Video Game Dev Reveals the Industry is an Identity Politics Propaganda Machine

If you still doubt that video game studios have become assembly lines of identity politics agitprop, then I have a harrowing account of an anonymous video game developer to share with you.

In June of this year, I saved a bunch of screenshots from a Reddit forum — probably KotakuInAction2 — that chronicles the story of one video game developers journey through the video game industry as he encountered and confronted left-wing bias in the workplace.

Probably the most striking thing he revealed was that many of his fellow developers had disrespectful attitude toward their target audience. They also exhibited a group-think mentality and believed they were were on a mission to “educate” the public about social justice issues via their video games. Here’s one of the more shocking quotes from this dev:

“F**k the gamers” is a sentiment at the office that comes up often. Along with it is a whole mindset of “we’re manufacturing culture here and the video games that people consume is going to shape their minds and behaviors, so we have to make sure to make games in a socially conscious way that generates a more equitable future for the marginalized.”

Here is the text from the anonymous dev that I managed to screenshot:

Some Takeaways

Radical left-wing ideology is now ubiquitous in the video game industry.

Video game developers who don’t drink the neo-Marxist Kool-Aid are very afraid of being cancelled for their political and cultural views.

The video game industry has always been liberal but in 2010 identity politics started creeping in.

Indie games may have been the vector point for identity politics to enter into the industry bloodstream from 2010 and on. Even back then Blizzard and other big studios would never have dared to push overt wokeness in their studios.

Video game design conferences routinely pad their schedules with useless esoteric panels and talks given by 3rd rate developers and charlatans culled from indie studios. Grifters like Zoe Quin, Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian instantly come to mind.

Many developers have contempt for the gamers that they are creating games for. In my own experience, I know this to be true. Many MMORPG devs are some of the most arrogant, patronizing, condescending, corrupt, and slimy people to walk the face of the earth. I’ve been interacting with them for over 20 years.

Video game studios have become neo-Marxist propaganda factories. In lieu of good pay and good working conditions, clever video game studios sell the notion that their employees can “change the world” with video games. This is why identity politics activism and LGBTQ propaganda are pushed by upper management at these big studios.

Viewpoint diversity is not tolerated in the woke video game industry.

Get woke, go broke. There is increasing evidence that gamers are turned off by this relentless identity politics agitprop that is being shoved down their throats. Woke corporations like DC Comics/DC Universe just laid off 600 employees and Red Bull just fired 3 executives who were trying to push identity politics into their company.

If you are the anonymous developer that posted this inside look into the video game industry, I would like to hear more from you about your experiences. Your story deserves to be told. That goes for any other devs in the industry. Please contact me at the email address here. I guarantee you complete anonymity.

― Wolfshead