Young Western Men Are Being Destroyed

I just read a timely thread on X that explains the pain and alienation that many young Western white men are experiencing under the brutal yoke of modernism. It was authored by Antonin Scalia Jr. He’s the based son of the former U.S. Supreme Court Justice of the same name.

The chickens of 100 years of women’s suffrage and 80 years of cultural Marxism have come home to roost. It will only get worse as the madness of diversity, equity, inclusion, and intersectionality starts to consume corporate America and the West.

We are already seeing the fruits of the “emancipation” of women with daily reports of all female teams being completely incapable of doing jobs that were once held only for men. An all-female team of Canadian firefighters recently accidentally set fire to a large forest. We just found out that an all-female team of American police officers could not hold down a male suspect. Two female astronauts on the International Space Station mistakenly discarded $100K worth of special tools that are now orbiting the Earth forever lost. Female pilots in both the military and commercial airlines are crashing planes at record rates. Diverse teams of architects caused a catastrophe when a bridge collapsed in California a few years ago. This is only the tip of the iceberg as the corrupt leftist media are refusing to report all of the incidents.

The modern entertainment industry has been annihilated thanks to incompetent and unstable girl-boss women the likes of LucasFilms’ Kathleen Kennedy and Jennifer Salke from Amazon Studios. Academia has been gutted because of feminist lesbian academics who concoct insane theories from their fetid cauldrons.

Modern women dare to complain that they can’t find strong, good men. Not only did they take their jobs, but they also took their dignity and reason to exist: to provide for women and their children. So they should not be surprised as modern civilization has been obsessed with female empowerment at the expense of empowering men.

The misguided focus on LGBTQ issues and issues of racial justice via trillions of dollars of welfare and resulting opportunity cost has gutted our society and ignored who we should be focusing on: men. Merit should be nurtured and rewarded instead of being neutered and rejected. But in our society, we prop up the “marginalized” as some perverse way to assuage our white guilt. This insanity has to stop.

Western civilization needs strong, confident, healthy young men or it will crumble. The U.S. military is finding it almost impossible to recruit straight white men because of their constant promotion of wokeness. No red-blooded American man wants to serve in a military full of effeminate men, queers, and faggots. White males are tired of dying for globalism and mass illegal immigration. This will be the undoing of the West if this is allowed to continue.

In the book of Genesis in the Old Testament, God gives instructions to Eve:

Your desire shall be contrary to your husband, but he shall rule over you — Genesis 3:16

If it’s good enough for the creator, it’s good enough for me.

The New Testament clearly and unequivocally explains that the purpose of women is to bear and raise children and take care of the husband and the family. Women are not to speak in the church nor should they rule men in any way, shape, or form.

One of the punishments that God makes clear in the Old Testament to those that disobey Him are as follows:

Youths oppress my people, women rule over them. My people, your guides lead you astray; they turn you from the path. — Isaiah 3:12

This bible verse correctly describes the West in 2023. Period.

Look around the world today and you can see the endless destruction that girl-boss women like Angela Merkel, Jacinta Arden, Hillary Clinton, and Ursula von der Leyen have inflicted upon their citizens. These women are despicable and evil. The biological truth is that women are not wired to be leaders.

More women are realizing each day that they were sold a bill of false goods and that feminism was a scam that ended up destroying their lives. They traded being a housewife for corporate slavery, childlessness, Netflix, Chardonnay, 30 cats, and misery. TV shows like “Sex in the City” (created by a Jewish homosexual named Darren Star) perpetrated this lie. Trad women are now growing in number. Trad women are far happier than their emancipated sisters. Pearl Davis is the top traditional woman influencer out there who got red-pilled and gets it.

With the advent of birth control, modern women suddenly had sexual agency and it has contributed to millions of abortions and a rise of promiscuity and divorce which has destroyed families. Not only that, in the West we cannot reproduce our current population. We are doomed and will be extinct. This is why corporations are desperate to important turd world immigrants into the USA.

The 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that gave women the right to vote was a tragic mistake that will go down in history as the death knell for America and the West. Right after that, the temperance movement was started by women and gave us Prohibition which in turn gave us organized crime.

In the few days that this thread has existed, it’s received an astonishing 3 million views. Here’s the X thread in full for posterity:

Young men are being destroyed. A huge number of guys I talk to between the ages of 20 and 40 have either become soulless drones—resigned to life in a dead-end job, learning nothing, few meaningful relationships, nothing big or daring or beautiful in their life—or punch-a-wall frustrated and depressed. 

The reactions are coming from a sense that there aren’t any opportunities left for them to do exciting and important things. Everything seems fake. Some guys are giving in and accepting it; others are banging against the glass trying to break out. 

A few years ago, I spoke with the head of a prominent organization. He asked where all the young leaders were, and how we could “get them in the game.” I responded: give them a chance. Give them responsibility. Give them some real ownership of something. 

Of course, he balked. “They’re not ready!” But “readiness” seems to just mean “old enough.” (And the longer people stay in leadership roles, the older “old enough” becomes.) Where’s the willingness to be bold? Things are broken. Err on the side of daring. 

This is why so many friends seem to be flocking to tech. People are *building* and taking real risks—big bets, crazy projects, young kids running around breaking things. Porn, screens, cramped apartments, HR Stasi, excel sheet jobs….all beating young men into the ground. 

This is a half-baked thread typed on a trailhead. Boils down to this:

Give young men their lives back, or the West is lost. 


Scalia is spot on. Men were given the DNA to be warriors, protectors, explorers, inventors, workers, providers, builders, risk-takers, and dreamers. That’s what we were made by God to be. Men need to be valued, respected, and elevated again in our culture — especially young boys and teenagers. Male suicide rates are off the charts and many young men feel that there is nothing for them in this brave new world run by women. Women seem not to give a damn and continue to promote all kinds of initiatives designed to take men’s jobs. Girls Who Code and thousands of other despicable organizations are busy disemboweling the future of men via diversity, equity, inclusion, and now representation.

The unintended consequences of unchecked modernism — that created materialism and feminism — have crushed the spirit of men. We were never supposed to work in factories or cubicles or spend a long time away from our families.

In the past 40 years, the importance of manhood has been ignored by academics and the media. Even in entertainment and video game culture, manhood is being marginalized at every turn by female empowerment and girl boss tropes. Males, from boys to men, NEED manly role models and heroic archetypes in the entertainment they consume — but they are not getting it from today’s popular culture. This has to change.

The biggest culprits of all are the weak beta males that allowed women to wrestle control in the first place. Their shameful cowardice is ultimately responsible. Weak, lazy, carnal, ungodly men are responsible for most of the world’s problems.

Finally, men are waking up and realizing that nobody is coming to save them. They are getting red-pilled, reading Jordan Peterson, listening to Andrew Tate, and forming MGTOW groups. Men are tired of being handicapped by unjust divorce laws that favor women over men. Men are tired of being slurred with specious labels like toxic masculinity and white fragility.

Women need to be prohibited from taking male jobs. This is not a game or a joke. I am dead serious here. A man should be able to earn a living wage that provides for his family and their needs. A man with a family to support should always be given priority over a single woman. However, our demonic civil rights mentality that is infected in America will never allow this. Some future version of America or even a new country where Christians can live free from the virus of equality is the only solution. Many Christian nationalist intellectuals like Andrew Torba and others are proposing this kind of solution.

We need to bring back the traditional nuclear family. This is already happening in Traditional Roman Catholic and Orthodox communities and they are thriving despite crypto-Marxist and heretic Pope Francis’s best efforts to destroy them. We need to bring back the patriarchy in a hurry or we are all doomed, more primitive cultures will outbreed us and be our masters. The women that are left sure as hell won’t like that.


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