Retreating to the Monastery of the Mind

The last few months have been very difficult here in the U.S.A. After four years of meticulous planning by George Soros and his minions, one of the greatest swindles of history has just been perpetrated. The U.S. presidential election was stolen with voter fraud on a massive scale in every swing state. Seventy four million Americans just found out that democracy is a quaint illusion.

There is perhaps a silver lining, America can never again lecture the world about freedom and democracy with a straight face.

Then there was the Chinese Wuhan virus. How do you like your life now sheeple?

America is a nation in decline. Too many Americans are weak, stupid, selfish, and cowardly. We’ve got far too many bad people and precious few good people. We’ve hit a tipping point. If you don’t see it, you’re lying to yourself.

Everything that you heard that was good and noble about America is no longer true. The once upon a time notion of greatness of America is now a story of yesteryear told to children by the campfire. Don’t come to America, stay away!

Free speech — the lifeblood of Western civilization — has all but evaporated. You are free to agree with popular opinion. You are not free to disagree lest you be fired, shamed, depersoned, cancelled, and imprisoned.

If you are white, they accuse of you of white privilege and being a white supremacist. Any disagreement with the status quo and you are labeled a bigot, a racist and a neo-Nazi. If you voted for Donald Trump, they want to declare you a domestic terrorist, round you up, and put you in re-education camps. I am not joking.

Since the fiasco in Charlottesville to the false flag Capitol Building protest, freedom of assembly is another illusion for fools, unless of course you are a member of ANTIFA and BLM who can burn, loot and destroy American cities with impunity. Stay at home, do as your told, keep your opinions to yourself, keep your mouth shut, be a good little serf and pay your taxes on time. This is America now.

This is their America now.

America is a nation with two systems of justice: one for those true believers that have the correct opinions, and another one for those heretics with incorrect opinions. Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.

Is this the progressive utopia that they promised us?

The long march through the institutions is almost complete. Saul Alinsky is smiling in hell. His strategy worked because the progressives now control America. The radicals cut their hair and put on suits. They fooled everyone.

Now every institution from academia, education, entertainment, sports, video games, corporations, banks, politicians, judges, and the military has been infiltrated and corrupted by the mild-mannered neo-Marxists with polite beta male smiles. Even the cubicle dwelling snivel servants that slither in the bowels of the deep state, dutifully rise to obey their corporate masters.

America is now a progressive theocracy run by an oligarchy of corporations from sea to shining sea. There is no difference between left and right. America is run by a uniparty of corrupt politicians who are stooges for corporate America. The spineless Republicans are just as complicit as the fanatical Democrats. To hell with both parties.

Most everything on approved media sources is a lie. Truth is optional.

Goodness, decency, and wholesomeness are shunned in popular culture while outright evil, perversion, and degeneracy are exalted. If TV was considered a wasteland in the 1960’s, it has most certainly become a hellish pit of wickedness and banality in 2021.

Not only is every form of sin and debauchery tolerated and promoted, everything in our culture has become politicized beyond belief. Even the food we eat has been politicized.

There is no escape from the constant drumbeat of corporate virtue signaling. There is no TV show, TV commercial, or newly released film or video game that is free from political indoctrination and the stench of diversity and inclusion platitudes coming from Hollywood.

Instead of pictures of Stalin and Mao plastered on billboards, Americans are subjected to diversity, inclusion. and representation theology in the mainstream media and entertainment. You can’t go shopping without running into a cashier with badly dyed pink hair wearing a PRIDE and BLM button. The dystopia that Orwell predicted in his classic 1984 is here.

Even David Bowie somehow predicted the soft totalitarianism of 2020-2021 in his classic song of the same name:

Someday they won’t let you, now you must agree
The times they are a-telling, and the changing isn’t free
You’ve read it in the tea leaves, and the tracks are on TV
Beware the savage lure
Of 1984

They’ll split your pretty cranium and fill it full of air
And tell that you’re 80, but, brother, you won’t care
You’ll be shooting up on anything, tomorrow’s never there
Beware the savage lure
Of 1984

There is no escape, except for one place.

Me and my family have decided to retreat to the castle of our home and the monastery of the mind. It was the monks and hermits that retreated to the wilderness that copied the manuscripts and saved the knowledge that would one day help rebuild Western civilization.

Despite the best effort of Amazon and Google to put devices in our home to make our lives better, our minds, imaginations and souls, are the one thing that the oligarchs do not yet control. But I’m sure they are working on it.

In 2017, Victor Davis Hanson penned an article Monasteries of the Mind:

When everything is politicized, people retreat into mental mountaintops — dreams of the past and fantasies of the future.

Modern culture has become hostile to normal people who hold traditional values of faith and family. We are strangers in a strange land. The only recourse people have is to retreat to the oasis of the mind and imagination.

So we’ve decided to take action. We’ve become modern monastics.

We have cut traditional cable TV. We no longer watch FoxNews and any network television. Instead we have purchased a ROKU streaming device and only watch a select few channels that we can trust such as InfoWars, and OAN. It’s available on ROKU via KlowdTV.

We no longer read magazines and newspapers. Every major news website has been infected with wokeness and political correctness. We no longer watch anything to do with politics.

Social media is a cancer and a distraction. Some of worst people in the world live there and will make you lose your faith in humanity if you are not careful. We cancelled our Twitter and Facebook account years ago. YouTube is completely corrupt as well.

I’m having a crisis of faith. These days, the words of priests and scripture seem to ring hollow in these evil times. Millions of people prayed for this nation in the past year but it seems that Christ and His saints were sleeping while our nation burned and while democracy died. When God sends us false prophets like Pope Francis and when our prayers are not answered, I start to feel that God has abandoned us. Maybe He is just returning the favor because we abandoned Him first.

I’ve immersed myself totally in my work. Making my non-woke video game brings me great happiness. It’s a middle finger to Blizzard, EA and every shitty woke studio out there. It’s my own piece of sanity in an insane world.

While I enjoy writing articles here, I don’t really have the time or the will to write as much as I once did. Writing articles for free is not much of an incentive. Due to the fact that I have spoken my mind about various issues, Google is also suppressing my search engine rankings.

The world has become an ugly place full of disappointment and misery. I find myself relishing the brief moments of blissful escape when I play video games. I feel safer and more at ease in fantasy virtual worlds than I do in the real world. I’m dead serious. That is the reason that I get so damned angry at video game studios that needlessly inject real-world politics into our escapist worlds.

I don’t have much hope left but I do have some advice. Life is short and passing us all by. Stop worrying about politics and start living. Enjoy the ride while it lasts.

All you have in this world is yourself and the people that love you. Stay close to them and love them back with all your energy. Everything else is bullshit.

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