Holly Longdale Interview Confirms Why Access Journalist Michael Bell Refuses to Speak Out About DEI Propaganda

We finally have concrete proof of the reason why Michael Bell of Bellular Gaming has refused to discuss the infiltration of DEI propaganda in video games. This week Bell interviewed Blizzard World of Warcraft Vice President Holly Longdale who was giving interviews in London England for the upcoming WoW expansion: The War Within.

Strangely enough, Bell doesn’t appear in the video unlike Mr. GM who interviewed Holly on the same day:

If Bell had spoken out truthfully about DEI and the Sweet Baby James scandal, he very well may have been denied an interview with Longdale. As readers of this website know, Blizzard is committed to far-left causes like DEI and representation in all of their video games. Holly Longdale has long been an advocate of LGBTQ representation and was the person directly responsible for PRIDE vanity pets being offered for free every June for EverQuest players.

A couple of weeks ago Bell tried to deal with the original outrage that he caused by releasing a video that ended up creating even more outrage from viewers:

Here are some devasting comments from the video:

I’m shocked you just refuse to acknowledge the awful things SBI employees have said.

Is he trolling? I refuse to believe that someone with “news” in the channel name is as uninformed as he is coming across. This calls into question every Bellular video I’ve watched over time. I thought he could be trusted but I’m no longer convinced that’s true.

“no sense in beating around the bush” – proceeds to beat around the bush for 30 minutes. C’mon Michael, it’s a pretty big elephant, and the room is tiny. How did you miss him?

A 30-minute long video in which you try to dance around the elephant in the room.

Bro literally talked for 29 minutes without saying anything.

Wasn’t your game The Pale Beyond published by the studio Fellow Traveler? The studio who is on the client list of Sweet Baby Inc. ? Is this the reason you guys are running defense and being intentionally obtuse?

It goes on and on and on like this. You’re not fooling anyone, Mikey.


To keep the spice flowing, Bell feels he must capitulate to the woke agenda. The truth be damned. It’s just that simple. Michael’s entire business operation is all about leveraging his access to Blizzard so he can continue to produce videos that provide exclusive content to his readers. Therefore, he’s not going to rock the boat by challenging the appropriateness of neo-Marxist propaganda being inserted into video games. If he does, his interviews with woke studios like Blizzard will cease and he’ll most likely be denied a press pass at BlizzCon and all press events.

This is not true journalism, it’s access journalism. Most of the YouTubers who report on video games have followed suit and avoided any form of controversy that would put them at odds with the ideological alignment of the studios they cover. This has turned them into obedient lapdogs of the studios they are covering.

Authentic journalism while admittedly rare these days, is the opposite. It purports to strive for objectivity, fairness, and accuracy. Journalists also serve as watchdogs over public affairs and institutions, playing a crucial role in supporting the democratic process.

The bottom line is that Michael Bell has sold his soul and betrayed his audience for more clicks. Failing to report on wokeness in video games, has the unintended consequences of making video games worse than better. Not only are DEI-focused developers propagandists, but they are also the least skilled of anyone on the dev team. They are often hired because they check off diversity hiring requirements.

Many entertainment companies like Disney and Blizzard are currently being sued by former employees for illegal discrimination based on DEI policies. The odious practice of DEI is swiftly coming to an end as the U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled for plaintiffs who have been adversely affected by it.


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