Esteemed American Pediatrician Debunks Transgenderism Ideology

Transgenderism is a sick and twisted ideology that that preys about the most vulnerable in our society: children and teens. This demonic ideology is sweeping throughout the United States, Canada and the Western world unchecked.

So-called queer theory that states that a person’s sex/gender is fluid. This specious theory is the academic underpinning of this sickness and has no basis in science. There are only two sexes: male and female.

Much of the unrest in our society is being perpetrated by a handful transgender activists who bully anyone that disagrees with them. Twitter is completely dominated by a mob of self-righteous transgender hooligans. Many if not most of ANTIFA members are self-professed transgenders.

The modern left has become obsessed with “emancipating” transgenders and never misses an opportunity to champion their cause. Most new video games including the upcoming World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion now include propaganda that attempts to normalize this wicked ideology.

The National Pulse’s Natalie Winters recently reported that the shocking news that the Biden Foundation promoted transgenderism for 18 month old babies.

Tradition, Family and Property’s Neil Ritchie recently interviewed Dr. Michelle Cretella, MD President of the American College of Pediatricians who debunked this foul and false notion of transgenderism.

Please watch the following video and educate yourself about the truth of transgenderism:

If this video is taken down from YouTube, please watch the video here.