The Hidden Truth about the Weimar Republic

America is rapidly descending into a nihilistic sewer of chaos and debauchery. Communist students have torn down statues of historical figures. Our cities were burned down during the George Floyd, BLM, and ANTIFA riots. Drag Queen Story hours run by pedophiles are popping up all over the nation. Sexual fetishes are being promoted at the White House and in the U.S. military. Roman Catholic churches and pregnancy centers have been vandalized.

The destabilization and destruction of Western civilization are happening so fast, you can watch it in real time.

From churches to governments to corporations, almost every single institution has introduced the woke mind virus into their bloodstream. Along with it, comes the snake oil of intersectionalism and the depraved LGBTQ ideology both concocted by unopposed tenured leftist professors and crackpot perverts. The family unit and traditional values are constantly being undermined, attacked, and mocked by the elites and Hollywood.

Our southern border is wide open with an invasion of 6,000 illegal aliens coming in every day aided and abetted by the Biden regime. Where will they go? Who will feed and house them? Who will employ them?

Americans have never been so unhappy and depressed. Overdoses from narcotics are at record highs with thousands of people needlessly dying each year, thanks to fentanyl coming in from Mexico and China. With the help of the Sackler family, Appalachia has been gutted by oxycontin addiction. Meth addiction is rampant and is the cause of home invasions and thefts.

Entertainment, films, TV, music, and video games are riddled with feminist grandstanding and subversive neo-Marxist themes. Violent crime is through the roof. Auto theft is a growing problem. Drug addiction and homelessness are rampant in most American cities. Our public parks are infested with bums, vagrants, hobos, and addicts.

Inflation is out of control in America. Many people can’t afford basic food now.

Suicide by young teens has never been higher. Children are being indoctrinated and groomed by LGBTQ teachers. Young girls are cutting themselves and many have irreparably mutilated their bodies due to the transgender fad and exposure to the cancer of Instagram.

Young white men are told they are worthless and because of the feminization of the US military, they are no longer enlisting. Men have a bleaker future now that systemic diversity, inclusion, and equity policies are actively discriminating against them. Millions of men have left the workforce, displaced by women and immigrants from India. Testosterone levels for men and sperm counts are at historic lows. Thanks to feminism, many males can’t find female partners because women will not marry men that make less than them.

Recently, Elon Musk revealed that Twitter and Big Tech have been infiltrated by global elites and various entities within the U.S. government such as the FBI and the intelligence community. The puppetmaster George Soros spends billions of dollars a year to ferment unrest to destabilize the USA and other countries.

President Biden is openly attacking anyone that voted for the previous president and calling them “semi-fascists.” The FBI is showing up and arresting fathers at gunpoint for providing street counseling outside abortion clinics.

The very same elites and globalists that lied to us about COVID and the side effects from experimental vaccines, are telling us that in the future, we’ll own nothing and we’ll be happy. Thousands of acres of farmland are being purchased by Bill Gates in the USA and the WEF puppets like the Dutch government, have ordered Dutch farmers to stop producing food.

Unexplained deaths are everywhere. Healthy athletes are alive one day and dead the next.

The big lie of global warming — a Trojan Horse for communism now rebranded with the euphemism of “climate change” — is used as the excuse to force the populace to genuflect before the powerful who fly around the world in their gas-guzzling private jets. Many people in Europe, Canada, and the USA will have to make the choice between food and heating their homes this winter.

Meanwhile, the USA and European governments are sending billions of dollars to former comedian Ukrainian con artist/dictator who is in a sectarian war with Russia. The very same dictator has outlawed all opposition parties and is now arresting Orthodox priests.

Saber-rattling from the USA, Russia, and China has led us to the brink of nuclear war. Even theocratic Iran is on the cusp of becoming a nuclear nation.

We whites are being told we have “white privilege.” We are told that we are infected by “whiteness” and we are “white supremacists” all for simply being white and living our lives. The great replacement theory is not a conspiracy theory, it is an observable fact. White people are being systemically replaced with non-white immigrants in every single white Christian country except Russia. Why is this happening? Who is behind this? How can we stop it?

A few days ago, the answer to many of these questions showed up in a massive Twitter thread from a person named US Rebel. He reveals many hidden shocking truths about the Weimar Republic.

Thanks to Elon Musk’s ownership of Twitter, courageous people are coming forth to post previously forbidden knowledge.

I have read this thread about 4 times now. Each time I do, my jaw drops and I feel like I’ve been hit by a lightning bolt. There is no doubt that our current civilization mirrors the horror and decadence of the Weimar Republic.

We are now living in Weimar 2.0. All the signs and portents are there for anyone with eyes to see. The oft-quoted phrase applies:

Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

This is true. If we are not learning the lessons of history, who is preventing us from doing so, and why?

This Twitter thread has become very popular due to its explosive content. It may be deleted at any time, so I would like to re-post it here un-edited and “as is” for posterity along with the images that Twitter user @USRebel1776 posted.

Warning: be prepared to be red-pilled.

In America, the public is given zero information on the “Weimar Republic,” the period in Germany post-WWI that led to the rise of the National SociaIists in 1933. This is deliberate. The period holds too many secrets to the modern world. This thread will expose those secrets.

First, a tweet on what Germany was pre-Weimar:

As the Holy Roman Empire ended, Germans united throughout the 18th & 19th centuries under strong leadership, loyal monarchs, and good governance.

Germany was a bustling European center of industry, military, culture & Christianity.

Then World War 1 happened.

Largely orchestrated by corrupt Global interests, it was a disaster for Germany. Germany had a string of victories and sought a peaceful truce. But Global financiers behind the war would lose money & their agenda, so they brought in America in 1917.

How the war ended is crucial to setting the stage for Weimar. The German war effort collapsed in 1918 when Communists led strikes in munitions factories and launched a violent Revolution in Germany. The monarchy fell, the war ended with no truce, & Liberal Elites create Weimar.

Before I get into who comprised this new “Liberal Elite” in Germany, first, a look at who was behind the Revolution:

  • Rosa Luxemburg
  • Kurt Eisner
  • Paul Levi
  • Leo Jogiches
  • Ernst Toller
  • Erich Muhsam
  • Gustav Landauer
  • Eugen Levine
  • Karl Radek

Guess what they all have in common…

At the Treaty of Versailles, a crippled Germany was carved up by the Global Elite, with no opposition from the new Weimar leaders. Who were the key representatives letting this happen? Paul Hirsch (Prime Minister of Prussia) Otto Landsberg (Versailles Delegate).

And they were?

The term “Weimar” comes from the city of Weimar where this new, liberal democratic government was first assembled. In this unnatural, fragmented Germany, a new constitution was foisted on the people. Who wrote it? Hugo Preuss.

What was he?

For nearly a decade, this government was overwhelmingly run by Left, Liberal, non-German influences. Walther Rathenau (Foreign Minister) Rudolf Hilferding (Finance Minister) Bernhard Isidor Weiss (Police Chief) Eduard Bernstein (main member of Social Democrats).

For the 70-80 years leading up to Weimar, Left-Liberal socialists had been wreaking havoc across Germany, preventing the people from knowing real peace. Who were the earliest leaders? Ferdinand Lassalle and Leopold Sonnemann.

Guess what they were…

The early years of Weimar were filled with turmoil and suffering. The people weren’t organized. The extreme Left launched frequent rebellions. There were food shortages & poverty. France invaded Germany in 1923-1925 to collect WWI reparations. It was an absolute mess.

The ineffectual government was often embroiled in scandal, with one group at the center.

  • Barmat Scandal
  • Sklarek Scandal
  • Kutisker Case
  • Katzenellenbogen Case

All involved J∊wish crime rings scamming Germany with political corruption, bribery, fraud, war-profiteering, etc.

Accompanying Weimar’s broken political world was an equally sick and degenerate culture and society. EVERYTHING was tolerated. Berlin became the sin capital of the world. Many poor, desperate Germans sold themselves like cheap goods. No sexual perversion was off the table.

At the center of this sexual “revolution” was Magnus Hirschfeld. He created the “Institute of SexuaI Research,” located in Berlin, celebrating all kinds of sexual fetishes, conducting trans-surgery, research, etc. Sound familiar? It’s all happened before, in Weimar Germany.

The “German” Film Industry was also filled with degenerate themes. Some of the main producers, directors, & actors in Weimar: are Paul Davidson Joseph “Joe May” Mandel Jules Greenbaum Max Reinhardt Josef Von Sternberg Fritz Kohn Otto Wallburg Peter “Lorre” Lowenstein. And many more…

The Pornography business also became extremely popular and lucrative during Weimar, often taking advantage of German women looking for work. People like Kurt Tucholsky made sure everyone got their fix.

Art in Weimar experienced a similar descent into meaningless, perverse works that inspired nothing but sadness and discord. “Dadaism” & “Cubism” were all the rage. The Elites promoted this as “intellectual” and modern. Sound familiar? Painters like Hanns Ludwig Katz did well.

Even prominent photographers, like Erwin Blumenfeld, sought to inject subversive, anti-German themes into their work. Here’s one of his photos:

Can you see what he was selling, even all the way back then? Something similar to what they’re selling today.

The German Media, much like today, collaborated with the political & social Elite, ignoring the plights of everyday Germans and the complete degradation of German culture.

Who ran the major newspapers & publishers in Weimar? No Germans. Theodor Wolff Georg Bernhard Rudolf Mosse.

Weimar hit rock bottom when the US stock market crashed & the global Great Depression followed. The degenerate society was wholly unprepared. Unemployment, starvation, disease, currency collapse. Stacks of German money were often worthless. The Weimar nightmare was complete.

Throughout Weimar, Europe learned of the horrors of Bolshevism to the East. Yet, Communists paraded openly in Weimar, with official parties in the government (led by Werner Scholem). The Weimar Elite seemed unable & uninterested in protecting Germans from their revolutionary cousins.

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