Video: Douglas Murray on Identity Politics and the God Shaped Hole in Our Society

A dangerous madness is currently gripping our culture. The meteoric rise of identity politics and in particular the strange proliferation of transgenderism and everything LGBTQ has clogged the arteries of our society.

Even video game studios and developers have become obsessed with finding LGBTQ victims to emancipate and champion.

Children are not learning history today. Many schoolchildren have no idea what happened in America on September 11, 2001. Instead they are learning to find and invent grievances in all aspects of human life and then are told they must fight them for the rest of their lives.

Who is teaching these children?

It is adults of course. Adults who know better but have instead opted to spread the gospel of nihilism and victimhood to our youth in the name of self-preservation. No one is immune from this ideological contagion and the supposed adults in the room are not immune either as I pointed out in a recent article about virtual world luminary Raph Koster.

Douglas Murray is one of the wisest conservative intellectuals that Britain has ever produced. He’s currently touring the U.S.A. promoting his new book: The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity.

In an interview with Eric Metaxas, Murray diagnoses the malady that our post-Christian Western civilization is currently suffering from: a lack of meaning for people for people who have rejected the existence of a higher power in their lives.

This video is a must watch if you desire to understand the cancer that is growing in our world.

Murray is right, we all have to find a life with real and authentic meaning. We need to reject the false meaning that the aristocrats on Twitter would have you believe in.

Academia is a cesspool of terrible and nonesensical ideas that have somehow wormed their way into corporate America and our culture at large. For too long, normal people slept which the cultural Marxist termites ate away at the heartwood of our society.

If you are waking up every day and trying to advance so-called “trans rights” or fighting “racism” and “sexism” and any of the thousands of “isms” by virtue signaling on Twitter and calling people who disagree with you “transphobic,” then you are wasting your life fighting imaginary dragons. You are not a noble person. You are not a hero. Rather, you are a rebel without a cause and you are a selfish, spoiled child.

If you continue to slay imaginary dragons and make everyone miserable around you in the process, you’ll never be happy.

For the good of society and your own welfare. Stop lying to yourself and others, and grow the hell up.

That goes for the adults who are peddling this nonsense to impressionable kids and teenagers.