Gamergate 2.0: Critical Drinker Explains the Sweet Baby Inc. Debacle

Long before the tyranny of DEI and ESG scores, the left has been trying to smuggle their diabolical ideology into popular culture. In 1989, activists Kirk and Madsen created a blueprint to normalize homosexuality when they authored After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the ’90s. Soon gay characters routinely showed up in the Trojan Horses of TV and film. Within a few years, homosexuality in Western culture became acceptable.

The Truth About Gamergate 1.0

Emboldened by this victory, a new generation of activists used similar techniques to attempt to import identity politics and intersectionalism into popular culture. But they got caught red-handed. This was known as Gamergate. Gamergate was a crushing defeat for the radical left. To this day, they have never been able to accept how a bunch of nerds and gamers bested them. Likewise, Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 was another defeat that they have refused to accept and as a result, American society has paid the price.

Gamergate was a grassroots consumer movement that exposed a cabal of corrupt progressive journalists who had decided to ideologically subvert and capture the video game industry for their own ends. They were aided by many Marxist quislings and white knights that have been hiding in the industry, waiting for their glorious chance to be agents of change for the new revolution.

The new scandal involving Sweet Baby Inc, demonstrates that the video game industry never learned the lesson from Gamergate when a handful of activists decided that there were too many white males playing video games in 2014. Instead of seeing video games as harmless, escapist, and fun, in their arrogance, they believed the hobby should be a vehicle to promote their social justice activism.

Over the years, the left has done all it could to lie about what really happened in Gamergate. Since the left controls every institution in American life, they control the prevailing narrative with the intent of deceiving the normies and shifting the Overton Window. Since 2014, they have done their best to morph Gamergate into an “organized harassment campaign” perpetrated by evil white toxic men against brave, female game developers. Of course, this narrative was false and gamers knew it.

Molly White: High Priestess of Wikipedia and Crybully Extraordinaire

The high priestess of Wikipedia Molly White has been one of the puppetmasters in this act of subversion. It was she who used her immense power at Wikipedia to change the title of the Gamergate article from “Gamergate – Controversy” to “Gamergame — Harassment campaign.

Thanks to Google, Bing, and other search engines who have given Wikipedia a special imprimatur, now anytime a person enters “gamergate” in their browser search box, the Wikipedia article will universally come up at the top of the results and users will see “harassment campaign” associated with Gamergate.

White’s own Wikipedia entry is riddled with her dubious claims about being harrassed by her opponents. Therefore it’s not surprising that her (she’s non-binary now) Wikipedia page is thematically very similar to the Gamergate page. Like Taylor Lorenz, who is the world’s most infamous crybully, Molly White is a stone-cold crybully who plays the damsel in distress when her writings are objectively scrutinized. She has an army of white knights at her disposal in case the heat gets too much for her to bear.

Sadly, even Enclyocpedia Britanicca’s online entry on Gamergate — written by a leftist hack named Samuel Greengard — mimics the Wikipedia version with “online harassment campaign” as its byline. This is good evidence of narrative collusion as it’s very doubtful that they would use the same byline.

GamerGate 2.0: Sweet Baby Inc. Scandal

In the past few weeks, a new scandal has set the video game industry on fire. A company based out of Montreal Canada named Sweet Baby Inc. has been exposed for its role in artificially inserting woke themes into video games: this is not a joke, they are paid to do precisely this.

Here’s an infographic of the games they have altered:

Here’s a list of companies that are similar to Sweet Baby Inc. that wokeify video game narratives:”

Most players find the intrusion of propaganda in video games to be repugnant. Gamers found out about this and realized the games that were infected by this madness, brought it to the attention of the public and here we are.

The crazy thing about this scandal is that an employee of Sweet Baby Inc. Chris Kindred, has advocated for targeted harassment of the group on Steam (Sweet Baby Inc. Detected) that is simply identifying all of the games that this company has worked on.

This behavior is precisely what the critics of Gamergate have accused Gamergate supporters of doing. This is a classic case of projection.

Both Chris Kindred and Sweet Baby Inc. have locked their accounts on X:

This scandal has become so outrageous that the non-video game world is starting to take notice. Prolific film buff and culture warrior Critical Drinker has noticed. He’s seen this kind of thing before in the Hollywood industrial complex. It’s trending on X formerly Twitter:

To best understand what is going on, I urge everyone to watch the video just released by The Critical Drinker:

There are a lot of up-and-coming YouTube pundits that have been doing some stellar work on this and I will share those videos with everyone soon.

Note: Watch closely to see the esteemed pundits, streamers, and video game websites that are conveniently silent about this scandal. I am taking notes. Those who refuse to cover this major story can not be trusted.

Former WoW developer Mark Kern leaves us with some damning evidence of who started this extortation racket in the first place:

Well, well, well…if it isn’t the Wicked Witch of the North.

Then Kern and GameNosh posted how the co-founder of Sweet Baby Inc. Kim Belair urged woke developers to use threats to force studios to insert their woke agenda into video games:


The late Andrew Breitbart widely warned us that culture is upstream from politics. If you control the culture, you control politics. If you control politics, you wield power. Progressives know this and have acted accordingly, but conservatives have never understood this truth and as a result, have managed to conserve nothing except their careers.

It wasn’t conservatives that defeated the radical left in Gamergate, it was normies who were horrified at how their hobby had been infiltrated and corrupted by an ideology. Whether it was anti-video game violence crusaders like Jack Thompson or wokesters at Kotaku, gamers wanted none of it. Most gamers are apolitical and just want to enjoy the innocent escapist fun of escapism of video games.

The video game industry has been completely corrupted by the need to raise their ESG scores to appear acceptable to investors. ESG is a Trojan Horse whose only purpose is to promulgate woke values into all forms of entertainment as well as their employees and who they hire. This is a truly world-wide conspiracy to indoctrinate and subvert our world with neo-Marxism.

The Sweet Baby Inc. scandal, which I call Gamergate 2.0, is growing larger every day as the truth comes about the sordid people behind it and their connections to Gamergate 1.0. The anemic video game industry is already on its last legs. I pray that this scandal will drive a stake through its dark heart once and for all.

Awareness of this scandal would have never been permitted on the old Twitter. Thankfully Elon Musk recaptured Twitter and free speech is alive and kicking once again. As a result of this and thought leaders like Vivek Ramaswamy and James Lindsay have been speaking out about woke culture, ESG has lost investors $5 trillion in the last two years alone. Money talks, bullshit walks.

The DEI scam is finally coming to an end. Now it’s time to clean up the mess and give our culture an enema to flush out this turgid waste once and for all.


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