Epic Analysis of the Implosion of the Star Trek Franchise

The scourge of identity politics is killing entertainment culture one franchise at time. Every now and then someone drops a truth bomb of epic proportions to make sense of the madness. This week the Unz Review published a masterclass analysis of the demise of Star Trek from a poster named Divine Right.

The writer does an expert deconstruction and vivisection of the decaying corpse of the once great franchise. This is probably the best article I’ve read on our culture in years.

I loved the original Star Trek as a kid. It was one of the first serious sci-fiction drama series aimed at men and written largely by men. Over the years, the Star Trek franchise has become feminized and corrupted by the usual suspects in the identity politics crowd. Today, the Star Trek franchise is an unrecognizable and unwatchable casualty of wokeness.

The demise of a storied franchise like Star Trek is a warning sign that our culture is on life support. Star Trek is the canary in the coalmine.

Other beloved popular franchises like Star Wars and those in the Blizzard Entertainment stable have been similarly lobotomized by the same wrecking crew of simps, feminists, lesbians and social justice warriors.

Female writers — who bring with them ideology straight out of man hating gender studies classes — are the greatest danger to our culture today. Almost every script from woke TV show, film and video game is written by an angry feminist weaned on years of plots concerning magic, vampires and witches — the primary staple of the young adult fiction genre.

Young females have been emboldened to try their hand at writing thanks to the incredible success of women like J.K. Rowing’s who gave us the Harry Potter series and E.L. James’s “50 Shades of Grey” mommy porn. The spirit of the evil biblical temptress Jezebel is alive and well in our culture.

Thanks to weak beta males in positions of power who love to white knight for these women, our culture is dying right before our eyes. Like a car wreck on the freeway, it’s hard to avert your eyes away from the carnage.

If you have an ounce of compassion in your soul for our once great culture, please take the time to read the article on Unz.

― Wolfshead

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