Trump Hating Woke Video Game Devs Either Silent or Deflecting on Incompetent Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster

Under the leadership of unelected President Biden, the United States of America just suffered the greatest humiliation of our 245 year history. Go to any Twitter account of any major video game dev who previously posted anti-Trump tweets and you’ll notice almost all of these woke devs are uncharacteristically silent, making excuses for Biden or blaming Trump for everything.

Instead, woke devs like the ANTIFA loving anarchist Jennifer Scheurle are tweeting about her cat. No gems of political wisdom from Blizzard dev and geopolitical genius Steve Danuser. No trite reactions from soy boys Mike Morhaime, Chris Metzen, and Jeff Kaplan. Professional grifter Anita Sarkeesian is ranting against Western imperialism. When he’s not simping for Sarkeesian, Damien Schubert is busy making excuses for Biden on Twitter. Ultra woke leftist tribesman Jason Schreier is too busy rooting out imaginary Nazis on Twitter and blocking them (i.e. people that called him out for his wokeness, anti-white racism, and misandry) to care about what really matters.

Special mention goes to neo-Marxist game dev Scott “Lum the Mad” Jennings who got his start shooting fish in a barrel when he frequently lampooned John Smedley and the morons at Sony Online Entertainment for their incompetence running EverQuest. He specializes in retweeting the thoughts of others because he’s either intellectually lazy or lacks the intellect to formulate his own thoughts. Years of smelling your own farts in an echo chamber makes your intellect weak and flabby.

Like candy-ass millennial Jason Schreier, Jennings traffics in bumper sticker sloganeering and does not tolerate any form of viewpoint diversity and “gleefully blocks” all dissent. A few days ago, embarrassed that his demented puppet leader left D.C for Camp David to jump back in his coffin, Jennings decided to change the subject and retweeted that the specious claim that Tucker Carlson and Americans are worried about the non-military invasion of non Europeans to America are racist:

If caring about the fact that your country is being overrun with culturally incompatible useless third world “refugees” makes you a racist, then wearing that childish Marxist concocted label is a badge of honor. What the left calls racism is really a justified and healthy fear of the other which is a time-honored indispensable survival mechanism which is shared by every single living organism and species on the planet. We should all pause to thank our “racist” ancestors that created and built the advanced civilization that we currently enjoy.

Instead of being upset that Biden dropped the ball, Jennings would have you believe that the most pressing issue of the day is Tucker Carlson. He doesn’t give a damn that non-white immigration is systematically destroying every single white Christian nation in the world because he and his naive ilk will be long dead before those countries descend into third world barbarity. The evil that men do lingers long after they are gone.

Jennings and the woke elite like him in the video game industry have only contempt for working class people that voted for Trump. These people are useful idiots for the Globalist American Empire and are conveniently oblivious to the carnage of Democrat run cites that are awash with violence, murder, addicts living and defecating on the streets. Comfortably numb to the dystopia they have created, they dodge piles of human poop and syringes as they walk with Starbucks coffee in hand to their Bay Area ivory towers. Physician, heal thyself!

While their Weekend at Bernie’s leader allows millions of turd world scum to flood into our country at the southern border, they want to lecture you on inclusion, diversity, and representation. If you dare to disagree, they are quick to label you as a racist. Jennings and his comrades should take their own advice and immediately resign so minorities can take their jobs. While they are at it, they should invite all those Afghan refugees into their homes.

Every single last one of them are raging hypocrites would be relentless torching Trump and demanding his immediate remove of office if the Afghanistan catastrophe happened under his watch.

Instead of taking responsibility like a man, their crypt keeper puppet leader Joe Biden naturally blamed Trump and then took a helicopter back to Camp David to lounge by the swimming pool while Afghanistan is run by the bloodthirsty Taliban and thousands of Americans are still stuck in the country. Expect these Muslim savages to start committing horrific crimes against humanity in the days ahead by executing Americans, prisoners, the opposition, women and other minorities.

Instead of focusing on an intelligent withdrawal of U.S citizens and troops, the illegitimate Biden regime was too buy worrying about “white rage” and flying PRIDE flags on all their embassies as you can see in the following tweet:

Pride comes before the fall.

It turns out their half-black messiah and debonair nincompoop Barry Soweto AKA Barack Hussein Obama allowed the Taliban leader to be released from Guantanamo Bay. You can’t make this stuff up folks.

An America with a weak leader like Biden only invites more aggression and military adventurism from our enemies like China and Russia. Nature abhors a vacuum. Weakness emboldens bullies. The entire planet with a doddering dolt like Joe Biden at the helm of the free world has become more dangerous place. Our allies no longer look to a strong and confident America for leadership.

Every person that voted for Biden and justified the stolen election, knowing full well he is an incompetent, demented old pervert, but did so due to an irrational hatred for Trump and his supporters, has blood on their hands.


In the weeks and months ahead as the Biden regime continues to implode, the only solace is the poetic justice of seeing buyer’s remorse afflicting all of the sanctimonious and trans loving lefties that voted for him.

The outright evil, dishonesty, and incompetence from the left is staggering. The video game industry is full of these woke and often mentally unstable termites who for years stayed hidden in the closet but have been working covertly to destroy our civilization with their demonic ideology. As far as I’m concerned, they’ve been getting a free pass for far too long.

I don’t care what your political beliefs are but when you introduce them into your games, use your fame as a developer and video game personality to promote your personal views and lecture the public, you’re crossed the line and you are fair game for scrutiny and criticism. Devs should be ideological neutral and apolitical. Keep your sex life, your religion, your values, and your politics to yourself and out of our video games.

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