The Quartering’s Jeremy Hambling Raises $132K for Politics Free Video Game Site Exclusively Games

In the late hours of December 11, 2018, Jeremy Hambling from The Quartering YouTube channel exceeded all expectations and managed to raise $132K from fans in a mere 14 days for a new gaming website that promises to be free of the suffocating yoke of politics. The site will be called Exclusively Games.

Exclusively Games Screencap

In recent months, Jeremy has been a truth teller and a rare voice of sanity and reason in the gaming community and because of that, he’s been attacked by social justice warriors both in person and online.

Here’s some info about his new site from his Indiegogo funding site:

My only goal is to create a place for fans of escapism. This website will provide a forum, videos and articles covering topics related to just about everything gaming with just one rule, NO POLITICS! We’ll cover video games, coin-op, retro, card games, tabletop games & everything in between.

Exclusively Games is a space for fans of all sorts of games.  Fans of gaming that want to enjoy topics related to gaming without the infection of politics ruining it. My goal is to create a website full of articles written by fans of that particular thing and a forum full of purist escapism fans.

I don’t want any infection from politics or modern day “journalism” which is of course just activism parading as games journalism. I got sick and tired of reading the same BS “Hot Takes” from our existing options in terms of “video game news” websites and rather than just complain I have undertaken doing something about it myself.

I supported Exclusively Games and wholeheartedly support Jeremy and his effort to create video game website free of the propaganda from social justice warriors masquerading as journalists. Jeremy’s site will be a much-needed breath of fresh air for an industry increasingly inundated with identity politics. Be sure to check out Jeremy’s YouTube channel and his Exclusively Games Indiegogo page.


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