New Blizzard Entertainment President Johanna Faries is an Unqualified Woke Diversity Hire

Now that Microsoft has completely taken over Activision-Blizzard they have wasted no time in replacing outgoing president Mike Ybarra with token diversity hire Johanna Faries. Ybarra was an empty suit all along as I duly noted in my previous article about BlizzCon 2023. He groveled at the feet of his new overlord Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer and then ran off like a beaten dog.

Some feel that Ybarra was fired. This is a plausible theory:

At one point he told woke reporter Jason Schrierer that they would have to drag him out of Blizzard as seen in this Tweet:

Fragile leftist Jason Schrierer must be overjoyed at the news because in the aftermath of the George Floyd BLM riots in America, seeing lots of white men working at video game studios triggered him:

Now that Blizzard has one less white man working there, I’m sure Jason is overjoyed. When all the white men are finally fired and the video game industry completely collapses, what will Jason do then?

Back to the new President of Blizzard. I find it interesting that the official announcement has no photograph of Johanna Faries. You would think that they would want to advertise that they just helped to meet their ESG targets by hiring a black woman. All we see is an icy cold blue Blizzard logo:

There is no point in bothering to analyze her letter because it’s all worthless boilerplate corporate speak. I doubt she wrote it.

After looking at her LinkedIn profile I don’t see any particular qualifications that apply to her role as the president of a global video game studio. It looks like she’s had several low-effort, ceremonial, featherbed jobs in the past such as working for the woke NFL for 12 years and working for Call of Duty e-sports. Naturally, since the BLM riots, black women have been very desirable in corporate America for their symbolic value because not only do you get a black person, you get a woman (or a non-male as they are called now) too.

Maybe the next Blizzard President will be a plant-based, extraterrestrial, polyamorous, black, lesbian, disabled woman, and a military veteran?

Faries is a True Believer in Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Representation and Intersectionality Cult

In only 30 seconds of research, I managed to find a smoking gun 34-minute YouTube interview conducted in 2021 where Faries is having a conversation with an obscure (currently unemployed) sportswriter named Sarah Kwank and a DEI officer named David Gould. The 3-way conversation (with only 184 views) is very hard to watch as all three participants engage in a woke lovefest complete with clichésm mutual admiration, sophistry, and circular arguments.

Bay area Asian journalist Kwank did her best to ask very leading softball questions that were all naturally woke. I went through the painful task of scrutinizing the entire transcript and could not find anything of real substance other than Faries’s belief in promoting the DEI agenda and claiming that systemic racism exists in America and that we need “change.” All of it, tired civil rights, black experience, female empowerment, corporate bromides.

The impression I got after hearing the entire interview is that these DEI industry hucksters see white culture as a vast reservoir of wealth and goodwill that is to be infiltrated, hijacked, looted, and pillaged. Everything made by guilt-ridden white people is theirs for the taking by mere virtue of their melanin levels which confers to them the spoils of unearned status and power. This perspective reduces white people to suckers and slaves solely to exist for the benefit of non-whites. It’s obscene and sickening how this kind of thinking has been normalized and adopted by corporate America.

In the Brave New DEI World JFK and MLK Are Persona Non Grata

At one point in our history, the USA was on a positive trajectory to a post-racial future. I remember as a boy hearing the timeless words of both JFK and MLK. Sadly, thanks to the elites, today we are polarized and divided.

The inspirational words of John F. Kennedy: Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country is not even in the same universe as their selfishness and sense of entitlement are right off the charts. The opposite of JFK’s words: What can my country (of racist white people) do for me? seems to be the guiding principle.

Forget about MLK’s plea for white Americans to judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. That too has been inverted by the modern left.

All they talked about is diversity and inclusion but failed to mention the plight of the forgotten people who will impacted by this: straight white males. You know, those awful people that built the industry that they are constantly critiquing. I hope someday historians will look back at this period with horror, just as they looked back at how Russian and Chinese communists ravaged their respective countries with similar ideologies and ultimately killed millions all in the name of Luciferian-inspired equality.

There is no doubt that Faries is an extremely polished and personable high priestess of wokeness. She manages to mention every kind of woke trope from allyship to intersectionality to systemic racism to Colin Kaepernick to George Floyd. Her grasp of the DEI industrial complex terminology is quite a thing to behold.

Interestingly, there were no white people in this conversation. Most DEI discussions are reduced to regurgitating unchallenged platitudes about female empowerment, hiring more minorities, and pandering to “marginalized” communities. You know the drill.

I found another interview Faries did with another Asian woman. This seems like a pattern. She alluded to this in the first interview as she found kinship and allyship with Asian women in her previous role as Call of Duty e-sports.

The NFL Problem

Like Blizzard, the reputation of the NFL is in the toilet all because of the introduction of wokeness. I wonder how much Johanna Faries was responsible for the politicization of the NFL during the Colin Kaepernick fiasco?

The fact that black players comprise 56% of all players but only represent 13-14% of the American population is problematic for Fariers as she was part of the sports industrial complex that hired based on merit but only for black-dominated sports. By today’s standards, this is textbook racism. At the very same time, Fariers is a strong believer in DEI which ignores merit requirements for blacks at the expense of heterosexual white males.

If under-representation is wrong, then over-representation is equally wrong. Both the NFL and the NBA are prime examples of the hypocrisy and absurdity of DEI idealogy.

The NFL is on its last legs as it’s gone completely woke. The NFL has forgotten who its audience is. The fact that Faries was with the NFL for 12 years is evidence that she was in the belly of the beast and knew exactly what was going on during the Colin Kaepernick debacle and the George Floyd moral panic.

I have mirrored this interview on my Rumble channel in case the YouTube video gets taken down. I predict many DEI lawsuits will be forthcoming and lodged against corporations who recklessly infected their companies with the woke mind virus and willfully discriminated against straight white males who work there. I hope lawyers will find this information useful in their cases to show that this demonic ideology has been systemically and institutionally present at Activiion-Blizzard for many years.

DEI is a Metastatic Cancer that will Kill Western Civilization

Western civilization is no accident. Chief among its foundations is the principle of merit. Merit is a practical virtue. It means you strive to be the best, you push yourself. Meritocracy is color-blind. We all want the very best surgeons to operate on us and our loved ones. We all want the highest caliber of pilots to fly our airplanes.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are the exact opposite. Equity means equality of results not equality of opportunity. DEI encourages victimhood and is ultimately divisive and corrosive. The cost of DEI is solely borne by the heterosexual white man who by his birth is turned into a convenient malefactor and blamed for all the evils of society.

DIE will die when enough of us realize that we have nothing to feel guilty for.


It comes as no surprise that Micscroft has assumed total control over Blizzard. The audacity of Phil Spencer to parachute into BlizzCon 2023 like some kind of conquering Roman emporer or like Hitler entering a defeated Paris in 1940 was a humiliation ritual to both Blizzard and their players.

Putting an unknown, unqualified, activist, woke black woman in charge of Blizzard is an obvious insult to all their loyal players. Being a big Diablo fan does not make you qualified to be president of one of the largest most famous video game companies in the world. I just do not see what — if anything — she brings of substance to the table.

Chris Metzen is the only person who would have been an acceptable president because only he has the vision, the institutional knowledge, and the trust of the players. He earned that trust because of his achievements and hard work — unlike posers like Ybarra, Spencer, and Faries. But Metzen’s real problem is that he was born white and male.

Call me jaded but I think that Faries as president of Blizzard 3.0 will be business as usual. They’ll stay true to form and continue to screw up and make crappy games until the Blizzard name has been milked beyond recognition, Expect more black and oriental faces in Blizzard games and their marketing materials. Naturally, white men will be running the studio in the trenches and doing all the heavy lifting while Faries gets the credit and continues to walk in between the raindrops. You can be sure they will trot her out occasionally to make speeches about female empowerment and racial justice.

At best, she will be a harmless figurehead trophy hire. At worst, she’ll be promoting the DEI agenda and pandering to LGBTQ people and all the usual suspects. I think she’ll last about a year or until the next scandal/crisis erupts at Activision-Blizzard which is almost monthly. Then she’ll have to take the fall and resign and join a long list of disgraced ex-Blizzard presidents. Rinse and repeat.

To be fair, Johanna Faries is not the problem. People like her have been propped up for strategic reasons for decades. She is simply an actor playing her part. The problem is the people at Microsoft who hired her.


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