Virtue Signaling Standing Stone Games Showcases African Avatars for Lord of the Rings Online: Gondor Renewed Update

It seems that Standing Stone Games has wasted no time in showcasing their newly minted African avatars. For the second time, they have featured their newly minted woke avatars in their updates. For this new update, two African males riding horses are featured in the promotional graphic for the upcoming Lord of the Rings: Gondor Renewed update/patch.

Interestingly enough, no sign of white females with beards or Asian avatars in this update. I’m sure they’ll be in the next update along with some obligatory LGBTQ Pride propaganda. At this point, the race-swapping nitwits at SSG are capable of anything.

Using real-world minorities to virtue signal via the odious practice of representation is shameful and despicable. If they will vandalize Tolkien and get away with it, there’s nothing stopping them from destroying other intellectual properties. Both Standing Stones Games and Daybreak Games are directly responsible for this outrage. They care more about their ESG scores than being faithful to J.R.R. Tolkien.

Africans and Asians did not exist in Middle-earth. Standing Stone Games knows this but puts them in anyways. They think they know better than Tolkien. They don’t.

It’s not Standing Stones Games’ world, it’s Tolkien’s world. If SSG wants to make a multi-racial, multi-cultural Utopian virtual world, they should MAKE THEIR OWN instead of desecrating worlds that others have created. But they can’t and won’t make their own. They are a bunch of talentless, woke, hacks who couldn’t get a job cleaning dog poop for a living. Luckily for them, the video game industry has low standards.

Meanwhile, the horrible lag has not been addressed, the user interface has still not been revamped, and the combat is clunky.


The good news is that Amazon Games has announced that they are taking another stab at a Lord of the Rings-themed MMORPG. Although I do not trust Amazon, I trust Standing Stones Games even less after this catastrophe. I’m hoping Amazon Games has learned their lesson from the Rings of Power debacle and a new version of Middle-earth will hopefully destroy SSG’s horribly dated and woke version.

What we tolerate today, becomes the status quo tomorrow. I urge all devotees of Tolkien to continue to fight the good fight. This desecration of Middle-earth must not be allowed to stand.


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