, and quietly slither away to destroy another company.

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