America First Legal is Suing Woke Obsessed Activision-Blizzard for Illegal Racist, Sexist, and Discriminatory Hiring Practices

For the past few years, the mainstream video game press has been frothing at the mouth about alleged sexual harassment in the workplace at the Activision-Blizzard family of studios. Just this month in a consent decree, Activision agreed to pay a $18 million settlement which resolves the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuit.

Additionally, the California Civil Rights Department also got Activision to concede to a $54 million payment to resolve their lawsuit. It is not clear if the EEOC lawsuit abrogates the CCRD lawsuit.

TechCrunch reports some shocking information that the allegations of sexual harassment were not proven and that Bobby Kotick and their executive team were absolved from responsibility:

The California Civil Rights Department will withdraw its allegations as part of the settlement, and stated in the agreement that “no court or independent investigation has substantiated any allegations that there has been systemic or widespread sexual harassment at Activision Blizzard.”

The settlement also states that the California Civil Rights Department investigation did not produce evidence of illegal behavior on behalf of the company’s board, its executives or its chief executive, Bobby Kotick.

This admission on the part of the CCRD obliterates the specious “frat boy culture” narrative that the mainstream media has been peddling for years on end.

Somehow Activision-Blizzard lawyers made a deal that everything would go away as long as they paid the money. The settlement is supposed to be dispersed to Activision-Blizzard employees who can make successful claims that they were sexually harassed and discriminated against by gender. It’s hard to believe that all $54 million will be going to claimants. Here are the details:

  • Pay approximately $54,875,000 to cover direct relief to workers and litigation costs. Of the total, approximately $45,750,000 will go to a settlement fund dedicated to compensating workers.
  • Distribute any excess settlement funds to charitable organizations focused on advancing women in the video game and technology industries or promoting awareness around gender equality issues in the workplace.
  • Retain an independent consultant to evaluate and make recommendations regarding Activision Blizzard’s compensation and promotion policies and training materials.
  • Continue its efforts regarding the inclusion of qualified candidates from underrepresented communities in outreach, recruitment, and retention.

I predict that most of this settlement will go to lawyers (a whopping $9 million) and the creation of a leftist slush fund that will fill the coffers of various worthless feminist, LGBTQ, and DEI hucksters. Why is this? I believe that cases of bona fide discrimination against female and minorities at their studios are much rarer than believed by the general public. This is the fault of the agenda-driven media.

At the same time, I just learned that Activision-Blizzard has been hit with another lawsuit by a civil rights organization called America First Legal. This time it’s on behalf of the true victims of discrimination at the studio: white heterosexual males.

Here’s a statement from America First Legal:

“It’s unbelievable that in 2023–some sixty or so years after the civil rights movement–major corporations would obsess over the race and sex of the employees in their workforces. They apparently do not care as much about the quality of the products that they make, but the race and sex of the employees who make their products. Every American is unique, but to corporations like Activision, Americans are nothing more than cogs in machines who can be prioritized for hiring and career advancement based on the amount of melanin in their skin or their sex. These practices are illegal and must end.” said Gene Hamilton.

As the number of company positions at any given time is static, staffing is a zero-sum game. For every “under-represented” identity group that is given preferential treatment and hired for corporate virtue signaling purposes, it means that one less opening will be available for a qualified white heterosexual male to fill. This is discrimination pure and simple. It is illegal as per the United States of America 1964 Civil Rights Act.


Since this lawsuit does not jibe with the regime-approved narrative that women and minorities are being oppressed by so-called white supremacy and the illusory patriarchy, it goes largely unreported by the complicit and corrupt video games industry media.

It is also concerning that the EEOC and the California Civil Rights Department have not taken up the cause of white heterosexual males who have been systematically discriminated against by Activision-Blizzard. As the diversity, equity, and inclusion racket is being internationally exposed for the great damage they are doing to the world, expect to see more lawsuits being filed by America First Legal.

Serious people understand that replacing time-tested precepts of merit with DEI is a recipe for civilizational folly. Just this month the richest man in the world and visionary Elon Musk rightly called out this cancerous idealogy on X:

The tide is finally turning as more woke companies are being sued for engaging in this despicable and repugnant practice. You can run, but you can’t hide.

As I have been reporting on this site for many years, wokeness has infiltrated the video game industry at an alarming pace. Spearheaded by then-CEO Mike Morhaime, Blizzard has been engaging in a pattern of alleged widespread systemic discrimination against qualified white heterosexual males since 2017. But the powers that be in the video game industry and the activists in the media didn’t care because it didn’t bolster their neo-Marxist agenda.

Since I became aware of its inception, I have proudly displayed a banner for America First Legal on this website. I pledge to assist them in any way I can with my existing body of work and further research on the subject. Here are two videos from AFL that exemplify the good work that they are doing in fighting the blatant criminality of DEI policies and the bad actors that facilitate it:

Given this legal action by America First Legal, I hope that more white male heterosexual unsuccessful applicants and former and existing employees will contact them to seek redress for the discrimination that they may have faced.


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