Jason Schreier is Outraged that an All White Male Video Game Studio Exists

Despite never having lifted a finger to create a video game, journalist Jason Schreier knows what’s best for the video game industry. The self-appointed diversity consultant is very concerned about the racial and sex makeup of video game studios. Like most of his tribe, he’s a red diaper doper baby and cultural Marxist supremacist who uses journalism to agitate for “social change.” Many members of his tribe are disproportionately over-represented in journalism and other forums of entertainment media. Representation and diversity for thee, but not for me. Check your tribal privilege Jason.

The regressive left who traffics in identity politics snake oil, has made the demand of representation one of its ideological foundations. The doctrine of representation states that every institution, organization, and business in life must mirror the exact racial, sex, and “sexual orientation” makeup of our society without regard for merit or qualifications. Those who fail to adopt the left’s religious decrees are summarily labeled with dehumanizing epithets like racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic.

This is blatant Orwellian social engineering that treats people like cattle and not as individuals. This is a diabolical war on merit which has been one of the foundational tenets of Western civilization.

It is also an attack on reality that we are individuals with our own unique characteristics and experiences. This concept assigns worth to humans based on their race, sex, and minority status. Instead of judging a person on the content of their character, these people will judge you based on the color of your skin.

The nihilistic cultists of representation have made white males into their scapegoats. Despite creating our world, white males are now blamed for all of the evils of the world. They are the new witches that must be hunted down and burned at the stake so that they can user in a new white free Utopia. Be careful of what you wish for.

Jason showed his true colors when he made a tweet with a thinly veiled reprimand against Typhoon Studios for it’s lack of racial and gender diversity:

Exactly what’s wrong with that picture Jason? Too many white people? Too many males? Too many straight males? Too many Christians?

His response to his original tweet clarifies his intention. He doesn’t approve of studios that have an abundance of white males in their staff. Check your anti-white male bigotry Jason.

Does he even know who these people are? Does he know anything about them? Does he know their skill, their passion, their accomplishments, and experience? Did he bother to call anyone at the studio and interview them before he displayed his extreme prejudice?

I doubt he knows anything at all about Typhoon Studios but he quickly pre-judged them all not by the content of their character and ability but by the color of their skin and their genitalia. By doing so, Schreier spit on Martin Luther King Jr.’s aspirations for a color blind America.

Do not judge by the color of the skin, but the content of the character | Martin  luther king jr quotes, Martin luther king quotes, Mlk quotes

Jason is a keyboard bully who likes punching down on anyone that challenges his world view. He received a lot of well-deserved blowback from this reprehensible tweet and in subsequent tweets proudly claimed he reported and blocked the dissenters. Anyone that disagrees with him is of course a “Nazi.” This is the typical kneejerk retort of most leftists who have a catalog of memorized bumper sticker slogans at their disposal.

Instead of apologizing for his bigoted tweet, he took a page out of the anti-GamerGate and Anita Sarkeesian playbook and made himself into the victim for experiencing so-called online harassment. What a big crybaby.

Like most neo-Marxists, Schreier loves every kind of diversity except viewpoint diversity. As I and others have reported in previous articles, Schreier is a notorious Twitter blocker who cannot accept that reality that someone somewhere might disagree with him. Millennials don’t like being challenged, so of course he loves preaching to his hand-picked choir of subservient lapdogs.

Real journalists who have a shred of integrity and decency, always strive to get both sides of the story. They don’t block and demonize people with opposing points of view, they try to understand them. Jason Schreier is not an objective or a neutral journalist. Like most journalists today, he is a cultural enforcer that uses his craft to promote his woke progressive agenda and he chastises anyone that has the temerity to challenge him.

When he worked for the notoriously leftist website Kotaku, Schreier had a reputation for writing biased articles that favor the hard left of the political spectrum. He routinely demonizes people that disagree with him. Bounding into Comics reported that he once falsely labeled both labeled Blizzard World of Warcraft developer Mark Kern and The Quartering’s Jeremy Hambly as an “alt-right” trolls. Mark Kern has forgotten more about video game development than Jason Schreier will ever know.

Despite writing books about the video game industry, Jason has failed to understand how video game studios really work. Making a video game takes money and that money has to come from somewhere. Most video game studios started out with a bunch of white males with a common love of games using their savings and starting out of their garages or basements. It’s not magic. It takes blood, sweat, tears, and money.

When you risk your savings and your retirement, you want to make sure you hire only the best people. In the case of the video game industry, the best people more than often than not are white males. If you want to make the very best video games, you have to hire the very best people. Period.

When you invest your own money into a video game studio and you have a wife and children, you have a responsibility to make sure that investment is protected and that it will reap dividends. If you don’t hire the best people, and instead hire based on skin color or sex, you are gambling the future of happiness and security of your wife, your children, and relatives and friends who’ve invested in your studio and let’s not forget your employees. To hire for any other reason than merit is highly irresponsible. This is how the real world works Jason.

Here’s some more hard reality for Schreier and other woke people like him who think they know what’s best for the video game industry: white males built this industry from nothing. White males created this industry with no help from Jason Schreier or his fellow shysters who ruined the music industry and the motion picture industry with their sleazy practices and shady business deals.

Since white males are the biggest consumers of video games, it makes perfect sense that the people that are the most passionate about playing video games would be the natural reservoir of talent where savvy studios choose their employees. That’s an undeniable fact that even a clever journalist Jason Schreier cannot refute.

I was around when pool tables and pinball machines were the cutting edge of modern gaming entertainment. As I grew up video game arcades, the Atari 2600, the Apple IIe, and the Amiga were practically the only platforms where you could play a video game. Nobody cared about your sex, your race, your pronouns, or the any of the superficial nonsense that people agonize over today on Twitter. We didn’t have sniveling video game “journalists” looking over our shoulders looking for imaginary misogyny and racism in the games we played. All of us were united in our passion for playing games. For years, I would attend monthly user groups where we would play the latest computer games. There were no pictures of Bill Cosby on the wall. No open bar or cosplay females behaving like whores. Just our computers and maybe some soft drinks and potato chips. We were just a bunch of nerds having innocent fun.

Back then, nerds were mocked and bullied by society at large. Nerds were the butt of jokes. Nerds were routinely physically assaulted. Nerds were never invited to parties in high school. Nerds never had girlfriends and never got to go to the prom. Nerds were truly marginalized but at least we had each other. But, now we are the enemy and you want to lecture us on the genre that we built?

But people like Jason don’t care about gamers like me that were there when it all started. My life experience as a gamer means nothing to him. We are invisible to millenials like Jason. He really doesn’t care about “different perspectives” at all. His talk is cheap and his tweets are cheaper. I know because he blocked me on Twitter back when I had an account.

The world was a much saner place even 20 years ago. The stench of identity politics promoted by smug, entitled, self-righteous millennials like Schreier had not yet permeated our beloved hobby.

It’s easy for an interloper and carpetbagger like Schreier to complain that a video game studio has too many white males for virtue signaling purposes because he has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s never designed a video game. He’s never owned or run a video game studio. He’s never made payroll. He’s never put his own money and life savings on the line. Writing about video games and making video games are two different things.

Insinuating that a video game studio’s employees have the wrong skin color and gender is despicable. If he had said that about any other group he would be fired from Forbes, banned from Twitter and exiled as a social pariah.

Most video game studios like Typhoon have a preponderance of white males not because they actively seek out only white males, but because white males happen to be the most qualified people in the talent pool. I worked in the industry and and despite the false allegations that the industry is sexist, racist and homophobic, everyone was welcome. So, there is no boogeyman of system racism, misogyny or homophobia at play here and no sensational news story for Jason to report on and expose.


Our world is full of lost souls like Schreier who are using video game journalism to find a purpose in life. I know people just like him. I know how they think and I know what makes them tick. They truly think they are “good” people because they care about diversity/inclusion, climate change, and trans rights. Their pseudo religion of social activism and virtue signaling — that they take great pains to wear on their sleeves — is the core of their shallow lives. These cultural aristocrats think they are changing the world for the better but they are doing the exact opposite. They are completely detached from the life of an average American and that’s part of the problem. Our overlords don’t know us and they don’t speak for us. The Jason Schreier’s of the world have no moral authority to lecture anyone on anything.

My advice to Schreier is this: give up video game journalism, it’s a dead end. Your not one of us and you’ll never be one of us. Leave our hobby alone, we were doing just fine before you arrived on the scene. You’ll never get a Pulitzer reporting on exposing injustice in the video game industry or the perceived “horrors” of the BlizzCon Cosby Suite.

Go on a 6 month road trip and visit every state in America. Leave the comfort of your Brooklyn condo, get off your keister, and do some real journalism and get some humility while you are at it. The world doesn’t revolve around your 140 character pontifications. Hang out with real salt of the earth people. Go work on a family farm bailing hay. Go toil in a claustrophobic coal mine for a few weeks. Go bust your ass in a steel mill or an oil rig. Go work on an Alaskan crab boat. Go and see how real people live outside of the East and West coast metropolitan bubbles. Go to Appalachia and see what the Sackler family and opiate addiction has done to penniless white rural Americans. You’ll thank me for it someday.

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