Ex-Blizzard Developer Mark Kern’s Calls for Boycott of AAA Video Game Industry

It’s safe to say that Mark Kern is the titular leader of the Gamergate 2.0 movement that is trying to stop the madness of wokeness that has permeated the video game industry in the past few years. Along with Kabrutus a Brazilian gamer who made the Sweet Inc. Baby Detected Steam group and many others, a new generation of gamers is heeding the call to battle to stand up and defend our right to play video games unmolested by neo-Marxist, transgender, and queer activists who have taken over the industry.

Mark created a series of tweets that outlines an action plan that every gamer can understand. I fully support Kern’s boycott of the AAA video game industry.

I’ve reproduced the entire thread for posterity.


WE can fix AAA games. YOU can fix AAA games. My foolproof plan you can take action on TODAY. A very short plan, because it’s simple! AAA Games are overrun with woke politics, lousy live service where it doesn’t belong, $130 dollar Ubisoft AAAA games and ugly female characters for no reason!

There are TWO main causes for this:

  1. ESG based funding
  2. Fleets of activist game devs

It’s hitting from top to bottom. But ESG funding is drying up. My CEO and Studio
Head sources tell me games HAVE to make real money now and games can’t be propped up by DEI funds.

This is the time to strike!

They keep pushing woke politics and lousy gameplay, while charging us MORE for it!

I’m CALLING ON ALL GAMERS for a 2 Year moratorium on buying AAA games made by woke studios! This will make the execs take notice! This attacks the core problem at the TOP of gaming. As you vote with your wallet, SALES will PLUMMET even further. I promise EVERY GAMING CEO will notice!

Now it’s time to handle the fleets of developer ACTIVISTS who are ruining your favorite IPs. As sales plunge, there will be PRESSURE on the studios to trim the fat… Force sales so low on woke AAA games that they must LAYOFF 20% of their lowest performing staff.

Why does this work? Because ACTIVISTS trend to be the lowest performers in companies! AAA teams are BLOATED with them. They do the least work, the WORST work!

My sources tell me THIS IS ALREADY HAPPENING. But YOU can accelerate it! You don’t need them. See Twitter!

You stop buying AAA games for just 2 years, I promise you will change everything! You solve the Executive money problem. You solve the Activist problem.

You hit them from the TOP and the BOTTOM. Then you will RESTORE AAA games!

That’s it. That’s my plan. And I’m giving it to you now!

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