Blizzard’s Woke Supremacist Theocrats have Created a Climate of Fear and Groupthink in the Workplace

America is now firmly under the yoke of woke supremacy. Almost overnight, every institution and major American corporation has adopted identity politics ideology that is rooted in Marxism and postmodernism. In this sick and twisted culture, victimhood — not merit and hard work — is the currency that buys you power. The more of a victim you claim to be, the more power you can potentially gain to persecute others.

No disagreement is tolerated in this brave new world. And those that do are hunted down, shamed, marginalized, and dehumanized. The shocktrops of this movement are disproportionately transgender women who exist to cancel anyone that dares to say “NO!” to their groupthink.

This is far more dangerous than a garden variety college ideology concocted in a marijuana hazed dorm. This ideology has morphed into a full-blown religion that wields tremendous power over all Americans. The new belief system is a bona fide theocracy run by elites who have infiltrated every institution.

Traditional values of merit and hard work count for nothing. To gain favor in this religion you must be a victim or support said victims. Thanks to the specious doctrine of intersectionality, even the slightest amount of victimhood entitles you to join this bizzaro cult. The higher your claim to victimhood, the greater your virtue and stature. The quickest way to obtain power and vault yourself to the top of that victim totem pole is to put on a wig, cut off your genitals and declare yourself a transgender woman. Only then are you truly qualified to join the cancel culture’s elite shock troops.

Years ago, I predicted that former Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime’s attempt to infuse Blizzard’s unique studio culture with identity politics ideology would end in disaster. Recent evidence that has surfaced from current Blizzard employees has confirmed my predictions are starting to come true.

Blizzard’s previous way of doing things which resulted in some of the greatest video games ever created and that made them one of the most distinguished, successful, and beloved video game studios in history has been replaced by stifling neo-Marxist ideology that disguises itself with the euphemism of diversity, inclusion, and representation.

Despite there being zero evidence that this ideology creates a more productive and happy workforce that makes better games, Blizzard has gone all in with highly divisive and ridiculous identity politics claptrap.

In the last 6 years, Blizzard has spent millions of dollars promoting diversity, inclusion, and representation ideologies and hiring identity politics apparatchiks to police their employees for wrongthink. The orgy of garish parades that accompanies PRIDE month is like Christmas for these degenerate grifters — all so they can continue to justify their bloated salaries and show the people on Twitter and LinkedIn how much they care. I have yet to see a picture of J. Allen Brack and Bobby Kotick in solidarity with their sodomite employees at PRIDE parade.

Just for once, I would like the oily shareholders of Activision-Blizzard to man up and grill the top executives and ask them to justify the millions of dollars spent on diversity and inclusion. Since they care so deeply about return on investment (ROI) you think this would be a legitimate question. But these slimy investors are cowards of the highest order. Don’t expect a shred of courage from these Wall Street beta males.

The unapologetically rugged white male masculine studio culture that gave us Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and World of Warcraft has been destroyed and substituted with woke supremacy and a culture that rewards token minories and and victimhood instead of merit.

All Blizzard employees are now subject to mandatory diversity and inclusion indoctrination. No one is allowed to question any of this. As I reported in previous articles, Blizzard even paid identity politics grifter and self-loathing, race hustler Robin D’Angelo to give a lecture to Activision-Blizzard employees where she told them about the evils of white people and to check their “white privilege” and unconscious bias.

Why am I the only website that is reporting on this? Where is Kotaku, Polygon, VentureBeat, and Massively Underpowered? Where are the YouTubers and streamers?

Nowhere to be found because these grovelling cowards are afraid of the mentally ill, cultural trans terrorists on Twitter who are the enforcers of this demonic ideology.

Thinking I’m making this all up?

One current anonymous Blizzard employee revealed what is really happening at Blizzard via a Glassdoor review:

Here’s the text of his review:

The Diversity & Inclusion and HR organizations push policies that create a divisive workplace for those that wish to join Blizzard to work on the games they love. There is a specific mindset of people that are allowed to express themselves and all others are expected to keep quiet. If you speak out against these people’s poor behavior or desired cultural changes, you can expect to be reprimanded. Everyone is given the impression that they will be given the James Damore treatment if you violate this group think.

James Damore was a Google employee that was fired by Google because he dared to explain why there are fewer women in tech jobs. Damore later said that working at Google was like being in a cult.

Far left West coast companies like Google and Blizzard all claim to believe in all forms of diversity except of course the one that really matters: viewpoint diversity.

Here’s another telling comment from a Blizzard employee, in the review section at Glassdoor:

Upper management is not trusted. Lot’s of the original leaders have left. Political agendas best left out of entertainment are being introduced into the games and the company. The Diversity and Inclusion initiative practices discrimination and exclusion rather than treating everyone equally regardless of demographic. Don’t bother advocating a truly inclusive group–they only support socially popular demographics. Upwards mobility can be difficult. A lot of positions hire outside the company, and some internal positions are opened for a specific person in mind. Sometimes feedback is given when turned down for a position, but that feedback might be very inaccurate, depending on the diligence of the interviewers.

Advice to Management

Leave your personal politics at home. Give special treatment to no one–treat everyone fairly and ignore demographics. Clean up the hiring/interview process to ensure quicker response time. I’m leaving off the D&I rating because the score would vary depending on what color/race/gender the employee is.

There is a palpable climate of fear for those that still work at Blizzard. If you don’t genuflect before the ideology of diversity, inclusion, and representation they will make your life miserable and you’ll get fired. Accounts from Blizzard employees like the two I have reposted will only grow in number. Things at Blizzard will get worse and worse as time goes on.

We’re already seeing blatant examples of identity politics being interjected into World of Warcraft with the introduction transgender characters in WoW and LGBT characters in Overwatch.

As I and others reported last year, Blizzard has no problem with hiring unhinged anti-white feminist authors.

In truth, the entire diversity & inclusion racket is nothing more than a smokescreen for bad companies to purchase moral “carbon credits” so they can buy public relations goodwill that allows them to continue to exploit their workers and do business with totalitarian regimes like China that have no respect for human rights. It’s calculated misdirection.

All of J. Allen Brack and Blizzard’s shameless moral preening on diversity and LGBTQ outreach does not excuse their unethical and immoral behavior. Despite their well-crafted speeches and platitudes, Blizzard and anyone who represents them has no moral authority whatsoever to lecture anyone on anything.

How did identity politics and neo-Marxism get a hold at Blizzard?

It didn’t happen organically. It didn’t happen with the consent of their employees. It happened because of the personal insecurities and political ideology of one man: Mike Morhaime. You can thank none other than the former Blizzard CEO for the malignant cancer of political correctness that was artificially and purposely injected into the studio’s hiring policies. Garbage in, garbage out.

For years, Morhaime managed to fool the public with his carefully calculated “nice guy” image. It’s just too bad that Mike ran off with his millions before he could personally witness the carnage that his neo Marxist policies created at Blizzard.

Thanks to Morhaime and his handpicked henchman J. Allen Brack, white male employees now live in state of fear and afraid they will be fired if they say the wrong thing or they mistakenly verbalize a non-approved thought. Thanks to Morhaime, there is almost zero chance of promotion for GMs and testers at Blizzard; WoW GMs have to ensure draconian workplace rules that would make Ebenezer Scrooge blush.

Most of the original Blizzard staff have left the studio with the exception of Jeffrey Kaplan who runs his tinpot Overwatch empire like a failed sci-fi author turned cult leader. Alphabet people, feminists, brown-nosing buffoons, and simps always seem to get promoted at Blizzard while good people get pushed out.

Mr. Nice Guy was so “nice” that he ensured that Blizzard chronically underpaid their employees for years so he, his buddies, Bobby Kotick and the shareholders got rich. Despite the hollow #BlizzLife propaganda, you can’t claim to care about social justice when are your employees are paid lower than the industry standard, living in shoeboxes, eating Ramen noodles, and having to survive in one the most expensive places to live in the U.S.A. Work-life balance is a pipe dream at Blizzard.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with Blizzard before they started importing all this identity politics nonsense into the studio. It was a good place to work and they were making great games. Every culture worth something is worth defending and worth saving. Instead of standing up for their studio culture and their staff, Morhaime capitulated when the “progressive” media started to attack Blizzard for a lack of diversity (i.e. no alphabet people in their games). Rob Pardo realizing he and his values had no place at Blizzard 2.0, soon left in 2014 which marked the beginning of the end for Blizzard 1.0.

As to why Morhaime became a woke supremacist we can only speculate. I suspect that behind every newly woke middle-aged boomer male is a young social justice minded woman that he’s trying to impress. He traded in bro culture for cancel culture. Not content to have destroyed one great video game studio, Morhaime has created a new studio called Dreamhaven Games which I’m sure he will run into the ground in due time. Be sure to check out this puff piece from the unofficial Blizzard biographer and sycophant for hire Dean Takahashi that announces the news.

The reality in 2021 is that Activision has completely taken over Blizzard. The Activision fox is running loose in the Blizzard hen house. Blizzard is just Blizzard in name only.

Whatever grim fate that ultimately befalls Blizzard because of this self-inflicted sickness, it will be Morhaime’s fault in the final analysis. Once the pink haired intersectional feminists and HR types take over, the end is in sight because making good games becomes secondary to their worship of climbing the victim totem pole and their propensity to make false sexual harassment claims. When the games start to suffer, the profits go down and the investors get angry.

I grew up with the notion that we should all be color blind and that hard work, merit, and the content of one’s character were the only thing that really mattered about people. These noble ideals no longer hold sway with Americans elites who have embraced the deadly ideology of victimhood and identity politics.

What we do in this life and how we treat people, echoes throughout eternity. I hope the millions you got paid Mike were worth destroying one the best video game studios that ever existed.

In the end, for myself and most normal people who love videos games, it’s all about the quality of those video games. However if we dig deeper, we realize that art reflects the artist. If you hire people who hate white male gamers and who think that “gamers are over” and believe that games should be a medium for social change, then you are setting your studio up for a catastrophe of your own making.

Art also reflects the environment that the artist lives in. If the environment is hostile and only certain people are allowed to express themselves and there is no viewpoint diversity, then the games will suffer. If the environment is conducive to openness, liberty and creativity, the games will be better.

White male developers created this industry and to this day they do the bulk of the heavy lifting while too many women and minorities are hired for bogus “make work” jobs in the HR and diversity and inclusion departments. White male gamers are still the main demographic that purchases most video games and MMORPGs. If white male developers are being systematically marginalized then we can not seriously expect them to produce their best work or to stay in the industry for long. I can guarantee you only a few people that worked on the original Word of Warcraft are still working at Blizzard in 2021. People vote with their feet.

Video games should be an oasis where gamers can escape the monotony of everyday life. After all, video games are escapist entertainment. Thanks to the egos of woke supremacist executives getting high on their own virtue signaling supply, alienated gamers can no longer expect their games to be free from real world politics as token LGBTQ chararacters and minorities are inexplicably showing up in their games. Great games can never come from studios that have outright contempt for their target audience and foolishly embrace the destructive nature of identity politics.

Other cultures care about merit and excellence because it works. Instead, our culture worries about Dr. Seuss being a “racist”, transgender bathrooms, and is trying to erase our history and cancel any and all opposition to their madness. At some point, this nonsense will come to an end and people in the future will wonder how we allowed this foolishness to exist unchecked.

As Bill Maher said this weekend about Americans: “We are a silly people”. He’s 100% right. The woke California entertainment media complex bears a big chunk of the responsibility for the stupidification of America.

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