The Defeminization and Uglification of Women in Video Games

If you are an avid video gamer, by now have noticed that female protagonists in video games have become uglier and uglier. This disturbing trend is courtesy of woke video game studios who seem to derive pleasure from making their male target audience feel uncomfortable.

One unspoken law of the universe is that people like to be around attractive people.

No matter what walk of life you are in and what type of entertainment you consume, it is no secret that men appreciate women who are feminine and physically attractive. The converse is also true: women appreciate looking at physically attractive, masculine men.

If you are a woman, you instinctively realize this and strive to be beautiful. The real world bears this out as beauty is a $532 billion industry. As a woman, the undeniable truth is that your future has a lot to do with your looks. Attractive women earn on average more than unattractive women. Pretty women have a far better chance of finding a successful husband than ugly women.

It only makes sense that characters in film, TV, print, and video games feature attractive people because businesses understand human nature: people like attractiveness. Therefore it comes as no surprise that corporations who are in the business of making money, use attractive people to help sell their products and services.

This time-tested wisdom has never been controversial, until now.

The Infiltration of Wokeness into the Video Game Industry

For the past 13 years, the video game industry has been under assault by woke interlopers and ideologues. During and after the consumer revolt of Gamergate, many grifting feminists such as Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu, and others used the medium of video games to attack white heterosexual men to launch their careers. In their wake, the video game industry was forever changed to reflect the sensibilities of the mentally ill, feminists, homosexuals, queers, wokesters, and other perverts.

Today, the video game industry is a hotbed of symbolic diversity hires, over-represented leftist radicals, and queer revolutionaries. The chickens of relentless “we need more women (lesbians) in gaming” propaganda are coming home to roost as the beliefs of these developers are making their way into the content of video games. In the past, this was achieved by the inclusion of LGB characters. Today, it’s the defeminization of women.

Aloy: The Poster Child of Uglification

Probably the very best example of this madness is the character of Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West video game. This slovenly, clownish-looking, annoying woman is being touted as a paragon of representation by the usual feminist suspects of various gaming websites.

The Italian version of Vanity Fair felt that her image was so important and triumphant that they featured her on their February 2022 cover:

It turns out that Guerilla Games used actress Hannah Hoekstra as the model for Aloy. It’s hard to believe that they turned a moderately pretty woman into a bull dyke lesbian.

Naturally, Aloy is a lesbian/queer:

There are other lesbian/queers in Horizon Forbidden West:

Meet Diversity Hire Annie Kitan

Introducing Annie Kitan, the stunning and brave Asian mastermind behind this fiasco. Interesting how she looks a lot like an Asian lesbian in the game. Self-insertion for the win!

Here’s what she said about Aloy in the Vanity Fair interview:

“Aloy is not a father or wife, not a spouse or partner, but a strong and courageous woman In a world without gender differences, she uses her weapons to find herself, taking with her all the weaknesses, fears and reservations of the psychological complexity of humanity.”

This is peak Zoomer wokeness and LinkedIn-style virtue-signaling nonsense that is so obviously vacuous and imbecilic, that deconstructing this world salad is pointless. This interview was published in 2022. Now that it is 2023, I doubt she would even dare to define what a woman is today, which makes all of this claptrap null and void.

Given their current trajectory, this is what Aloy will look like in 2024 according to A.I.:

What is really going on here?

I have a few theories as to why this is happening:

Theory 1: Pandering to Alphabetoids and Transgenders

Most men who pretend to be women are hideous and ugly. You can easily tell that they are not women because male factual features are impossible to disguise. The uglification of women in video games is a concerted effort to incrementally shift and then normalize the concept of feminine beauty in the Overton Window to make transgender “females” feel welcome and included. In the process, the people behind this madness get to virtue signal and feel good about themselves.

HeelzbabyFace — who is a balls-to-the-wall outspoken YouTube personality — has released an excellent video that proves my point:

Theory 2: Fat Acceptance and Body Positivity

Many of the new breed of ugly female characters in video games are overweight. Modern Western culture has long considered that overweight people are generally unattractive and undesirable. The fattening of video game women is an attempt to normalize fat acceptance and the body positivity movement. It’s a desperate attempt to make fat, out-of-shape women feel better about themselves.

The video game industry could care less that most women (like men) want to play better versions of themselves in a video game.

Theory 3: The Post-Modernist War on Truth and Beauty

You shall know them by their fruits. Take a look at modern architecture and modern art. It’s easy to see that there is a war on beauty by the forces of modernism. Women were created by God to be intrinsically beautiful to attract men so that men will marry them, settle down and have families. Females of all species are purposely more attractive than males. This is a truism.

The modern left hates God and the universe He created. By defeminizing women and making them brutishly ugly, they are rebelling against God and the natural order of things.

Theory 4: Misandry and the War on Men

Modern feminism is all about hating men. They believe men should not derive any pleasure from looking at beautiful women. Most feminists who believe this are not attractive. There is a preposterous feminist theory called “the male gaze.” It proposes that men only look at attractive women as objects to satisfy their sexual desires and that’s bad, very bad, indeed! Men are not allowed to have sexual desires in this brave new world. I suppose they think that men should walk around with their eyes cast down and speak only when spoken to by women.

God made women complimentary and attractive to men for a reason. Being beautiful gets you noticed. Getting noticed by a man gives you more of a chance of finding a husband, getting married, having children, and fulfilling your God-given purpose in life. Of course, feminists hate this. They would rather pretend they are men and be on the same playing field with regard to recognition of aptitude and skills.

Misandrists want to punish men and deprive them of any semblance of pleasure. Yet women in today’s society can say and do whatever they please with impunity. These vindictive miscreants believe that if all women were to stop trying to be pretty, men would be deprived of the object of their so-called male gaze. I believe that the misandrist’s war on men is a big part of the reason that women in video games have become so ugly of late.

Who is Behind This?

In the culture war, there is one particular type of combatant that is a quisling of the highest order. This breed of “man” is a prime candidate to be both the mastermind and facilitator of this odious practice. He’s usually a senior developer in the video game industry. He proudly calls himself a male feminist.

Pray to God that you will never meet this type of useless coward in a foxhole. This worthless cretin continually simps for women in the hope that they will obtain sexual favors from them. In reality, women secretly despise him. Sadly, this is the kind of man that now dominates the male cohort in the industry. He urinates when sitting down, has pronouns in his bio, and virtue signals as if his life depends on it.

Another likely suspect is the numerous diversity, inclusion, and equity departments that have sprung up like weeds throughout the video game industry. Not content to have meaningless featherbed, remote, no-show jobs, they are busy justifying their employment by devising schemes to get more wokeness into the video games that men play.

A case in point is Blizzard Development lead of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Makaiya Brown who has admitted that video games should be changed to reflect the woke DIE agenda:

It is my hope that building a more inclusive workplace and, in turn, more inclusive games, will influence more understanding, care, and appreciation of people who we think are different from us. And if we, as an industry, continue to create better spaces in the gaming world, maybe over time, our real world will become better too.

Not only do they want to change who gets to be hired in the industry, but they also want to transform video games that reflect their neo-Marxist agenda, and somehow believe they have been anointed to “change the world.”


There’s a recent quote from author G. Michael Hopf that helps make sense of where we are in Western civilization:

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”

All of the woke nonsense that has infected popular culture is because of weak men. Without exception, spineless pudgy beta males run every single video game studio and entertainment conglomerate. Instead of being vigilant gatekeepers, these low-testosterone men allowed more women into the locker room, the workplace, and the board room.

There’s a reason that men and women are not allowed to serve in the military side by side. The sexual tension that results erodes and ultimately destroys unit cohesion, morale, and readiness. The same is true of women in the workplace. Civilizations that are foolish enough to allow this madness end up as specks of dirt in the garbage heap of history.

Diversity and inclusion policies eventually destroy workplace culture and transform it into a chilling, unpleasant place where good men must walk on eggshells for fear of being charged with false sexual harassment by diversity-hired female opportunists eager to win millions of dollars in a lawsuit.

The only men that can survive and thrive in this dysfunctional environment are weak, simping, beta males who know how to play the dirty game of office politics. These Teflon-coated eunuchs have traded in their manhood and integrity for power. Most of these fools are either degenerate homosexuals or barely straight males cohabiting with radical feminists who give them their marching orders.

The defeminization and uglification of women, and the overt war on beauty are the latest symptoms of the capture of the entertainment industry by the forces of wokeness and neo-Marxism.

Even though we are at peak Weimar 2.0. There is good news. Although our culture is being destroyed from within, this can not go on indefinitely. Evil can only destroy, it can not create. With nothing left to destroy, evil will die without a host. The tide is turning and the public has had enough of ESG-mandated wokeness. It is only a matter of time before the current diabolical entertainment industrial complex will fall and good will triumph.


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