X Timeline: Former Blizzard WoW Developer Mark Kern Declares War on DEI Hustlers Sweet Baby Inc. and Woke White Knight Journalists

From the start of the Gamergate 2.0: Sweet Baby Inc. scandal, former Blizzard World of Warcraft developer Mark Kern’s takes have been nothing short of brilliant. Kern is one of the few video game developers who is not afraid to go public and fight the anti-white, anti-male, DEI hustlers, and propagandists who are responsible for purposely making terrible video games.

Unlike woke journalists who have no experience making games, Kern has the smarts and the resume to handily obliterate anyone in his path when it comes to how the video game really industry works.

Kern isn’t all talk, he’s a man of action. Without Kern there would be no WoW Classic and the franchise might have been dead by now. Kern is the J.K. Rowling of the industry. He’s a time-tested warrior in the battle for truth that is hated simply because he tells it like it is and stands up to the leftist bullies who relentlessly attack him.

Mark Kern’s X Timeline Since the Sweet Baby Inc. Scandal Erupted

Here are all of Kern’s best tweets from March 41 to March 9. There’s a lot of valuable insight into how the video game industry has been hijacked and corrupted by the forces of evil.

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