Video: Did a Citizen Journalist Find an ANTIFA Terrorist Base in Portland?

According to a video posted on Olin Live’s YouTube channel, a citizen journalist claims to have found the location of an ANTIFA terrorist base in Portland Oregon. ANTIFA miscreants have terrorized the city of Portland for over 3 months because local authorities like wokesters Mayor Ted Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown have allowed it to happen.

Here’s the video:

It’s hard to believe that local authorities, the Oregon State Police, and other Federal Agencies such as the F.B.I. could not have easily found this alleged terrorist base camp. A blind Boy Scout with a three legged dog could have found this camp. It is clear that the Democrat Party machine has many operatives embedded in the Deep State apparatus and had no intention of ever finding this.

Here’s an overhead satellite picture of the alleged ANTIFA Portland terrorist camp:

Here’s photo of Democrat Muslim Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison gleefully smiling and holding a copy of ANTIFA: The Anti-Fascist Handbook which is available for sale on Amazon but dissident authors like E. Michael Jones and Jared Taylor have been banned from selling books on Amazon.

ANTIFA is the neo-Marxist paramilitary arm of the Democratic party. They are comprised of mainly of privileged white males and a rag tag mix of lunatics, degenerates and malcontents. These are lost souls who have no purpose in life except to destroy and main. Each night they rise from their basement coffins and wage war on imaginary “Nazis” in the streets by taking it out on innocent citizens and “fascist” infrastructure like government buildings and shops.

Today the term “Nazi” has lost all legitimate meaning as a Nazi is defined anyone that disagrees with a leftist. ANTIFA hates traditional values, capitalism, God, America and does not believe in free speech for anyone they hate.

The purpose of ANTIFA is to dehumanize people large segments of society that disagree with them. Once you dehumanize them, it’s easier to justify killing them. This is straight from the Bolshevik playbook that murdered 100 million people in the last century. ANTIFA dehumanizes and demonizes people by using terrorist tactics such as fear and violence.

Here’s an infographic of how this well-organized and well-funded terror group operates:

Acting head of the Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf believes that ANTIFA meets all the criteria to be designated as a to be a domestic terror group here in the USA.

President Trump has said that they will be designating them as a terrorist organization. Why hasn’t this already happened?

The average IQ of an ANTIFA member is about equal to the IQ of an ashtray. Instead of civilized debate they shout mindless out robotic slogans in unison. Not only are they dangerous domestic terrorists they are a mindless cult of unhinged lunatics who live in a fantasy land and see communism as a Utopia.

The best reporting in the USA on ANTIFA is not being done by milquetoast Conservative Inc. cowards like FoxNews, it’s being done by citizen journalists like a diminutive, gay, Asian man named Andy Ngo. ANTIFA fear him and have physically assaulted him and send death threats his way because he exposes their evil deeds daily on Twitter and on YouTube.

Please support Andy Ngo on Patreon as he is continuing to expose this dangerous group of domestic terrorists.