Is China Destroying League of Legends Players’ SSDs?

League of Legends, a Tencent game, installed a program called Vanguard to combat cheating. However, there are serious concerns.

The CCP uses a social credit detector. If you are politically opposed, they will give you allies that lose on purpose, sabotaging your rank. This affects people from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, and various religious groups. If China would target you on their mainland, you are at risk of global cyber suppression.

I’m on the CCP’s hit list for exposing Chinese organ harvesting on Twitch and Reddit, resulting in immediate bans. I experienced 13,000 rigged games in a row and was banned for exposing “loser queue.” I’m public enemy number one to Riot Tencent, understanding algorithms through experience. I warned Elon Musk about Twitter’s algorithms, leading him to buy Twitter and hire Matt Taibbi. Most know about the loser’s queue in League of Legends, but not its use in CCP global war games.

China is destroying SSD hardware in League of Legends players they disagree with politically. This is happening via read/write operations with Vanguard. On Reddit, others have reported it too. I lost two drives to corruption, which is not by chance.

Uninstall League of Legends immediately. This is hard for me to say, having played over 15,000 games. 13,000 of them were rigged with bad allies. Here’s the proof.

If you must play, remove all SSDs from your system and use normal hard drives. Never buy LP. China, which rigged the 2020 election and conducted lawfare against Trump, declared war on us through Riot Entertainment. They are worse than Electronic Arts, aiming to conquer the USA by manipulating our institutions. Now, Vanguard is physically destroying your SSDs through mass read/write operations.

Uninstall League of Legends and cry foul online. Never buy another Riot Entertainment game. Avoid Chinese games and software until the regime is toppled!

We’re in World War 3 against our wishes. China, Iran, and the WEF have assaulted us for years. Fight back by not letting them destroy your SSD. People have died for freedom. I’d die in a heartbeat for the USA; we have the best country ever. Rednecks having a peaceful BBQ is peak cultural civilization. Most nations have tyranny, but the USA’s freedom made us great. Capitalism allows each person to choose their vocation, leading to happier, more productive people.

So, in WW3, search online to verify Vanguard is damaging hard drives. I hate to retire from League after 15,000 games, but it retired two of my SSDs.

People died for freedom. It’s better to be dead than a slave. “Better dead than red” is more than a saying. You can uninstall your Riot games or they’ll uninstall themselves as your SSDs fail.

Sorry for the bad news. The good news is that Jesus’s sacrifice means the bad guys lost. Good, freedom, and love have won the eternal war. Don’t stoop to their level. Keep your dignity. There are many other games on Steam, and you can even learn to make your own. Riot games are no longer an option.

–Crazy Jim

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