Tom Hanks to play Martin Luther King Jr. in Upcoming Speilberg Directed Biopic

In a stunning announcement that has left the entertainment industry reeling, it has been revealed that Tom Hanks will be playing civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. in an upcoming biopic directed by Steven Spielberg.

Sources close to the project have revealed that Spielberg has been working tirelessly to bring this important story to the big screen and that Hanks was the only actor he could think of to bring the iconic figure of MLK to life.

According to insiders, Hanks has been preparing for the role for months, studying MLK’s speeches and interviews and even going so far as to attend a number of civil rights rallies and protests to get into character.

But not everyone is happy about this casting choice. Civil rights activists have taken to social media to express their outrage that a white actor has been chosen to play one of the most influential black figures in American history.

“Are you kidding me?” tweeted one user. “Tom Hanks playing Martin Luther King Jr.? What’s next, Scarlett Johansson as Nelson Mandela?”

Others have pointed out that Hanks is not known for his ability to portray complex characters, and that his trademark “aw shucks” persona may not be appropriate for such a weighty role.

“This is ridiculous,” wrote one critic. “Tom Hanks playing MLK is like Will Ferrell playing Gandhi. It’s just not right.”

Despite the backlash, Spielberg and Hanks remain confident that they can pull off this challenging project, and have promised to do justice to the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“We understand that this is a sensitive issue,” said Spielberg in a statement. “But we believe that Tom is the perfect actor for the job. He has the range and the talent to bring MLK to life in a way no one else can.”

As for Hanks, he is excited to take on the challenge of playing such an important historical figure:

“I know that some people might have concerns about a white actor playing MLK,” he said in a recent interview. “But I believe that this is an opportunity to start a conversation about race and representation in Hollywood. And who knows, maybe I’ll surprise everyone with my performance.”

The film is set to begin production later this year, with a release date scheduled for June 2024.

Disclaimer: This is a satirical article and not meant to be taken seriously.

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