Massively Overpowered’s Shameful Decision to Award Lord of the Rings Online 2023 MMORPG of the Year

Recently the Massively Overpowered website incredulously awarded 2023 MMORPG of the Year to Standing Stone Games’ Lord of the Rings Online. If you had any doubt that the intelligentsia of MOP is woke, corrupt, and out of touch with most MMORPG players, now you know for sure.

The Lord of the Rings Online exists because of Tolkien and his millions of worldwide fans. Tolkien’s lore is sacrosanct. The fundamental value proposition and raison d’être for this MMORPG’s existence is the production and stewardship of a faithful representation of Middle-earth which includes most of the applicable places, people, and events of Tolkien’s masterful fantasy trilogy.

According to their article, 7 out of 10 MOP staffers voted for LOTRO for MMORPG of the Year and not one of them bothered to mention the controversial race swapping that Standing Stone Games engaged in in 2023. Even if the staffers were for this disrespectful act of cultural hooliganism, it was obvious that they had been told by someone in charge not to mention it. You’ll find out who I believe is behind this later on.

The staff at Massively OP seem completely oblivious to the fact that Standing Stone Games which is owned by Daybreak Games recently vandalized J.R.R. Tolkien’s lore by introducing incongruous African and Asian player characters to Middle-earth. Not only did SSG disrespect Tolkien, the community manager Jerry Snooks AKA Cordovan went on a jihad and banned, and suspended many players who spoke out about this travesty.

For years, Turbine and Standing Stone Games were vigilant stewards of Tolkien’s lore. But since the unfortunate death of George Floyd, the color revolution of the destructive BLM/ANTIFA riots, and the introduction of corporate DEI policies, they no longer care about maintaining the authenticity of Tolkien’s Middle-earth. Instead, they believe that identity politics is a much more important goal than delivering a the very best immersive play experience to their customers who expect fidelity to Tolkien’s universe.

We all thought that Middle-earth was the one intellectual property that would be respected. We were so wrong. If these cultural terrorists can disembowel Tolkien’s masterpiece with impunity, then no other lore is safe from their depraved pogrom.

The creation of African and Asian avatars cost precious time and money. These resources could have been better spent improving the antiquated user interface that makes it impossible for people with sight issues and large monitors to play and appreciate the majestic beauty of the zones. Instead of trying to virtue signal and pander to imaginary Blacks and Asians that will never play this fantasy virtual world, money spent on wokeness should have been spent on this which would have benefited everyone and improved the accessibility of Lord of the Rings Online.

Fantasy virtual worlds should be places of escape that are ideologically untethered to the politics of the real world. This lack of business practicality and absence of rationale, suggest that what we are dealing with is a religious cult both in the creation of this woke monstrosity and the failure to report on it. Both parties are joined at the hip to promote the narrative.

What is the underlying narrative of DEI? At its heart, it’s a repurposed Marxist oppressor versus victim narrative that systemically discriminates against white, Christian, heterosexual males. It is diabolical and evil and represents an existential threat to Western civilization.

The introduction of African and Asian avatars outraged many stalwart Tolkien players in the LOTRO community but Justin Olivetti and Massively OP failed to cover this story and the subsequent protests by their loyal players. This failure to report on this is inexcusable and concrete evidence that they have abandoned any pretense of practicing real journalism. If they are lying by omission, what else are they lying about and failing to report?

There can only be two reasons why they did this: 1) they agree with what Standing Stone Games did and 2) they do not want to criticize Standing Stone Games (owned by Daybreak Games which is owned by Enad Global 7) because they do not want to bite the hand the feeds them continued access to exclusive stories and press junkets. I suspect it’s a combination of both. Either way, there is no excuse for this.

To this day, SSG has never given an adequate explanation for what they did. Outraged players who voiced their legitimate concerns on the forums have been banned, suspended, and censored. This strongly suggests that the decision to do this came from their woke overlords at Daybreak Games and/or Enad Global 7.

Daybreak Games who owns Standing Stone Games, has a long history of contempt for their loyal players by hiring tyrannical community managers who routinely ban, suspend, and censor the voices of their players. I am getting many reports that the official EverQuest forums are currently being moderated by an ego-tripping harridan named Angelinia. Apparently, Daybreak fired white male community managers Accendo, Dzarn, and Truenoth. A few years ago I quit EverQuest in disgust and wrote an article on the dysfunction of their ever-shrinking community.


Just 5 years ago, it would be unthinkable that you could eviscerate J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium and replace it with the usurpation of representation and diversity politics and get away with it. But today, this is commonplace as many properties have similarly shoehorned African and Asian characters into Middle-earth all in the name of diversity, representation, and inclusion. Sadly, they have done this with the explicit consent and complicity of Middle-earth Enterprises which is located in the People’s Soviet Socialist Republic of Berkeley California, and Embracer Group which is located in Sweden.

Where are journalists in all of this who are supposed to report on this? Why have they not given equal time to the various fandoms who rightfully oppose this treachery?

They are nowhere to be found. Their willful negligence is shameful.

Much like mainstream traditional journalism in print and media, video game journalism has become emaciated over the years to the point that it is pretty much intellectually dead. It has been replaced with the banality of advocacy and press release journalism. The neo-Marxist Kotaku represents the former, while sites like Massively Overpowered represent the latter.

MOP is mostly the manifestation of aggregating the latest “news” from MMO studios. In essence, they are unpaid stenographers for the industry as they regurgitate and recycle press releases and non-newsworthy news. The community over at Massively OP that puts up with this nonsense is not much better but occasionally they find the bravery to take the staff to task. MOP isn’t a total wash, as there are some diamonds in the rough writers at Massively OP who manage to contribute some worthwhile columns.

As the video game industry has become more popular, the video game industry has been under assault by the invasion of social justice parasites and the woke agenda they bring with them. The desecration of Tolkien’s lore by Standing Stone Games is huge news but so-called news sites like MOP refuse to cover it. I believe it is because what these vandals are doing aligns with their values. So they excuse it and even silently cheer it on.

The main culprit at Massively Overpowered is of course editor-in-chief Bree Royce. She is a wokester who loves to scold and browbeat her readers who dare to challenge the dominant diversity, equity, and inclusion ideology that has sabotaged the industry. She often uses MOP to advance her cultural agenda but does not tolerate any opposing views. Viewpoint diversity is the only diversity that is not promoted at Massively Overpowered.

The world is under the yoke of tyranny and censorship where the voice of the people is being suppressed and replaced by globalist narratives from on high. Even our small corner of the world — video game journalism — has been under assault since the 201 Gamergate scandal that exposed the collusion of game journalists.

People have the inalienable right to make their voices heard and dissent against the powerful few who control the world. We deserve to have a free press that seeks out the truth and is not beholden to any particular agenda. People should be offered the chance to hear different viewpoints and given the freedom to make up their minds. Instead, they are force-fed a diet of propaganda and simultaneously intellectually starved by censorship.

We the people and we the Tolkien enthusiasts are fighting an ongoing culture war against the forces of darkness in the realms of both reality and fantasy. The world has had enough of this tyranny and thanks to Elon Musk — who has liberated the digital town square by purchasing Twitter and changing it to X — we are seeing the tide turning.


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