Rooting for the “Bad” Guys

I’ve got a confession to make. When I watch most current films and TV shows from Hollywood, I find myself often rooting for the “bad” guys.

Who are the bad guys these days?

A Hollywood bad guy is usually a male white Trump supporter from the southern USA that holds traditional Christian values. White males are woke culture’s boogeymen of choice. They are hand-picked stooges for the caricatured roles of greedy CEO, corrupt politician, soulless defense contractor, wild-eyed racist, and toothless bigot. These days a villain can even be an ICE agent or a police officer just doing his job.

Who are the good guys?

The good guys are progressive, black, female, Muslim, atheist, sexual deviants, and often of the LGBTQ persuasion. These good guys and gals are boring and predictable Larry Sue and Mary Sues, but perfect in every way.

When they do happen to cast a white male, he’s a worthless metrosexual, emasculated, simping, pretty boy, dandy in touch with his feelings. In the real world, this reprehensible “man” defers to women and minorities at every opportunity. Men in Hollywood don’t have to act, they just show up and play themselves. Apparently real men are hard to find in Los Angeles.

For me, today’s Hollywood bad guys seem real and good guys seem fake. At least the bad guys are interesting and complex, unlike the good guys who are perfect. No matter how hard that they try to make the bad guys seem unlikable I end up liking them even more. Conversely, every time I see a nauseating “good guy” I think of the subversive feminist writer/puppet master controlling him behind the scenes and then I despise him even more.

No Manhood, No Civilization

From the dawn of entertainment in ancient Greece to England’s William Shakespeare to J.R.R. Tolkien and to era of the studio system in Hollywood, the moral architecture of the stories, plays and literature was based on good guys versus bad guys. For 2,000 years Western civilization has promoted classical Christian virtue and warned us about vice and sin.

Civilizations that cease to promote the virtues they are based on will eventually wither and die. Civilizations that denigrate manhood are on the fast track to extinction as civilizations that value manhood will easily conquer those that don’t.

The Ten Commandments and traditional Christian teaching used to be the foundation of the moral matrix of Hollywood entertainment for the masses. Each film and TV show had a universally accepted moral lesson that was consistent with the betterment of society that promoted virtue. Murder was bad. Stealing was bad. Adultery was bad. Lying was bad. Drug addiction was bad. Sloth was bad. The good guys ultimately won, and the bad guys were eventually caught and punished.

I remember a documentary about the classic Frank Capra film It’s a Wonderful Life. In the 1946 film, Old Man Potter never faces any consequence for his evil deeds. That omission irked the public so much that Capra used to get many letters each week from outraged fans who were angry with him that he didn’t include any punishment for the malevolent old miser in the film.

Those days are long gone. Today evil deeds, mass murder, paganism, infanticide, vampires, devil worship, and every form of depravity and debauchery are routinely celebrated in both TV and film.

How Entertainment Subverts our Culture

Thanks to a generation of inept conservatives who allowed cultural Marxism to take hold in America, today’s entertainment culture is free to subvert to the traditional values of Western civilization. The radical gender theories that are cooked up in academia today, are tomorrow’s moral code in Hollywood and inform the policies of every HR department.

It’s hard to think of one TV drama these days that is not pushing neo-Marxist ideology which peddles a morally inverted view of the world were good is evil, where vice is a virtue.

One good example of this is the NBC TV drama called F.B.I. This poorly written snooze fest from Dick Wolf and Craig Turk is full of cosmopolitan woke cardboard characters and gratuitous “representation” which include a male Muslim F.B.I. Agent played by Zeeko Zaki with a typical “I was discriminated against after 9/11” sob story and a non-regulation long Muslim beard and black actress Ebonee Noel who plays FBI analyst Christen Kazal who is equally ludicrous and unbelievable. She always has the answers at her fingertips no matter what the situation. The characters are so annoyingly perfect and precious that I feel like throwing a brick at the TV screen anytime my wife happens to be watching this infantile show.

History itself is on the chopping block. Even period dramas like ITV’s Downton Abbey and BBC’s Father Brown have succumbed to the neo-Marxist agenda and are rife with LGBTQ and multicultural propaganda. No form of entertainment is safe from the scourge of identity politics.

When is the Last Time you Saw a Home Burglar Portrayed by a Black Man in a Home Security TV Commercial?

Probably the most infuriating thing on TV are the dishonesty of the casting of home security commercials. Despite the fact that in 2009 black men — who represent 13% of the population — committed 62% of the home burglaries in America, blacks are never portrayed as burglars casing out a home. The burglars are always white, despite blacks are committing burglaries at almost 5 times their percentage of the U.S. population.

Call me cynical but prime-time serious TV dramas are mostly comedy for me. I sit back, laugh, and point out all the wokeness that I see like an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Without exception, every person that is cast is fulling some form of demographic representation that major networks are using to attract widen the demographics so that they can lure in big advertisers.

The addition of annoying female police officer Eddie Jenko played by Vanessa Ray on CBS’s cop drama Blue Bloods is a good example of cast members being added to pander to specifically to females.


As a rule of thumb, I don’t watch TV or movies made after 2010 as they are full of subversiveness, girl power, wokeness, and token representation.

In a previous article, I lamented that male gamers are being orphaned by the video game industry. The exact same thing has happened to major network TV fare, as entertainment other than professional sports directed at “men only” is almost non-existent or watered down leaving male viewers orphaned too.

Thanks to the proliferation of post-Modernism, neo-Marxism and especially feminism — that teaches women to hate men — there is a full scale war on manhood in America and in the Western world. The war on men starts early with a war on boyhood.

Male suicide rates are at an all-time high. Most homeless people are men. Males are discriminated against in divorce courts and in the criminal justice system. Males are now a minority of the students in colleges and universities. I could go on and on.

To add insult to injury, men no longer have any forms of dramatic entertainment that are specifically created for them that are examples of positive manhood and teach male virtue.

I believe this is happening for these reasons:

  1. The increasing number of feminist writers, directors and producers in Hollywood who are misandrists and refuse to empathize with men and make every effort to disenfranchise and demonize men.
  2. The increasing number of minority writers who are unable to empathize with the experiences of white men who are the majority demographic.
  3. The insular neo-Marxist bubble within a bubble of the entertainment industrial complex in Hollywood, California who have no idea what life is like in rural and small town America.
  4. The distraction of the selfish and destructive LGBTQ agenda and the fact that for far too long, the concerns of 4% of the population have sucked up much of the oxygen in Western civilization.
  5. The rise of the narrative where victimhood and depravity has currency and heroism and normalcy is shunned.
  6. The failure of white conservative, Christian, traditional men to stake a claim in the culture and fight for their just due.
  7. The failure of American institutions such as government, media, business, academia, Christian churches, and the justice system to value, defend, and support manhood.

In 1961, FCC Chairman Newton Minow famously declared that “television is a vast wasteland.” In a more recent interview he said that television is now “a toxic dump.” Although in the 1960s much of the content on prime-time TV was banal, at least there were dramas with strong male archetypes. Contrast that today, where content for men has been relegated to the sports niche.

Here are two quotes to consider:

“Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.”
― Arnold Toynbee

“It is lack of confidence, more than anything else, that kills a civilization.”― Kenneth Clarke

When you ignore, marginalize, and denigrate manhood, you are waging war on your 50% of your civilization’s population. Without strong and confident men, a civilization is open to invasion from without and from within.

Not only are forces from within trying to sabotage our civilization, every nation in the West is having their core populations replaced by people from non-Western countries at a breakneck pace and our American way of life is being threatened by gangs of anarchists and neo-Marxists rioting on the streets and those in power who support them.

Many times in the course of Western civilization’s timeline, the situation seemed hopeless. We can turn things and build our own civilization within a crumbling civilization as Benedict of Nursa did in Europe and settlers fleeing persecution did in America.

We can start by controlling the things that we have control over. Strive to become a man of traditional virtue. Practice self-denial and learn to be humble. Get in good physical shape. Learn self-defense. Buy a firearm. Be disciplined. Read the classics. Educate yourself. Believe in God. Find a traditional virtuous God-fearing woman to share your life with and have children. Be the king of your own castle.

And maybe someday we can create a culture where we can start rooting for the good guys again.

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