Black History Month: Honoring the Old Negro Space Program

We here at Wolfshead Online would like to do our part to help celebrate the most important month of the year in America: Black History Month. Most people do not know the vast contribution that the unsung heroes of the Old Negro Space Program made to the fabric of our country.

Until last week I had no idea this program even existed as it has been suppressed by the white supremacist media industrial complex. Apparently my white privilege, subconscious racism, and other various “isms” also played a factor and must have shielded me from learning about the struggle that these daring black or “Black” men (as they are now called by white progressives) endured as they fought for racial justice and equal opportunity not only in America, but in the vast expanses of space.

Here’s a eye-opening documentary that chronicles the challenges and insurmountable odds that these intrepid astronauts overcame:

While these brave astronauts never made it to Mars, they won the hearts and minds of the citizenry with their persistence and dedication. We all owe them an undying debt of gratitude!

Happy Black History Month!