A Deep Dive into the Sordid Life of Woke Activist Legobutts AKA Maya Felix Kramer of Sweet Baby Inc.

As the Sweet Baby Inc. scandal gets worse some familiar names from Gamergate — which happened 10 years ago — are starting to surface: the infamous woke grifter Anita Sarkeesian and activist chameleon Maya Kramer who now calls herself Felix Kramer.

Last week former Blizzard developer Mark Kern revealed that Maya Felix Kramer who worked for Zoë Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian was instrumental in hiding the real reason that Gamergate happened. The result was that the official English version of the Wikipedia page was whitewashed and the truth memory holed. Kern who is of Chinese descent also noted that the Chinese page is not as biased as the English page:

For 5 years, Kramer was on the board of Sarkeesian’s now-defunct Feminist Frequency grift.

Sarkeesian advised Silverstring Media which is another bunch of DEI grifters who are busy “queering” video games.

The following photos were taken in 2016 and are from Sarkeesian’s Instagram page:

What is not clear from Kern is exactly how Kramer managed to influence the various Wikipedia editors to suppress the truth about what really happened in Gamergate and instead produce an entry that is a glaring falsehood that intentionally misleads the public. What Wikipedia did with the Gamergate scandal is typical of how they routinely manipulate all social and political stories to fit the far-left agenda of their editors.

Fandom Pulse has a terrific expose on Kramer and reveals a lot of damning information about this unsavory character.

Who is Maya Felix Kramer?

Maya Kramer worked as a public relations consultant for a company called Silverstring Media. Anita Sarkeesian was an advisor to that company, so it makes sense that they knew each other professionally. The photos I have reproduced show that they are more than professional acquaintances.

How does Zoë Quinn who is the catalyst of the Gamergate scandal factor into all of this?

According to a recent post on the Reddit Kotakuinaction subreddit, Zoë Quinn cheated on her boyfriend with 5 other people. These 5 people (who were always assumed to be men) became known as the “Five Guys” of Gamergate. While 4 of them were identified as males, it turns out one of them was a female. That female was Maya Kramer. Strangely enough, Maya Kramer became a “man” and is now Felix Kramer. So the Five Guys moniker turned out to be true after all.

Here’s the paragraph from the post that asserts this claim:

Before Gamergate when Eron was on about how Zoe was allegedly an abuser and manipulator and was trying to get people to hear his story and stop Zoe being seen as a big moral figure in indie gaming and stop others potentially getting hurt by her. Zoe it was claimed had cheated 5 times and these, at the time, unknown individuals became known as the 5 guys. The claims of cheating etc. got mockingly said to be conspiracy theory and people making stuff up and as it was round Quinn for a while both sides called it the Quinnspiracy, a term used by both those who sided with Quinn claiming everyone else was evil and sexist (and these people formed the bulk of Anti-GG eventually) and by those who sided with Eron. Turns out they were all guys, one of them was Maya Felix Kramer who goes by Legobutts.

This is evidence that Quinn, Sarkeesian, and Kramer are all inextricably linked to Gamergate 1.0. Kramer AKA @legobutts works for Sweet Baby Inc. which is embroiled in the Gamergate 2.0 scandal. You can’t make this stuff up folks.

New Discourses which is run by anti-woke intellectual James Lindsay published an outstanding article on the importance of Gamergate by Damien Carlisle and Kramer and Sarkeesian’s names come up:

Many of the same figures show up over and over in attempts at ideological clique enforcement. Anita Sarkeesian, Jonathan McIntosh, and Maya Felix Kramer all have ties with Silverstring Media—a consulting agency with ethical conflicts of interest and ties to DiGRA that has held workshops about “dismantling hegemonic masculinity.” Maya Kramer, along with Zoë Quinn, took part in an attempted take-down of the gaming group The Fine Yong Capitalists, which had to deal with the two spreading their private (doxxed) information and bragging about executing DDoS attacks on their servers.

While Anita Sarkeesian was the visible face of the feminist attack on gamers and gaming culture, Kramer was a busybody social justice warrior working behind the scenes implementing Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency agenda into over 55 video games. Sarkeesian was the salesman and Kramer was the technician.

Moby Games is the gold standard repository of video game credits. Kramer is credited with working on an astounding 55 games! That number seems impossible and far-fetched for a mere mortal. Upon closer examination, most of the credits are “thanks” which are often meaningless tributes given to friends of the studio by friends in the studio. This is a common practice in the industry to invite one of your buddies on the team to write a line of code or create some quest text so they can get a dubious credit on your game that they can leverage to get a better job at their next studio:

Bonus Tip: Look at who is the top researched company on March 19, 2024 at Moby Games:

The public intellect of Kramer is suspect. Her X feed is full of sophomoric self-absorbed babble. Here are some of Kramer’s finer moments now deleted but screen-capped for posterity:

Kramer’s X persona may be a smokescreen that hides her true intelligence just like the Sweet Baby Inc. website looks like an innocent children’s website or a frozen yogurt shop complete with pastel colors:

The photo of Kramer below is dated circa 2010 which seems to be incorrect or a purposeful lie because at the time Kramer was still a woman:

Here’s what Maya Kramer used to look like before she climbed to the top of the lucrative intersectional victim totem pole:

This is the new edgy masculine version of Kramer after “gender-affirming” top surgery and male hormones:

I think she’s morphing into a zombie version of Milo Yianopolis:

Another photo of Felix “Cosmo” Kramer seemingly morphing into Mark Kern:

One thing that keeps coming up, which Mark Kern makes clear is that Kramer is a master manipulator. Gene Oakley from X has some inside information and has someone calls her “psychotically evil.”

It seems that Kramer has studied the dark arts of persuasion. This may be her super-power. A bio of Kramer on the Internet give the following interesting information about her background:

In addition to journalism, Maya has an educational background in both Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Neuro-linguistic programming is considered controversial. NLP has been used as a technique for persuasion, among other applications. It proposes that by understanding how people organize their thinking, feelings, language, and behavior to produce results, one can adopt strategies to improve communication, influence others, and achieve better outcomes in various areas of life, including business, education, and therapy.

Hypnosis is most certainly a technique of persuasion. Combine these two skills with Kramer’s role as a marketing consultant and it’s easy to conclude that Legobutts had the skillset to be a master propagandist for the woke agenda that incrementally started being injected into video games from 2014 and onward.

Maya Felix Kramer may be the Typhoid Mary of the entire woke movement in the video game industry. I’m sure she gets off on the destruction and mayhem she’s caused. I suspect we’ve only uncovered the tip of the iceberg about Kramer’s diabolical influence in the video game industry.


If you are wondering why most video games are infested with woke narratives and characters, look no further than a handful of influential cultural terrorists like Anita Sarkeesian and Maya Felix Kramer. However, both of them could not have done this alone. They had many accomplices cheering from the shadows. They had the full cooperation of influential developers in the video game industry who worshiped them. They had the assistance of a handful of queer/lesbian academics that created the intellectual foundation for the “gamers are over” journalistic collusion that Gamergate exposed.

For as long as I can remember, major studios flush with cash would send their developers to conferences like GDC. They would fly to San Francisco, attend GDC and listen to all of the woke GDC discussion panels then fly back to their studios and spread the gospel to their fellow developers and proceed to insidiously destroy the video games they were working on.

My research bears this out as I have found that like a kid who’s excited about Christmas, Kramer is fixated on GDC. She mentions the conference every chance she gets. GDC is like a Mecca or an Amway convention for woke game devs. Kramer is at GDC 2024 this week and makes sure that everyone knows it.r

Eventually, the gaming public started to notice this agenda starting to manifest in the games they were playing. When they complained, they were immediately labeled and pilloried as sexists, bigots, racists, homophobic, transphobic, and worse. Today in 2024 as DEI policies and procedures have almost bankrupted the entertainment industry and the video game industry, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s famous quote applies:

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

Marxism in its current ideological incarnation of intersectionality, DEI, and wokeness is unstainable because it is fundamentally unsound, unpalatable, and intrinsically evil. The public while slow to realize how this propaganda campaign was incrementally unleashed, now hates it and will not buy it. Investors will not continue to fund games that nobody wants to buy. Even Elon Musk is aware of what’s going on with DEI and how it has emasculated video games:

This reality has finally caught up to the video game industry as unprecedented mass layoffs of DEI hucksters, token BIPOCs, alphabet people and others are underway. No one can escape the long arm of the law of the marketplace.


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