Challenging the Official Activision-Blizzard “Cosby Suite” Narrative

To my knowledge, not one video game journalist has challenged the official Cosby Suite narrative concocted by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing’s (D.F.E.H.) lawsuit against Activision-Blizzard and promoted by media outlets such as Kotaku. In a free society — especially in the U.S.A. where freedom of the press has specific constitutional protection — journalists are supposed to be objective, curious truth seekers who are not afraid to question authority. Instead, journalists have become the propaganda arm of the woke ruling class.

In 1859, renowned philosopher John Stuart Mill said in his treatise On Liberty:

He who knows only his own side of the case, knows little of that.

Today’s advocacy driven media, only provides citizens with one side of the argument: the progressive, woke, elitist side. They do their readers and viewers a great disservice by only reporting on one side of the most issues. These doctrinaire automatons do not cherish the only diversity that matters: viewpoint diversity, in fact they despise it. Even, left of center journalists like Bari Weis and Tara Henley can no longer stand the suffocating groupthink that has infected most media organizations and have quit their jobs so they can finally speak their minds.

The lost souls engaged in the dark arts of video game journalism/activism are cut from the same cloth as their legacy media brethren and they have dug themselves into a ideological rabbit hole of their own making. They are incurious, narrow-minded, fanatical ideologues that are using video game journalism to promote their personal woke agenda.

The reporting on the Activision-Blizzard lawsuit and Cosby Suite affair has been one-sided, shallow, and sensationalist. Instead of being dispassionate and objective, it’s been driven by emotionalism and tribalism. I plan on offering a contrarian view in a series of articles.

Bill Cosby Was Exonerated of All Charges Before the Lawsuit Was Served

I wager most World of Warcraft players do not know that approximately one month before the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing and Kotaku unleased the Cosby Suite narrative that destroyed the careers of Alex Afrasiabi and other Blizzard veteran employees, Bill Cosby was completely exonerated of all criminal charges against him.

Despite the fact that Cosby is was a free man and the sex assault charges were overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, incendiary phrases like “alleged rapist” were used by Kotaku and Verge others to describe Cosby in a lawsuit that had nothing to do with him but they used Cosby’s notoriety as fuel to feed the bonfire they created.

From the D.F.E.H. lawsuit (emphasis is mine):

Afrasiabi was so known to engage in harassment of females that his suite was nicknamed the ‘Crosby Suite’ [sic] after alleged rapist Bill Crosby [sic].

From Kotaku (emphasis is mine):

Based on photographs and screenshots of Facebook posts obtained by Kotaku, it’s clear that people beyond Alex Afrasiabi—the man named in the lawsuit, and a long-time World of Warcraft developer—were aware of the “Cosby Suite” mentioned in the lawsuit. That was apparently a nickname for Afrasiabi’s BlizzCon 2013 hotel room, and seemingly a reference to the name of previously convicted rapist Bill Cosby.

At no time did the California D.F.E.H., Kotaku or any other journalist bother to mention that comedian Bill Cosby was cleared of all charges a month before the lawsuit was served. To this day, Mr. Cosby is a free man that adamantly maintains his innocence.

What the D.F.E.H. did, is a sin of omission. By purposely failing to mention that Cosby was exonerated by the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court, they were trying to influence the court of public opinion against Afrasiabi et al, so they could increase the chance of their lawsuit succeeding or negotiating a better settlement. In common law and U.S. jurisprudence, you cannot use the fact that a person was arrested or charged as evidence that they are guilty of a crime. Under the U.S. Constitution, citizens are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Guilt by Association

It is equally wrong to use the guilt by association logical fallacy to link allegations against Bill Cosby to a group of individuals that happen to possess a portrait of Cosby or enter a room where his portrait is hanging on a wall. By this flimsy standard, anyone that possess records, photos, and images of Bill Cosby could be accused of being a rapist, a sexist, or a misogynist. Using this flawed logic, anyone visiting a museum of fine art could have their reputation damaged by unscrupulous people because of their proximity to the depiction of devils, tyrants, and villains in various paintings.

Let’s also consider the plight of people who admire movie stars and worship celebrities. Everything is fine until that one day when news surfaces that the actor is alleged to have committed a crime or says something controversial. Do these people retroactively become guilty by association for having once admired a movie star before knowledge of their transgressions were made public?

There is simply no evidence that any illegal behavior happened in the Cosby Suite in 2013. There is also no evidence that the developers knew about any of the allegations made against Cosby as is inferred by the D.F.E.H., Kotaku, and others. Former Blizzard WoW dev Greg Street made this point in a Tweet:

Why Has Kotaku Refused to Release All of the Leaked “Cosby Suite” Photos?

There are unpublished photographs rumored to show various high-ranking female Blizzard employees and non-employees who attended the Cosby Suite of their own free will. These photos are in the possession of Kotaku but they have not decided to publish them because it would utterly obliterate the entire men are sexist pigs and the Blizzard is den of iniquity narrative that the D.F.E.H., Kotaku and other powerful forces have concocted and promulgated. Instead, all we see is a harmless photograph of semi-inebriated, grinning male developers relaxing and posing on a bed underneath a picture of a famous old African American comedian after a busy day being interviewed by the press.

If it was common knowledge that Cosby was considered to be an alleged rapist, it is very unlikely that women would have these women would have attended of their own volition and happily posed for photos with the portrait of Bill Cosby. The D.F.E.H. and Kotaku can’t have it both ways. They can’t claim that it was common knowledge that Cosby was a well known alleged rapist to the males who attended and also simultaneously claim that the women who attended would not be aware of this.

The invention of the absurd Cosby Suite narrative was critical in the D.F.E.H. lawsuit. It was the salacious red meat that they knew the media and the perpetually outraged on Twitter would gleefully devour. The existence of the Cosby Suite was sensationalist, low hanging fruit for the unscrupulous, corrupt, woke video game media complex to take advantage of and run with. The lurid allegations of sexual misconduct against America’s dad Bill Cosby, were laundered and repurposed by the D.F.E.H. and the media to be used as a cudgel to viciously attack and defame Activision-Blizzard and the developers in the Cosby Suite green room.

Even the title of Kotaku’s article: Inside Blizzard Developers’ Infamous Bill ‘Cosby Suite’ gives away the game. The Cosby Suite was a fun place where WoW devs could goof around and have fun after a long day on the convention floor giving interviews to the press. It was never “infamous” until the D.F.E.H and Kotaku made it infamous thanks to the help of a few hundred rabid activists on Twitter. This is pure propaganda and gaslighting that would make Joseph Goebbels and Edward Bernays blue.

What do the Cosby Suite Photos really Show and Tell us?

The photos that show a handful of male Blizzard developers having fun complete with shit eating grins, and posing for a picture. There is nothing improper or degrading in the photos. Yet the media would have the public believe that for males, working at Blizzard was a non-stop orgy of drinking, debauchery, female humiliation, rape, and sexual harassment. Without the inclusion of Bill Cosby and the photos of the suite, this narrative would have been dead on arrival.

Both the California government and the video game media complex have an overt leftist bias that even a blind man could see. The D.F.E.H. has an obvious bias as the lawsuit is full of unproven assertions and sophomoric, radical feminist claptrap that reads like a something from a gender studies major at Oberlin College or a columnist from Teen Vogue. Likewise, Kotaku is run and staffed by fanatical far left activists who are using video games journalism as a vehicle to promote the abominable and hateful identity politics agenda.


In an age where cultural arsonists are free to ply their nihilistic trade on our civilization, cancel culture and coordinated smear campaigns against white males have become endemic. Some examples are: the Duke Lacrosse Team, Keanu Reeves, David Copperfield, Nick Sandman, Brett Kavanaugh, Kyle Rittenhouse, Johnny Depp, and now Joe Rogan. Many of these men were attacked by hysterical women who made false accusations. Thankfully, justice prevailed and all of them were vindicated in the end.

The Orwellian inclusion, diversity, equity and representation movement (which is essentially repackaged cultural Marxism) is a direct attack on straight white males and it is being promoted by an sinister coalition of corrupt governments, big tech, social media, the media, the entertainment complex and academia.

Tucker Carlson recently made the astute observation that civilizations are forged by creative male masculine energy. These men and masculinity itself, are increasingly being attacked and marginalized by powerful dark forces who seek to destroy our civilization and replace it with a soulless feminized Utopia. When these masculine men are gone, who will work 16 hour a day and weekends, and risk everything to create new medicines and revolutionary products that benefit humanity? Who will enlist to join the military to fight to defend our nation? Who will be role-models for little boys who will one day group up to be men? Who will give their lives in sacrifice to greater ideals? Nobody, that’s who.

Men like Alex Afrasiabi and the other white male Blizzard developers are just convenient scapegoats and collateral damage in the left’s long march through the institutions. Buckle up, this systemic pogrom is just getting started.

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