Darkpaw Studio Head and LGBTQ Activist Jennifer Chan Reveals the Existence of Daybreak Games’ Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Initiative

On July 19th 2022, Darkpaw Games published Producer’s Letters for both EverQuest and EverQuest 2 that revealed the existence of a previously unknown diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE) initiative at the studio. In both letters, Darkpaw studio head Jennifer Chan announced that Daybreak Games had donated $5,000 to the San Diego LGBTQ Community Center:

In other news, Darkpaw Games, as part of Daybreak Games’ DE&I initiative, recently pledged a donation of $5,000 to The San Diego LGBT Community Center. One of the many projects this organization works on is helping to solve the housing crisis in San Diego.

From a player’s perspective, what does LGBT rights have to with EverQuest?

What was the purpose of mentioning this controversial donation to both EverQuest and EverQuest 2 players?

To answer the first question, we need to understand who Jen Chan is. Chan is the current studio head of the newly formed Darkpaw Games. A few years ago, she replaced the ebullient Holly Longdale who left Daybreak Games to become the Executive Producer of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft: Classic.

What many EQ players may not realize, Chan is also a left-wing LGBTQ activist that who brags about it on her LinkedIn profile. (Note: the obligatory pronouns):

Chan’s employment with the EQ franchise goes back quite a few years. In April of 2010 she was hired as an EverQuest programmer when John Smedley was running Sony Online Entertainment. Smedley, who claims to be a Roman Catholic, is a zealous LGBTQ booster and regularly posts tweets supporting their cause:

Given Smedley’s far-left worldview and his penchant for virtue signaling, it’s only natural that he would hire as many LGBTQ people as possible to work at SOE.

The Human Rights Campaign that Doesn’t Include All Humans

Chan’s resume makes a big deal about her volunteer experience working for the Human Rights Campaign. Despite being in charge of the one of the most iconic MMORPG franchises in the world, most of her LinkedIn profile is about LGBTQ rights and very little is about her work in the video game industry.

The deceptively named Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is an anti-traditional family, heterophobic, far-left lobby group, and a covert think tank and propaganda arm of the Democratic party in the USA. Just like other radical leftist organizations like the ADL, the SPLC, Black Lives Matter, the Tides Foundation, and every other George Soros funded operation, the powerful HRC bullies people that disagree with them, traffics in victimhood, and routinely exaggerates any and all opposition to their movement to create anger and sympathy to squeeze donations from their members.

Since the Human Rights Campaign only speaks for some humans — not all — George Orwell’s prescient quote is apt:

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Here’s a graphic from a recent HRC fundraising email:

If a pro-Trump or conservative organization said, “turn your anger into action…” they would be promptly investigated by Department of Justice and the story would be covered by all the legacy media outlets. But when the left does it, crickets. Some animals are more equal than others…

But who can blame them? Scaring people is good for business.

Heterophobic crybullies like the HRC want LGBTQ people and their allies in a state of perpetual rage, so they will donate more money to them. So, it’s in the best interests of groups like HRC to keep LGBTQ people as angry and agitated as possible. Any organization that exploits the pain and fear of people to become wealthy and more powerful is despicable.

The civil rights protection racket is alive and well in America. Professional race hustlers and shakedown artists sell indulgences to American corporations as long as they contribute to them and make some boilerplate pronouncement about LGBTQ rights and diversity.

Thankfully, most of the LGBTQ community is not falling for this ruse and is happily living their lives as shown in this video at the San Diego Pride Parade in 2022:

Virtue Signaling at $5 Grand a Pop

Answering my second question, the $5000 donation is a way for Daybreak/Darkpaw and Chan to virtue signal to the world, what wonderful people they are. It’s also a way for Studio Head Chan to shamelessly distract from her underwhelming accomplishments at Darkpaw and perhaps pave the way for a future job at an NGO or some woke non-profit.

In the future, I’m going to into more detail exposing the chronic incompetence and appalling lack of leadership at Daybreak, Darkpaw, and their rapacious overlords at Enad Global 7.

The San Diego LGBT Community Center

What is the San Diego LGBT Community Center and what do they believe and why should EverQuest players even care?

Here’s their mission statement:

Through advocacy, civic engagement, and coalition building, The Center works to promote LGBTQ health and wellness, fight anti-Black racism, and advance human rights by amplifying the voices of families and community members who remain most marginalized—low-income residents, communities of color, immigrants, and refugees. A core value of The Center is that the health and wellness of our community cannot thrive without strong advocacy and community power.

The Center’s mission statement is a good illustration of the dangerous ideology of intersectionality which is founded on Marxism tenets. This is a strength in numbers tactic. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Since Jen Chan worked for the HRC, it is no wonder that she chose the Center for this pledge from Darkpaw.

This “charity” group is essentially a left-wing political advocacy group and a country club all in one. The Center is funded by many big American corporations from Apple to Costco to Wells Fargo. Fighting so-called “anti-Black racism” and helping the so-called “marginalized, communities of color, immigrants, and refugees” is an obvious over-reach and has nothing to do with promoting the well-being of LGBT people. Authentic charities help everyone no matter what their race, creed, religion, and sex. Fake charities who are in effect political advocacy organizations, only help groups that they deem worthy and exclude all others.

Like the HRC, the Center is a loose coalition of “minorities” and “marginalized” people that has joined forces to oppose and fight their imagined oppressor: white heterosexual males.

Donating to a charity many EverQuest players would find offensive and contrary to their values and one that has nothing to do with the video game industry, is extremely inappropriate.

Intersectionality is Identity Marxism

Since Darkpaw’s Jen Chan is a self-admitted expert on intersectionality as evidenced on her LinkedIn profile, it’s only natural that EverQuest players might want to investigate what it is.

According to intellectual Dr. James Lindsay, intersectionality is really Identity Marxism:

The ideology that is most conveniently identified as “Wokeness” is much more accurately described by the phrase Identity Marxism. That is, Wokeness is a Marxian approach to identity politics for similar aims to those Marxism has always touted. In this regard, Critical Race Theory is Race Marxism; Critical Gender Theory is Gender Marxism; Queer Theory is Gender, Sex, and Sexuality Marxism; Fat Studies is Fat Marxism; Postcolonial Theory is Postcolonial Marxism; and Disability Studies is Disability Marxism. All together, working intersectionally, they are one new species of Marxism: Identity Marxism. 

What is Intersectionality?

The normies out there may not understand what intersectionality is. Here are some good explanations:

The Truth about the Ideology of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The most objectionable issue for me in this story is that Daybreak Games is openly promoting and funding the Marxist inspired diversity, inclusion, and equity ideology. Both diversity and inclusion, are anti-merit, anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-heterosexual, and anti-male. When you are hiring for a company, you only have so many positions to fill.

For every non-white, female, non-heterosexual, and non-Christian you hire, that means fewer opportunities to the Christian, heterosexual, white males. It’s an evil zero-sum game with predetermined winners and losers.

I wonder if the white males who still work at Darkpaw Games think about intersectionality? Has anyone ever asked them? Will they happy when it comes time to implement more radical intersectionality and white males get fired first?

Who at Darkpaw decided that the studio should embrace DIE?

Who gave this donation the green light?

The New Aristocracy

Western civilization has a new aristocracy. It is based on your position on the victimhood totem pole. The fastest way to climb to the top is to declare yourself trans. Once you do, you have more status and companies will fall over themselves and try to hire you for purely symbolic reasons.

Anyone who dares to challenge this new artistorcray is charged with “treason” and immediately called a homophobe, a bigot, a racist, a sexist, and is promptly sent to a cancellation gulag to live out the rest of their dissident lives.

There has never been a better quote to illustrate this than the following:

If you want to know who rules over you, just look for who you are not allowed to criticize. ― Voltaire 

The divisive and discriminatory equity agenda is all about equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity. Merit takes a backseat to the welfare of people in protected groups and membership in various high value victim groups. This is pure identity politics and neo-Marxism.

Shame on Daybreak Games and Darkpaw Games for supporting such a destructive ideology that openly discriminates against straight, white men.

The Left’s War on Merit

For thousands of years, the principle of merit has been fundamental to the success of Western civilization. Hiring by merit insures that people who work hard get rewarded and people who do not work hard get less. This is as it should be. Hiring using the DIE agenda produces the exact opposite: a dystopian civilization where a person’s sex, race, religion, political affiliation, and sexual preferences give them unearned value and status.

We are starting to see concrete evidence of this as more women, blacks, and others hired because of their membership in victim groups, are producing inferior products and services. In a highly competitive global world, this will handicap the American economy and put us at competitive disadvantage. Smart countries who don’t adopt this woke foolishness (China and India) will leave us in the dust. Take to its logical conclusion, this system will end in societal collapse which will usher in a totalitarian system, which is by design.

The Left’s War on Straight White Males

The worst part of the DIE agenda is that it creates a new form of systemic racism, sexism and bigotry that punishes straight, white males who are the only group that you can still legally marginalize in America. This is already happening as Fortune has just reported that white males will be the first to be laid off by the sanctimonious CEO of Twilio, Jeff Lawson.

As noted by Max Meyer, this is a clear violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Lawson should lead by example and lay himself off and promote a black, disabled, body positive, trans woman as the new CEO.

While Daybreak Games has been involved in some admirable charity work in the past like the Extra Life Program by the Children’s Miracle Network, giving money to this particular charity that promotes sexual identity is extremely questionable and inappropriate. The money that Daybreak Games earns in profits undoubtedly comes from a significant number of their customers who for religious reasons find the LGBT and DIE agenda offensive and would never want to be a part of something they see as immoral.

Instead of giving money to a benign children’s charity that everyone can get behind, they have instead decided to give money to an LGBT charity, which is a make work project for activists who are being paid to run the charity. There are hundreds of bogus LGBT charities in America who are riding the identity politics grifter gravy train.

How Mentally Ill Trans People are Being Used as Political Pawns

Their latest scam of the pride extremists and hucksters of the LGBTQ movement is to exaggerate the plight of so-called marginalized communities i.e., black transsexuals. They wrongly blame their high suicide rates on “racism” and “anti-trans” bigotry but in reality, people who suffer from gender dysphoria already have intrinsically high suicide rates and LGBTQ people have shorter lifespans than straight people.

Why has the gay rights movement embraced the madness transgenderism in the past 10 years? Follow the money.

Why are so many prestigious hospitals and clinics performing genital and breast mutilation on people suffering from gender dysphoria? Follow the money.

Some Gays are Fed Up with the Totalitarian LGBTQ Community

More people inside the LGBTQ community are starting to wake up and think for themselves. There is a growing movement of gay men that do not agree with transgender ideology that has hijacked their movement. Here’s a tweet by the Log Cabin Republicans (a gay group) who reposts Tucker Carlson’s explanation about how the Human Rights Campaign has co-opted transgenderism as a pretense to increase their fundraising and fill their coffers:

America is basically run by powerful alphabet groups like HRC, GLAAD, and Big Tech companies in Silicon Valley. FoxNews host Tucker Carlson has called the HRC “a prominent arm of the Democratic Party.” The elevation and promotion of the vile ideology of transgenderism where children and teens are put on hormone blockers and have parts of their body mutilated is a direct result of groups like HRC who desperately needed to find a new victim group to emancipate in order to keep their grift going.

Gay Conservatives who used to be Afraid of LGBTQ Bullies are Coming Out of the Closet

The LGBTQ movement in its current incarnation, is a powerful, well-funded band of puritanical thugs. They are even bullying their gays who don’t capitulate to the transgender ideology that is using chemicals to castrate children and teenagers.

A few years ago, I read a remarkable article from a gay conservative named Adam Levine. The title of his article was quite provocative: Coming Out As A Republican To My Democrat Family Went Worse Than Coming Out Gay Adam explains how he was alienated by friends and family when he announced that he was supporting Donald Trump:

I am not a sex offender. But a number of my friends no longer have time to see me. Lifelong acquaintances now regard me with fear and distrust. I have been unfriended en masse on social media and excoriated by friends who deign to remain. And I have been singly excluded from social gatherings when the rest of my family was invited.

No, I am not a sex offender. I am something even worse than that. I am a Donald Trump supporter.

Many conservative gay men are coming out of the closet and voicing their concerns about how the lesbians and transgenders have hijacked their movement. It’s getting so bad that just being gay or lesbian is considered homophobic. Gays Against Groomers just got blacklisted by Big Tech.

Here’s a quote from an anonymous gay conservative from that YouTube video’s comments section:

This is the story of my life, wow… As a gay conservative in his early 20s, I am absolutely terrified of being myself around other “LGBT” individuals. I don’t go to “Pride” events, gay bars, nightclubs, etc. because I don’t feel safe. This goes for in-person and online circles (i.e. Twitter). I feel more “in the closet” and anxious around other gay people than I ever have with any other straight person.

I find most other gays to be mean for no reason, miserable, vindictive, catty, shady, morally corrupt individuals who love to tear other people down. You won’t see me putting my life out there on social media either because I fundamentally disagree with most of the woke/progressive BS that they like to spew. Twitter is a far-left circle-jerk echo-chamber that I refuse to be a part of. I have never felt so outcast and othered by the quote-unquote “gay community”, and no one ever talks about this. I feel homeless because the far-left LGBT crowd doesn’t want me, and the far-right conservative crowd doesn’t want me either.

This is a example of bona fide marginalization. As we can plainly see, conservative gays like this guy are forced to hide in the shadows. The official LGBTQ community doesn’t care about them in the slightest because they refuse to behave like lemmings and tow the pro-transgender Democratic party line.


The Revolution Always Eats Its Own

The essence of revolution is the struggle. The revolution is the point. The nihilism is the point. The mayhem is the point — not the lofty goals that rebels claim is their end goal.

At one point the LGBTQ movement was strictly a gay rights movement. Eventually lesbian feminists infiltrated the gay rights movement. The San Diego LGBTQ Center was once known simply as the Gay Center. It eventually changed to the Gay and Lesbian Center, and finally it was changed to its current name. Each time they graft on more sexual identities, the Center feels the need to be ever more inclusive.

The problem is that as this community broadens, the people who started it become marginalized. As we’ve seen with Gamergate and many other nerd hobbies, the left loves to infiltrate and transform communities, fandoms, and hobbies.

Unhinged trans activists are now threatening pioneers of the gay movement like Fred Sergeant who was at the 1969 Stonewall riots.

Intersectionality to the Rescue!

Homosexual men on average earn higher wages than heterosexual men. Lesbian white women earn on average more than heterosexual white women. This is a big problem for the legitimacy of movement which needs the public to believe the big lie that they victims of systemic societal discrimination. Something had to be done and voila, the answer showed up: intersectionality.

Via the magic of wand of intersectionality, LGBTQ groups like HRC and GLAAD are now using black transsexuals as pawns, props, and useful idiots. Since blacks earn significantly lower wages than other groups including whites and Asians, blacks put downward pressure on average LGBTQ wages which gives their movement another excuse to perpetuate their victim status to continue their fundraising grift.

After their legal victory on so-called “same sex marriage”, the HRC needed to find a new raison d’être and people suffering from the serious mental disorder of gender dysphoria AKA transgenders was it.

Here’s an example of a transgender woman high school teacher in Canada who is obviously mentally ill. This story has gone viral around the world:

Minor attracted persons (MAPs) AKA pedophiles are the next group of victims coming down the victim conveyor belt. Normalized bestiality isn’t far behind.

This is all a subterfuge so that wealthy and powerful gay men and queen bee lesbians who control and fund many of these groups and charities, can be offended by proxy on behalf of poor, downtrodden black trans people who they use as shields. It’s a dishonest and despicable scam.

As to be expected, powerful lobby groups like HRC are already hard at work publishing articles about the “crisis” of the LGBTQ Wage Gap.


The amount of time that our society spends on LGBTQ issues is extremely disproportionate to their worth and value in our society. After 40 years of hearing the same sob story, awareness fatigue has set in. We’re all tired of the alphabet people crying wolf for every perceived injustice. It is absolute madness that 3-4% of the population deserve all this attention from politicians, corporations, and academia.

The opportunity cost of wokeness and focusing on imaginary victims is staggering to our world. But we can’t even escape it if we wanted to. It’s rammed down our throats in every aspect of daily living and now it’s in our video games.

If Jen Chan and Daybreak Games staff want to support identity Marxist charities like the San Diego LGBT Center, they should do so privately and quietly using their OWN MONEY. They should not be using the revenue generated from their customers to support their own pet political and ideological causes and to gain virtue signaling points from future employers.

The $5,000 that Daybreak donated to the San Diego community Center should have been used to create more art assets for their video games. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, as Daybreak has been using precious resources and spending it to promote the degenerate LGBTQ agenda within the fantasy world of Norrath by creating and giving away a wide assortment of PRIDE bunny pets to EQ players every June.

Video game studios should stick to making good video games. They should not be in the business of promoting sodomy, lesbianism, and other depraved sexual practices but this is happening across America in all walks of life thanks to the proliferation and infiltration of unopposed wokeness.

The cult of wokeness’ main purpose is to seize power, transform Western civilization, and to silence all opposition. The benign sounding diversity, inclusion and equity agenda is a clear and present danger for the world. At a recent Word Economic Forum conference at Davos, CEO Bloomberg Petyer CEO admitted the following chilling truth about the nature of the diversity, inclusion and equity agenda:

“This is a race without a finish line,” he emphasized. “It’s never over, and people in leadership positions should never be satisfied.”

The lie of equality was first peddled by the fallen angel Lucifer in the Garden of Eden to Adam and Eve. Variants of that lie have been plaguing the world ever since and have manifested in the murder of hundreds of millions throughout history. We are not gods, and we would do well to remember that.

Chasing the rainbow of equality is a fool’s errand because it’s an endless quest that can never be achieved. There is no pot of utopian gold at the end of the rainbow, only misery and death. Equality reduces humanity to a self-perpetuating struggle between haves and have nots and oppressors and victims. It’s a diabolical zero-sum game that elevates the vices of pride, lust, envy, sloth, and wrath into false virtues. The faster it is cast back into the pits of hell, the better.

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