Short Takes: The Girl Gamer Developer Grift

For the past 7 years, the video game industry has been suffering from a plague of “Gamer Girl” fake female developers. Most of them are ugly “body positive” types with pink hair who aren’t pretty enough to be e-girls with an obligatory Twitch stream or an OnlyFans site. Nobody wants to work with them as the wrong word or body language is a potential sexual harassment lawsuit and cause for immediate dismissal.

Here’s the exact path of girl gamer developer self-actualization:

  • play a few video games
  • sleep with as many male developers as you can
  • create a gaming blog
  • put an image of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on your blog
  • create a Twitter account
  • claim to be a hardcore “girl gamer” and a video game expert
  • become an ally and align yourself with a social justice cause like LGBTQ rights and parrot all their talking points on Twitter
  • complain about Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene, America, the patriarchy, toxic male gamers, “children in cages,”and transphobia
  • start sucking up to a woke studio CEO
  • get hired as a community manager by that CEO so you can call yourself a “dev”
  • after a few months of brown nosing you get hired as an associate game designer
  • If you can’t get hired by a woke CEO, tell everyone that you’re “working” on a video game
  • create an obscure awful indie game that nobody will ever play
  • leverage your “game designer” status to get the attention of the corrupt video game press by bitching about how unfair the world is on Twitter
  • join a bogus women in gaming groups and then get invited to attend GDC and PAX conventions to recourgitate the same “we need more diversity in games” claptrap
  • Bonus points if you live in California or Austin
  • Extra Bonus Points: Along the way, make sure to draw attention to yourself by accusing some legendary game designer like Nolan Bushnell of sexism or make a ridiculous claim of harassment because a male successfully rebutted one of your self-serving statements on Twitter

The female game developer victim grift is completely out of control. Thanks to diversity and inclusion quotas, this self-imposed sickness has reduced the AAA video game industry into a joke and is giving the entire game design profession a bad name. Meanwhile, highly talented male developers are bypassed for jobs that these undeserving females are given all in the name of inclusion, diversity, and representation. Meanwhile, as more unqualified women are hired into the industry the quality of the video games declines. It’s a disgrace.

If female activists don’t like the male-dominated video industry, then they should go create their own industry. Stop riding on the coattails of what male developers have taken decades to build. Create a real studio, hire real people, make payroll, make some great video games, and sell them. Having female genitalia is not an accomplishment. Instead of running your mouth off and complaining like a petulant child, shut up, get to work and produce something of value.

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