Video: David V. Stewart’s Masterclass on Why the Woke Death Cult are Incapable of Making Good Art

One of the biggest questions that many of us have is why is writing so awful in books, film, TV, and video games. Another is: why is there so much wokeness in the writing? Thanks to the genius of David V. Stewart, we have some thoughtful answers.

Watch the short video below:

Some takeaways:

  • Today’s writers don’t appreciate the classics and outright reject them as a result they don’t have the skills to create good stories and instead use propaganda as a substitute
  • The hate our culture and their audience which makes them incapable of writing for them
  • They are parasites and unable to create anything original, so they take over existing franchises and run them into the ground
  • Due to their dominance in academia, they’re unchallenged and have become complacent and lazy
  • They hate Western beauty standards. They hate the good and the beautiful
  • They are narcissistic and solipsistic


What is going on here is that cultural Marxist and post-modernist thought has completely captured the minds of academics which have transmitted it to impressionable students who attend colleges and universities via women’s studies, lesbian studios, black studies, queer theory, and intersectionality. Then these students go into the workforce as writers and bring all of this brainwashing with them and insert it into the culture.

Academia and higher learning have increasingly become enemies of Western civilization since the establishment of the Frankfurt School at Columbia University in the 1930s. They teach their students to hate their own culture and leave them over-educated, with mountains of debt, and unfit for the rigors of the real world. They need to be mercilessly destroyed and replaced with classical education.


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