Heel vs Babyface Epic Rant Denouncing Bethesda’s Starfield Wokery Goes Viral

If you haven’t heard by now, Heel vs Babyface is a fearless mega-chad in the video game world. Unlike other cowardly streamers like Asmongold who have capitulated to wokeness, he is one of the few streamers/influencers who has refused to bend the knee to the limp-wristed neo-Marxist cultists that control the video game industry.

Heel has done a lot of heavy lifting defending the side of sanity in the current culture wars. I love his common sense, common man, balls-to-the-wall approach to issues. Heel has also been a frequent guest on Nerdrotics’s show which I highly recommend.

Heel just made an epic rant against Bethesda for forcing players to choose pronouns in the upcoming Starfield video game. He went on to excoriate the industry for the constant proselytizing that ruins the immersion and the escapism. This rant is so epic that it’s gone viral.

Here’s the tweet by Dan Vasc that started it all:

Of course, he’s absolutely right. The video game industry has gone down the toilet in recent years with obsessive identity politics pandering. The latest trend is body types instead of sex choice and now forced pronouns. Not to mention most females in video games look like horse-faced flat-chested trannies.

Here’s the full transcript for posterity:

Heals vs. Babyface: I want to say a little something to you Bethesda. Bethesda, there is nothing I love more than to sit down comfy chair turn on the PC, fire up a brand new RPG, lose myself and think oh my God just think of this world, just think of all the planets I can visit. All the immersive things that I can get involved in, with all the fights, all the relationships all the people I meet, all the places I go, I’m so excited to go there. And you know, I love nothing more than with all of that laid out in front of me. I love nothing more than to be dragged out at every fucking conceivable opportunity so you can fucking current day!

Sorry, did you want to get immersed in our world yeah well guess what? Fucking pronouns! Fucking gender ambiguity! Fucking current-day Californian shit, cause that’s all we fucking know. I know cause we’re boring, we’re so fucking boring!

We can’t see past our own fucking reflection; that’s the level of our narcissism here. Bethesda, Western game company. Fuck your immersion, fuck you having a good time, fuck you falling into a world and just getting lost. No no no current fucking day.

Fuck off! You’re boring. You have nothing to say. You are one hive mind twat waffle. That’s all you fucking are. And you wonder why people are getting so sick and tired? You take everything we love, all our immersions, all our fantasies all our escapism and you just can’t help shovel your dog shit fucking crap ideology into everything!! Every single solitary fucking thing!

The Aftermath

Predictably, the very same people who called for boycotts of Hogwarts Legacy because of J.K. Rowling’s courageous pushback against transgender psychopaths are up in arms that someone would have the temerity to be outraged at all the gratuitous wokeness that has been shoved down gamers’ throats in recent years.

People opposed to Heel are mocking him for having the courage to speak out. I have not seen one valid rebuttal yet.

The main argument of those opposed to him is that this is a trivial thing to ask of someone playing the game and that we should not be concerned about it. If it’s so trivial, then why was it included in the game in the first place?

What if a video game company included a small one-sentence statement that you must agree with before you can proceed and that only comes up once in the game:

I confess that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.

Please press “I ACCEPT” to continue to play the game.

Everyone would go bonkers on Twitter.

Compelled speech is not free speech. It’s wrong.

Heel wasn’t ranting just about the pronouns requirement, he was complaining about the ubiquity of gender idealogy and wokness in video games. The video game is doing this because they are trying to normalize degeneracy. The problem is that people can see it now and they are fighting back.

One person in particular, named Taliesin, chimed in with the following adolescent insult:

Taliesin is an effeminate British leftist who hides behind his wife’s skirt and her avatar in their shared X profile. Blizzard Entertainment flew him and his wife out to BlizzCon in 2019 to be hosts. So you know he’s never going to rock the woke apple cart and bite the hand that feeds.

Another huge disappointment is a YouTuber who calls himself The Act Man who mocked Heel. The truth is that he needed to get woke in a hurry so he could get remonetized on YouTube. I would not doubt that he’s probably auditioning for a job at Asmongold’s OTK Media company as well:

On the other hand, many people have come to his defense like Carl Benjamin AKA Sargon of Akkad who eloquently defends Heel vs Babyface:

Today Heels released a video that addresses the controversy:


A pseudo-religious cult of deranged Marxist fanatics has taken over the media entertainment industrial complex. Heel vs Babyface, speaks for me and millions of voiceless, forgotten gamers who simply want to enjoy a few minutes of escapism without being indoctrinated by a bunch of ideological bullies.

we’ve all had enough of the woke video game industry imposing its degenerate culture on the public. Until the video game industry is purged of these wretched parasites, nothing will change. The best we can do that is to boycott these companies and vote with our feet.

I stand firmly with Heel vs Babyface.


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