Frogdice Reinvents the MMORPG with Stash on Kickstarter

Rarely do I ever endorse a Kickstarter project, but there is an interesting and unique MMO/RPG hybrid called Stash that I would like to recommend to my readers. Forged by the venerable Frogdice, creators of the esteemed Threshold MUD, Stash is a breath of rarefied fresh air in a stale MMO market dominated by Blizzard’s WoW and a parade of unimaginative clones.

If you love both MMOs and RPGs, you can trust Frogdice to deliver the goods as they are seasoned veterans of the video gaming world who actually know what the worlds in the abbreviation “RPG” actually mean.

With only two days remaining I urge everyone to check out Stash and please make a pledge if you able to do so. Unlike many Kickstarter projects, Frogdice has proven track record of two previously successful Kickstarter projects that delivered the goods on time!

The next revolution in MMORPG and virtual worlds will not come from large and complacent companies like Blizzard, SOE and EA, rather it will come from the indie developers like Frogdice who actually know what makes a good MMO and a RPG. If we want to see change in this industry, we need to financially support it. Thank you!


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  1. Michael Hartman September 11, 2014