Blizzard VP Holly Longdale Brags about GLAAD Nomination for Shoehorning LGBTQ Propaganda into World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

The Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation AKA GLAAD was originally formed to challenge the defamation of homosexuals and lesbians. Originally GLAAD was the GLADL — the Gay Lesbian Anti-Defmation League, but after pressure from the perpetually irascible Jewish lobby group, the ADL, they changed it.

Since alphabet people have a disproportionate amount of wealth and influence in our culture, nobody with a brain feels sorry for them anymore. So in order to keep their grift going, they needed to find a new group of victims to emancipate: people who suffer from gender dysphoria AKA transgender people. Like the powerful Human Rights Coalition (HRC), GLAAD has changed gears and jumped-on on the “protect trans youth” bandwagon. That is exactly why trans issues are always in the news for the past 8 years. It is by design.

Over the years, their mission slowly changed. No longer content to protect the growing ranks of alphabet people from scrutiny and criticism, GLAAD is now a major force in the normalization and promotion of the evils of sexual and cultural degeneracy and it has targeted the entertainment industry.

To give readers a small sample of the endemic depravity at GLAAD, the shocking and disgraceful satanic performance by homosexual Sam Smith at the recent GRAMMY Awards was lauded by them in a recent article.

And now the people who run GLAAD who publicly praise this satanic evil at the Grammy Awards, believe they know what’s best for WoW players?!?

Not satisfied to be intimidating and extorting both the TV and film industries, the content of video games is now in the sights of the powerful GLAAD advocacy group. GLAAD demands that game studios now include positive representations of alphabet people within their game worlds.

Naturally, the demonic wokesters at Blizzard Entertainment are only too eager to comply with the demands of LGBTQ activists at GLAAD and as a result, they now purposely putting LGBTQ content in their video game worlds in order to earn praise from organizations like GLAAD.

Like the woke ally and sycophant she is, newly anointed Blizzard Vice President Holly Longdale who has done the bidding of the LGBTQ lobby in past games such as EverQuest is now delighted that Blizzard is being rewarded for their obedience to GLAAD and does not hesitate to brag about her glee:

From the GLAAD press release regarding Blizzard’s World of Warcraft: Dragonflight:

The call of the Dragon Isles beckons the heroes of Azeroth in Dragonflight, the latest expansion for World of Warcraft. In many ways, Dragonflight is a return to fundamentals for the nearly two-decade-running MMO, focusing heavily on player freedom and core game mechanics. In other ways, it’s a profound reimagining of the types of characters and stories that make up its world. When news of California’s lawsuit against Blizzard Entertainment exposed its toxic and discriminatory workplace culture in the summer of 2021, many workers at the company bravely stood up and fought for change, through walkouts, protests, and internal advocacy. And in spite of the pain that still lingers from those revelations, both inside the company and in the hearts of Blizzard fans, they carry on that fight to uphold the values that Blizzard has long claimed to champion.

If Dragonflight is an opening salvo in that struggle for a brighter and more inclusive future for the company, it’s a mighty impressive one. The vibrant diversity of the development team and player community is reflected in the game more than ever. Importantly, LGBTQ characters – who are too often sidelined and overshadowed – are front and center. From Thomas and Miguel, the married gay couple who guide players through profession systems, to Narman and Dawa, two Centaur lovers who enlist the assistance of players in their marriage proposal, Dragonflight’s queer storylines are bold and celebratory.

The audacity of GLAAD’s propaganda in this paragraph is shameless and astounding. I guarantee you that the people at GLAAD never bothered to play Dragonflight. Instead, I believe that Blizzard sent them a synopsis of all the LGBTQ content and GLAAD dutifully regurgitated it with flowery praise.

Of course, GLAAD and Blizzard are not interested in any semblance of balanced representation that includes both bad, good, and neutral depictions of LGBTQ characters, they only want good representation that puts alphabet people in a positive light.

Why are there No LGBTQ Villains in World of Warcraft?

Imagine the outrage that would emanate from GLAAD if Blizzard created an island of obese, smelly, brown-skinned, lesbian savages that players could kill for gold, experience, and loot.

Imagine the caterwauling that would erupt if Blizzard created storylines where players were rewarded if they hunted down fictional homosexual cannibals and brought them to justice or simply executed them.

The invertebrates at Blizzard would never allow this to happen. Fair representation where LGBTQ characters are not portrayed exclusively as sympathetic, heroic, saintly beings will never happen in WoW. But, Blizzard has no problem making heterosexual characters into villains that must be found and killed in their massively multi-player murder simulator.

Is it Fair that Blizzard Only Panders to LGBTQ Agenda?

Blizzard openly admits that they are committed to spreading the diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE) ideology with its studio and into the content of its video games. Back in 2017, Kotaku revealed that at the time Blizzard already had established an LGBTQ Employee Council that meets once a month at Blizzard to discuss LGBTQ issues at Blizzard.

In the years that have followed, this council has expanded its influence and now lobbies for the insertion of LGBTQ propaganda within games like World of Warcraft. Combine this with the fact that Blizzard is being incentivized by outside LGBTQ lobby groups like GLAAD and you have a real problem.

Why should only LGBTQ people and their allies be allowed to have direct internal influence at Blizzard?

Why are there no officially recognized internal advisory councils that represent people of faith who believe in traditional sex roles and traditional marriage at Blizzard?

Colluding with GLAAD Sets a Bad Precedent

I have suspicions that GLAAD is colluding with LGBTQ activist developers at Blizzard and other major studios. In 2020, I penned an article that reveals how GLAAD is using awards to incentive studios to artificially include the representation of homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, queer and non-binary people in their stories.

If we allow GLAAD to be involved directly with Blizzard, why not allow other groups to have influence as well? Conceivably the ADL could demand more Jewish representation in WoW. The NAACP could demand more representation for negroes in WoW. It goes on and on but where does it stop?

The Critical Flaw in Holly Longdale’s Philosophy of Game Development

Last year, Longdale lamented that it’s impossible to make gamers happy:

While we can see evidence that throughout her career as a game developer, she has gone out of her way to make LGBTQ players happy and she hasn’t lifted a finger to make heterosexual players happy.

What is Happiness?

The pursuit of happiness mentioned in the U.S. Declaration of Independence is not a guarantee of happiness. Rather, it is an acknowledgment that people should be free to find happiness. The same logic applies to equality. We should strive for equality of opportunity — not equality of outcome.

If you can’t guarantee happiness, at least you can ensure that you are not going out of your way to offend people. If you are going to try to appeal to a universal audience, you should do so by including non-controversial content that appeals to the lowest common denominator. Shoehorning cosmopolitan progressive California values into a game world that is based on various medieval and tribal real-world cultures is a big mistake because it needlessly alienates people who disagree with those values and sends a message that you are trying to indoctrinate them.

The flaw in Londgale’s thinking is not that game devs should want to make everyone feel happy, as she noted, it’s impossible but admirable nonetheless, is that she and other LGBTQ advocates focus on a specific element of happiness: pleasures of the flesh, sexual freedom, and sexual identity and then choose a particular group to bestow that happiness on LGBTQ people. The end result is that Longdale and others end up being exclusive instead of inclusive.

The Cowardice of Studios Who Feel they Must Pander to Activists

An even deeper problem is game designers should not have to validate the lifestyles, expectations, and modern conventions of LGBTQ people in the real world, to make them feel “welcome” in a medieval fantasy world. LGBTQ players have no right to demand this of developers as well. To illustrate this absurdity, I pose this question:

How would Blizzard feel if people who love cyberpunk culture or Star Wars culture made demands that their lifestyle should be welcome and validated in the fictional fantasy world of Azeroth?

How would Disney feel if people who love Lord of the Rings or Warcraft culture made demands that their lifestyle should be welcome and validated in the fictional fantasy world of Star Wars?

If you show up at a Japanese restaurant and foolishly demand that they serve you a cheeseburger instead of Japanese food, don’t be surprised when they throw your ass out the door.

If LGBTQ people want their own fantasy virtual world, they should build it themselves. Stop trying to barge into pre-existing worlds that have pre-existing lore, and impose your will, because you’re not welcome.

MMO studios should not have to update the content of their virtual worlds just because customs and conventions change in the real world. When you give in to the social pressure of a handful of unhinged, mentally ill transgender “women” on Twitter, you set a bad precedent that has disastrous consequences and imposes impossible obligations on the studio.


Virtue signaling is the over-the-counter drug of choice for the woke. All you need is a desire to feel important, a lack of shame to promote your shallow good deeds to the world, and a wretched hive of scum and villainy like Twitter.

Virtue signaling is also a strategy of misdirection that cynical corporations use to cover a multitude of their sins. Activision-Blizzard has mastered the dark arts of virtual signaling. They pay their developers on average 38% less than their competitors. They use draconian rank and stack techniques to deny hard-working employees promotions. They get away with this because they purchase protection from the media and advocacy groups by pointing to diversity, inclusion, and equity policies.

Combine virtue signaling with the woke mind virus, and it is inevitable that Southern California Bubble-dwelling lost souls like Holly Longdale will easily succumb to societal pressure. But, it’s more than just a mental virus, it’s a dangerous cult of people that have infiltrated every walk of life. They don’t keep their personal beliefs at home, they bring them to work and spread them in what they create. Like vampires, werewolves, and zombies, they are dedicated to infecting others with this mind virus.

Blizzard never misses an opportunity to loudly proclaim that World of Warcraft is an MMORPG that is accessible to people from all over the world with different beliefs and cultures. New players who log on to WoW are now confronted with a social contract that they must agree to before proceeding:

Here, Blizzard admits that WoW players come from different cultures. Then they claim that all players deserve a world where they can feel safe in. These two statements conflict and contradict each other. In many cultures, homosexuality is considered a serious taboo. Many world religions consider homosexuality and sex outside of marriage grave sins. Even many people who currently live in America and in Western civilization find the inclusion of LGBTQ propaganda extremely offensive and off-putting.

Therefore, it’s not unreasonable to believe that including LGBTQ-themed content is going to be potentially offensive to many people who play WoW and this directly contradicts Blizzard’s declaration that all players require a game world where they feel safe in.

Blizzard also assures everyone that World of Warcraft is now a “safe” environment. If you believe homosexuality is wrong and if your faith tells you it is wrong, being exposed to blatant LGBTQ propaganda would naturally make you feel unsafe, marginalized, and unwelcome. To riff on George Orwell from Animal Farm:

Everyone is entitled to be safe, but some are entitled to be more safe than others.

The average WoW player just wants to have fun and escape into a fantasy virtual world teaming with adventure. They don’t want to see the same political and social turmoil that they see on the nightly news, they just want an oasis where they can role-play in a different world. But Blizzard doesn’t care about these players anymore. Instead, they care about promoting the woke LGBTQ agenda with meaningless awards from pressure groups like GLAAD and others.

Even more incredulous is the fact that Blizzard has officially erased biological males and females from Azeroth and their Warcraft universe. Homosexuals are males. Lesbians are females. By erasing biological sex, they have inadvertently erased homosexuals and lesbians as well. By doing this, Blizzard has reduced biology to a mere costume or a skin. Things are moving so fast that by the end of 2023, transgender people may be erased in favor of the new flavor of the month determined by their overlords at HRC and GLAAD.

LGBTQ lobby organizations are relentlessly promoting the normalization of sexual degeneracy throughout our culture via entertainment. They are not stopping there. The LGBTQ movement has infiltrated children’s schools and children’s libraries with the inclusion of pornographic books and abominable acts of depravity like the infamous Drag Queen Story Hour epidemic. They are trying to spread their evil by grooming the most innocent and vulnerable in our population: our children.

Big LGBTQ is so well-financed and powerful that none dare to speak out against it for fear of reprisals and ruin. Just the mere accusal of being “transphobic” can end your career. This is why streamers like Asmongold, Bellular Gaming, and others are afraid to discuss this. The following quote is apt:

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

Decades ago, video games started out as an innocent pastime for fun-loving people of all ages. Now they have been completely hijacked by posturing neo-Marxists who use them as propaganda to subvert and destroy everything that is good and right about Western civilization.

All this happened because we male gamers let it happen. We were too cowardly, too apathetic, too lazy, too tolerant, too insecure, and too self-absorbed to care. Instead of being vigilant gatekeepers for our past time, we foolishly welcomed everyone and anyone into our worlds. We gave an inch and they took a mile. The proverbial camel we let into the tent has pushed us out. We let the Trojan Horse mind virus of wokeness in and it will not stop until video games are fundamentally transformed into unplayable, worthless propaganda.


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